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iPhone Won't Charge? Here Are Causes and Solutions

iPhone is not charging or charging slowing? We'll take you through a few troubleshooting steps to figure out the hardware or software causes and how to solve it easily.

By Rico Rodriguez to iPhone Troubleshooting Tips | Last Updated on August 26, 2023

Is anyone else having the iPhone 13 not charging issue? My iPhone 13 won't charge automatically when I plug in the USB charger to my computer. What's wrong with it? Should I replace the phone? -- from Apple Communities.

Quite a few users are reporting charging problems with the latest iPhone. The same problem also occurs to older iPhones and iPads. Software-rated errors or hardware damage can bring the trouble. Highlighted below are some possible cause and workarounds to handle iPhone not charging symptom.

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Why Is Your iPhone Not Charging?

1. Software issue

* iOS update. Quite a few users report that iPhone won't charge or charge slowly after iOS 17 Update. The latest version of iOS may have a bug leading to issues with iDevices not charging. It's also possible that USB restricted mode used for data security causes the problem.

* Newly downloaded apps. Some recently downloaded apps are to blame if the issue occurred after new app installment. Try to uninstall these apps to see whether it works.

* Software update/crash. An error message pops up, saying "This accessory may not be supported" when connecting iPhone to the charger. The iPhone charging doesn't work properly because of incompatible cables, software update, or software crashes.

2. Hardware issue

The hardware issue is properly the reason why your iPhone won't charge. There are several problems related to hardware being outlined below. Some causes also apply to other iPhone battery problems.

  • Damaged or incompatible charging cable or charger.
  • Dust or waste in iPhone charging port.
  • Ruined iPhone charging IC and USB connector.

What to Do When iPhone Won't Charge

iPhone Wireless Charging Not Working

iPhone 8 or later have integrated wireless charging feature. If your iPhone wireless charging doesn't work properly, first make sure you followed the right steps to charge your iPhone wirelessly and you can charge with iDevice USB adapter and cable.

Tips on Fixing Wireless Charging Not Functioning

  1. Don't place objects like magnetic cases, mounts, etc. between your iPhone and the charger.
  2. Remove the case for iPhone while charging.
  3. Try to turn off vibration and turn on Do Not Disturb to prevent movement that may result in wireless charging not working properly.
  4. Put your iPhone and the charger to a cooler place if your iPhone doesn't charge beyond 80%. It won't charge above 80 percent when the battery is too hot in order to protect the battery.
  5. Don't connect your iPhone to a USB adapter while charging.

6. Place your iPhone correctly on the charging pad and the pad is compatible with iPhone.

Software Solutions to iPhone Won't Charge

Before dealing with iPhone not charging or charging slowly, you'd better check the charging hardware is working properly. Make sure,

  • You use the original Apple charger and USB cable. Other chargers may be not compatible with iPhone, leading to iPhone charging slowly, not charging, or iPhone not completely charging.
  • The lightning cable, charging port, and adapter are fine. Switch to other charging port and USB cable to test.
  • Brush the waste out of the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone. If you find no sign of damage to the accessories, scroll down to try more software-related solutions.

1. Disconnect and Reconnect iPhone to the Charger

Unplug your iPhone and then plug firmly Apple charging cable into your iPhone. Make sure the charger is properly and securely connected. We also recommend you to try a different outlet to check if the outlet is the cause of the iPhone charging issue. Then let the iPhone charge for at least half an hour.

2. Perform A Force Restart

A simple restart can fix tons of iPhone problems. Steps to restart your device depends on the model of iPhone you are using. Force restarting and rebooting mean the same thing. Use steps provided by Apple to force restart your iPhone.

3. Uninstall/Update Apps on iPhone

If the iPhone charging problem occurs after you install some new apps, try to uninstall these apps. It may be software bugs or corrupted files resulting in the error. Updating apps may also help get rid of the issue. Open the App Store, and go to the Updates category, select Update next to the app. Then restart your iPhone and check if it charges.

4. Reset your iPhone Settings

Some improper settings may affect the charging system on iPhone. Try to reset your iPhone. To do so, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. This won't erase the data and information stored on your device. Move on to the next steps your iPhone still won't charge on Mac/PC, in the car or when plugged into charging cable.

5. More Complicated Solutions But Properly Your Last Stop

* Restore your iPhone to factory settings. A factory reset is commonly considered as the last option when facing with iPhone problems. Back up your iPhone data since restoring will remove all the data on the iPhone.

* Downgrade iOS. If your iPhone experiences charging issue after iOS update, the iOS downgrade may work. On the contrary, for some users, updating to the latest version of iOS.

* Put your iPhone into DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade mode). This allows your iPhone to be restored from any state.

* Take your iPhone to the Apple Genius bar for evaluation or get your iPhone replaced or repaired if all the above methods failed.

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