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How to Improve Battery Life for iPhone? Senior iPhone Fans Tell U

When you are on diet, you need to learn how to extend fullness and help you eat less. The same applies to prolong iPhone 8 and iPhone X battery life. When you get iPhone 8 or iPhone X with only 2700 mAh L-shaped battery (even less than iPhone 7 Plus 2900 mAh), you're required to learn how to improve iPhone battery life and help iPhone consume less.

Here gathers some tips for iPhone, all from plenty of senior iPhone fans' personal experiences, with a wish to help you build a good usage habit to extend iPhone battery life and fix iPhone battery problems. Certainly, if you have some other tips to make iPhonebattery life last longer, you're warmly welcomed to comment and share them with us to improve one of the biggest cons of iPhone together.

1 - Charge iPhone in the Right Way

1) Full Cycle Recharge at Regular Intervals

You'd better to give a full cycle recharge to your iPhone 8 at fixed period, one time per month. That's to say, when your iPhone 8 battery turns to red indicating light and is under 20% of power, you need to charge iPhone to 100%.

That's a full cycle recharge and it helps electron keep moving to fix iPhone battery drain issue. Remember not to do this frequently. This method is also suitable to extend iPhone battery life, as well as iPhone older version.

full cycle charge for iPhone 8

2) Don't Play Games or Watch Movies During iPhone Charging

If you play video games or watch movies on iPhone during charging, your iPhone will get really hot and even overheating. This has a whopping negative influence on your iPhone 8 Li-Ion battery lifespan. Your iPhone lithium-ion battery is suitable to work with temperature 0 - 35℃, 20℃ best.

So supposing you really want to watch movies, you're advised to transfer movies from iPhone to Mac/PC to watch on computer with a powerful iPhone file transfer app.

tip to improve iPhone 8 battery life

3) Li-Ion Battery Should Be Charged Early and Often

The times of iPhone battery charge - discharge cycle is 500 and after that number, your Li-Ion battery can only occupy 80% of the original battery life. So you are supposed to charge iPhone 8 early and often. Not fully charging or discharging is a way to protect and save iPhone battery life.

Keep iPhone 8 battery life between 60% and 80%, which is a useful way to enhance iPhone battery.

charge iPhone 8 often

4) To Improve iPhone Battery Life, 2 - 3 Hours Charge is Enough

Generally, your iPhone can be charged full with 2 or 3 hours. After that, you're suggested to pull out the plug. If you have no time to charge iOS iPhone before sleeping, you can use a socket with an automatic time switch to auto cut off the power when your setup time is up.

This tiny tool is available on many E-commerce sites around $7 - $10 and can be used for several years to maximize iPhone battery life.

prolong iPhone 8 battery life tip

5)Use iPhone Original Charger

To save iPhone battery life, this iPhone tip you might not be familiar, but it does matter. You charge your iPhone with original charger, instead of some irregular or inferior chargers or iPad charger, lest the excess of electricity or unstable electric current causes severe damages on electronic components and then reduces iPhone battery lifespan.

original charger to extend iPhone battery life

6) Don't Use Computer & Power Bank to Charge iPhone

The voltage and electric current of computer and power bank are usually lower than the standard of battery charge. Especially some power banks are labeled with qualified specifications, but actually they are not up standard.

Granted you utilize computer or power bank to charge iPhone quite often, it will damage your iPhone battery or even worse ruin your iPhone.

not use power bank

2 - Develop Good Habits

1) Power Saver App or Battery Care App (×) - Not Save iPhone Battery

There are an expansive library of power saver app or battery care app for iPhone devices in the App Store. They claim to help you prolong iPhone battery life. But I'm not buying this. I once used Battery Doctor but find that it means nothing to me.

It constantly detects your current iPhone battery life and doesn't do anything positive to save iPhone battery life. When it runs in the background, it even makes my iPhone really hot. In short, their adverse impacts tower over positive influences.

improve battery on iPhone 8

2) Upgrade iPhone to the Latest iOS

Usually, the upgraded iOS operating system performs stronger than its predecessor in all aspects, battery life no exception. Thus, you should upgrade iOS on iPhone and iPhone to the latest iOS 17 or later to prolong iPhone battery. In iOS, there is a Battery Health feature which will tell you the battery status and you can disable apps accordingly.

If you worry your iPhone files get lost during the iOS update, you can utilize MacX MediaTrans to bulk transfer music, video, movie, photos, iBooks, ringtones, audio books, etc. from iPhone 8/Plus to computer for backup. The whole process is fast and safe, no files missing.

Free download Mac verion
Free download Windows version

update iOS 17

3) Don't Use iPhone for Long Time under a Hot/Cold Environment

The temperature of hot summer climbs above 35℃ and you should not use your iPhone for a long time. That's because iPhone will get overheating very quickly and might go wrong or even explode.

Likewise, you're also suggested to not use iPhone in a very cold environment, for the Lithium Ion will become inactive below zero and lag in response. iPhone will get damaged if these conditions last for a long time.

maximize iPhone 8 battery life

4) Prolong iPhone Battery Life, iPhone External Battery Case Effective?

The most direct way to improve iPhone battery life is to install an external smart battery case, which is designed to give you even longer battery life and protection. Many users say it's cool and excellent. But some says no difference on having it and it looks pretty rough after only one week. It's not worth its price. So if you plan to buy this external smart battery case for your iPhone, you'd better think it over.

improve battery life for iPhone 6/6s

3 - Adjust iPhone Settings

1) Turn Down the Brightness and Disable True Tone

iPhone series are paired with gorgeous True Tone display. The feature will offer the most natural viewing experience under different light. However, the ability to detect ambient light needs a lot of battery. To prolong iPhone battery life, you can disable True Tone.

Besides, one useful setting to improve iPhone battery life is to turn down the brightness of display from 100% to 50%, which will save battery life on iPhone to certain extent. Access to "Setting" → "Display & Brightness" → Turn off "Auto-Brightness" → manually turn down brightness to 50% or lower.

adjust iPhone 8 brightness

2) Turn Off Background App Refresh & