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[Solved] Showbox Not Working - Download Showbox for iPhone iPad Android Alternative

Part 1: Download Showbox Alternative to Solve Showbox Problem

You can resort to the detailed solutions to relieve yourself from the Showbox stopped working plight. However, prior to the Showbox problems and workarounds, you can take MacX Video Converter Pro into account in case you want to deal with all Showbox not working errors for good and all. The recommendation of this Showbox alternative lies in its powerful online video download and convert ability, which allows you to flawlessly download free movie in 3D/2D, movie trailers, soundtacks, music, and even download 4K/8K UHD videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and another 1000+ online sites without degrading video/audio quality yet performing the fastest speed. 100% safe with no adware, spyware or malware to download Showbox movies.

Part 2: Specific Showbox not working Problems and Solutions

Error 1: Showbox Server Error

Q1: Asking anyone out there who successfully uses ShowBox for Android on their TMO Note 3? I get a "Server Error" message when I click on any movies or shows. If anyone has a working Showbox APK or a special trick to handle Showbox not working issue, please let me know.

[Solution] In most cases, Showbox server error appears if you update Showbox as it loses connection with its own server. The detailed solution to solve Showbox apk not working with server error is just uninstall the update and use an earlier version of Showbox app. Or don't update Showbox app.

  1. Bring up the list of all installed applications. Click on Settings/Settings MBox.
  2. Click the last tab and the More Settings button in a colorful tabbed interface. Hit the Apps entry, scroll down to ShowBox & select it. Click the button related to just uninstall updates. Or else, click Force Stop and uninstall it.
  3. Bring up the list of all installed apps, open ES File Explorer or try File Manager HD. Click the Local menu on the left side, select Device/, go to the System folder > Preinstall folder. Click and install showbox.apk. Then the Showbox server cannot connect error will be sovled.
Showbox not working with server
Showbox not working with server

Error 2: Showbox Video Not Available Now

Q2: Hello guys, so I have showbox on my kindle fire hd, and a lot of the videos are not available now, before only a few of them were not available, now it is a lot. It is on tv shows too. I was wondering if there was a fix for that. Thanks to anyone who answers.

[Solution] Many Showbox users complained "video not available" issue these days. To tell you the truth, the previous Showbox app requires installing MX player, and the Showbox video not available now error appears if you don't update the app. You can follow the tips to fix Showbox not working with videos on Android.

  1. Download Showbox Apk v4.01 on your Android, install the latest version.
  2. Open the Showbox Android app with a new interface.
  3. Tap on the Movie you want to watch after you open it once the Showbox Apk v4.01 is installed properly. There are two Options Tap Watch Now.
  4. Look for the server option and tap to switch another server (server 2 or server 1) if you find Video not available now.
  5. Down, the movie will start download for you to watch with Showbox.
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You will no longer stream to AllCast and there are some minor changes in Showbox interface when the Showbox box is updated.
Showbox video not playable
Showbox video not playable

Error 3: Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped

Q3: whenever I try to use Showbox app I get the error message: "Unfortunately, Showbox has stopped". I have no idea why this is happening.

[Solution] After the recent update Showbox 4.0.1, many users get a message "Unfortunately Showbox has stopped". Actually, you can get it fixed now and make Showbox workable on Android with the following suggestions:

  1. Open Settings menu of your android.
  2. Go to General on the top and tap it.
  3. Hit Application Manager from the list.
  4. Find All Application or All through the left swipes.
  5. Search for Showbox and tap on it from all your installed apps list.
  6. click Clear Cache and Clear data.
  7. Move back to your home screen to restart your device. Then the Showbox not working issue will be fixed.

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Showbox stopped working
Showbox stopped working

Error 4: How to Fix Connection Error on Show Box over WiFi

Q4: so I downloaded Showbox on my Xbox and also on a galaxy s7 and on both android tablets the app starts running but then I get "Connection error. Check your internet connection!" When clicking on "Cancel" the app closes.. I've heard to update on wifi and i don't see that option anywhere. any tips?

