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20 Best Free TV Show Streaming Sites to Watch TV Series Online

As long as you visit the TV show streaming websites, you are able to watch TV series online free streaming, or even news and movies since generally the free sites are also served as free online HD movie sites. Here we go to check the best free TV show streaming sites.

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Top 20 Best Free TV Show Streaming Websites

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - Vumoo

1. Vumoo - It's one of my favorite sites to watch free TV shows online, which provides the latest TV series and almost all kinds of genres TV shows. You can search for your favorite TV series from the search bar which present right to the logo the this online streaming site. Better yet, if you are willing to watch movies online for free, Vumoo is also a good choice for you.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - YouTube

2. YouTube - Without any doubt, YouTube is always the database of TV shows, movie trailers, videos and so on. Thus watching TV series online free steaming is normal and to be expected. As a free site to streaming TV shows, it included various official TV shows and personal TV clips for enjoyment.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - Cucira

3. Cucira - What is the most amazing of Cucira is the constant update of TV series, keeping a certain frequency of updates of every day. So even if you missed your favorite TV shows last night like Scandal S5, The Walking Dead S6 etc., you can still pick them up on Cucira timely without additional waiting.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - Crackle

4. Crackle - There are mainly two reasons that Crackle ranks to the top 5 list of best TV show streaming sites: it allows users to stream thousands of TV shows, movies, originals in genres like Horror, actions, romance, adventure etc for 100% free and legal; users can directly access to movies and TV shows watching without signup or registration.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - Series Carving

5. Series Cravings - This site is one of the best example of streaming TV series online free. Even if video quality is great but not the best, but you'll have an excellent experience of watching TV shows on it since almost no ads can be find here. You are highly recommended to watch TV shows online free.

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Free TV Show Streaming Sites - Popcornflix

6. Popcornflix - Popcornflix comes the 6th of our list of best free sites to watch TV shows because it has a really huge database of movies and TV shows in all genres. It has only normal adverts and none of the irritating pop ups so you can enjoy your beloved TV shows here without any issues.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - WatchSeries

7. Watch Series - This is a specialised TV series streaming site which offers the recent TV episodes like American Crime Story, Game of Thrones, The X Files, The Walking Dead etc. Moreover, Watch Series keeps clear and neat with several subcategories, including popular TV series in all genres, all TV series arranged in A-Z letter and upcoming episodes for a notice of new TV series.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - SHUSH

8. SHUSH - TV shows and movies on SHUSH have a great video quality. It is included in this free TV show live streaming websites list because it not only provides the latest TV shows resources but also the classic TV series which merely hard to find on other similar online streaming sites. All in all, resource comes first.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - Watch Your Series

9. Watch Your Series - There is no doubt that Watch Your Series has a clear interface which is divided into three parts: A-Z letter for TV Series searching; most popular series recommended and the latest episodes. Besides, you will never be disturbed with ads and plugins when watching TV series online free streaming.

Free TV Show Streaming Sites - Movie4K

10. Movie4K - Movie4K has not so much effort on the design, but who cares, its large database of movies/TV shows and fast streaming speed give you the best experience of streaming TV series online free and watching. The most impressive of this site is that there are several languages to choose from.

Other free TV show streaming sites:

11. http://www.tubeplus.is/
12. http://www.iwatchonline.ph/tv-show
13. http://www.primewire.ag/?tv
14. https://www.solarmovie.ph/tv/
15. http://losmovies.es/watch-popular-tv-shows

16. http://www.yidio.com/tv-shows
17. http://hntv.me/tv-shows.html
18. http://www.watchfree.to/?tv
19. http://tvshow7.eu/
20. http://moviewatcher.to/tv-series

Problems & Tips for Watching Online TV Series via Free TV Show Streaming Sites

As so many free TV show sites introduced above, I bet many of you cannot curb an impulse of watching your beloved TV shows immediately. Though you are free to visit these sites to watch TV shows, there are still a little annoyance of online streaming and watching. Roughly the following:

download TV shows from TV series sites

No.1: Unable to watch TV shows on mobile devices.
As we know, almost all free TV show streaming sites except YouTube we mentioned above have no access of watching TV shows online free streaming on mobile devices. This caused a lot of inconvenience for mobile users. But luckily it doesn't mean that we cannot watch TV series on iPhone, iPad, Galaxy etc.
① Switch to free apps for online TV streaming like YouTube, Crackle, Popcornflix etc.
② Download TV shows offline and move to iPhone iPad Android devices. This is preferred when there is no Wi-Fi. If you have a strong video downloader like MacX Video Converter Pro, you can download online TV shows, movies, music from YouTube, FB, Myspace, etc. free sites in super fast speed with 100% quality reserved.

watch TV series online free streaming

No.2: Asked to download video player.
It's really common on free TV show streaming sites. After you click to watching TV shows online, there pops up a window that requires you to download a video player unless you have no access to watch your TV shows.

Remember not to download suspicious media players. Always keep alert about such websites, because they can send a virus, malware or any other type of threat in disguise of the media player to hack into your system. So if you really need to download a video player, use virus detection tools to check whether it's safe before downloading.

download TV shows from TV series sites

No.3: Popup Ads.
Although the popup ads may not be harmful, it's really annoying when you are absorbed in the plot of TV shows, not to mention the ads would sometimes lead to insecure websites.

Keep an close eye on the popup pages and make sure not download anything from them. Or if you get annoyed with popup ads indeed, you can consider to watch your favorite TV shows on a free and clear media player, 5KPlayer, for example.

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stream TV series of copyright online free

No.4: Be Aware of Legal Consequence. Although it's free to watch TV shows online on such TV show streaming sites, you should be aware the fact that all streaming websites offering free TV online streaming features are illegal and can trouble you with a copyright violation notice.

① Do not spread TV shows for commercial use.
② Or you can visit paid streaming sites for TV shows watching, like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video etc.