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Top 3 Ways to Convert VOB to QuickTime MOV on Mac

I'm trying to convert VOB files into Quicktime. I'm using MPEG Streamclip but it's stuck halfway. Does anyone know the best VOB to QuickTime converter to smoothly convert VOB to QuickTime MOV formats in Mac? Thank you.

VOB, short form of "Video Object", is used as a container format in DVD-video media, encoded by MPEG codec. VOB files can be played by VLC, MPlayer, ALLPlayer and more, but QuickTime Player is an exception. Hence, in the event that you hunger for playing VOB files with QuickTime, you're required to primarily convert VOB format to QuickTime MOV on Mac.

To transcode video from VOB to MOV QT format, MacX Video Converter Free is strongly recommended to decode and re-encode video from VOB MPEG to MOV MPEG-4/H264 format with up to 98% quality kept (thanks to High Quality Engine) and 5X faster speed (GPU Intel QSV/AMD/Nvidia hardware acceleration tech supported), up to 250-320FPS conversion speed.

Part 1. How to Free Convert VOB to QuickTime MOV on Mac with Best Quality

This VOB converter freeware is also able to convert all videos like VOB to MP4 QuickTime, VOB to AVI, AVCHD to MP4, YouTube to MP3, Facebook to iMovie, etc. with 420+ preset profiles.

More unbelievable, with this freeware, compressing and transcoding VOB videos to MOV for playback on your iPhone, iPad on the go is solely like a hot knife through butter and you can also import your VOB videos to iMovie or Final Cut Pro to freely edit them to your one-of-a-kind video clips.

Step 1: Import VOB File You Want to Convert

Free download this top free VOB to QT MOV converter on Mac and launch it. Then hit "Add File" button to load VOB files.

Step 2: Choose the Output Video Format.

Select the target format "to MOV" button. Besides vob to QT mov, you're also allowed to convert vob to mp4, mp4, mkv, avi, or vob to itunes, imovie and more. With this Mac VOB to QuickTime converter, you are allowed to adjust all the parameter settings to further compress and reduce the output video file size, like resolution, frame rate, bit rate, sample rate, etc so as to better fit your media player or portable devices.

convert VOB to QuickTime MOV
convert VOB to QuickTime MOV

Step 3: Select the Output Folder.

Click the "Browse" button to choose the path where you want to save the output video in.

Step 4: Press the "RUN" button.

Slightly click the "RUN" button to start converting VOB to MP4 MOV QuickTime on Mac (Monterey Incl.), you can view the conversion progress and cancel the converting process at anytime.

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In addition converting VOB to QuickTime on Mac, for those who aspire to get more video conversion on Mac, download and convert YouTube videos for watching on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Xbox One offline on the move, MacX Video Converter Pro will be the incomparable choice and assist Mac users to accomplish all tasks flawlessly in a twinkling of an eye.

Part 2. How to Free Transcode Video VOB to MOV QuickTime with Finder

For most Mac users, it's easy to ignore the Mac native video converter tool. I don't refer to QuickTime player. Instead, I mean Finder. It can change video VOB to MOV quicktime format even faster than QuickTime player.

Step 1: Right click on your VOB video file inside of Finder, the option "Encode Selected Video Files" will show up. Choose it. No doubt, QuickTime's video converting feature is built right into Finder.

Tap Encode Selected Video Files
Tap Encode Selected Video Files

Step 2: An "Encode Media" window then pops up, where you're allowed to select the video codec and resolution you want, like QuickTime MOV H264/MPEG4, 1080p or 720p (resolution is also codetermined by original video resolution and Finder settings).

Transcode VOB to QuickTime MP4 MOV with Finder
Transcode VOB to QuickTime MP4 MOV with Finder

Step 3: Hit Continue and Finder will initiate the VOB to QuickTime MP4 MOV converting process.

Part 3. How to Free Convert VOB File to QuickTime with App Store

Providing you wanna check what other applications can be used to convert VOB files to QuickTime MOV MP4 M4V with Apple official authorization, find your target VOB file > right-click and go to "Open With" to see a full list of products on your Mac with the power to decode VOB to MP4 MOV QuickTime formats.

Open VOB with App Store
Open VOB with App Store

Scroll down the list to the bottom and stop at "App Store". This will open the App Store and display the available programs that are capable of opening and converting video format from VOB MPEG to QuickTime MOV MP4 MPEG-4/H264.

Download converters from App Store
Download converters from App Store

Free download and install free or paid VOB to QuickTime converters on MacBook or iMac. Then you can conduct VOB to QuickTime conversion on macOS. Certainly, on top of the top 3 Mac VOB to MOV QT converters, there are still umpteen Mac video transcoders on the market like online video converter services. You can give them a shot if your VOB file is not large in size (most online services place size limits on input video).

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