[Solution 1] Follow the tips to fix the "Connection Error: Check your Internet connection" issue for Showbox.

  1. Hit apps and open the Showbox.
  2. Clear the data and wipe cache.
  3. Then start the app once again.
  4. Please make sure the app is closed in your recent menu. Then the Showbox connection error will be fixed.

[Solution 2] Another fix to Showbox "Connection Error" on Tablet over WiFi

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi
  2. Turn on Airplane mode...wait until you see airplane
  3. Turn off Airplane mode...wait until you see Wi-Fi signal
  4. Open Showbox App immediate after you see Wi-Fi signal

Still have Showbox check internet connection error over wifi? You may also reinstall showbox apk or update your showbox app.

Show cannot connect
Show cannot connect

Error 5: Showbox Stopped Working with Update Error

Q5: Recently, I've got a new update for my Showbox. But the problem is I come across the Showbox app not working or the app update problem. How to fix it?

[Solution] This Showbox app provides the better digital entertainment to us. However, this newer version bringing the irritation as well. If you happen to encounter Showbox not working issue with the new update, just follow the tips to get recover from this error.

  1. Download Showbox apk on iPhone iPad Android. Open your BlueStacks app player.
  2. Click on the Time at the right bottom side of the window. Move to Settings and then Manage Applications so as to see all the installed apps in your Bluestacks.
  3. Click on Delete after you check where the Showbox is. Click Continue to uninstall Showbox and hit Done to remove Showbox from your computer.
  4. Open the apk through the Bluebacks Apk Handler, where you are notified that Showbox has been installed. Then the "Showbox fail to work" error will be removed. Please don't update the app since it may spoil your time again.
  5. Select Showbox to install it. The installation of the Showbox Apk on Android will help you recover from Showbox update error.
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If the abovementioned process doesn't work for your iPhone iPad Android, please go to Settings > General > click Application Manager > find All application or All by swiping left > Search for Showbox, then click Clear cache and clear data.
Showbox update error
Showbox update error

Error 6: Showbox keeps Force Closing

Q6: I come from Note 3 where i watched movies/series alsmost everyday on ShowBox - however, now that i upgraded to S7 Edge, i encounter showbox not working error on my new phone with Showbox force quitting problems. Also, if Showbox doesn't force close, it shows no movie available, any help?

Solution: to solve Showbox force close errors on Android tablets/phones, you may try the fixes below:

  1. Clear the Showbox app data and cache.
  2. Do a factory reset to fix the force close problem.
  3. Disable any adblocker on your device temporarily.
  4. Open Showbox, and the application should download its necessary data automatically.
  5. As soon as the data is downloaded and Showbox works correctly, re-enable your adblocker.

Part 3: Dig Deeper to Showbox for iPhone iPad Android

1. Is Showbox illegal?

People may ask whether it is legal to watch or download movies using Showbox. In a general view, this might be a grey area of unethical. Copyright infringement would come into play by download and reposting for others to see. It is illegal to download and post or sell. Streaming may be allowed, but downloading is not, regardless of intent to share, unless you pay for it. Check to see streaming vs downloading.

2. Showbox crashing

There are constant the issues about "File Type Not Supported", "Cannot download", the solution to Showbox app not working is to uninstall MXplayer and install growbox as the latest SHowbox opens MXplayer instead of letting you open apps like AllCast. That's why you face the Showbox not working with AllCast issue.

3. Can I download Showbox for iPad iPhone, IOS?

You don't have to install any software when you download Showbox on iPad iPhone or iOS. But this doesn't mean you can run it on your iPhone SE, iPad Pro etc., as Showbox app is not available on iOS device. An alternative to showbox movies app is to download Movie box and Popcorn Time.

4. Attention to download Showbox for Android

If you want to run Showbox app on PC/Android, Bluestacks is a must have for PC users.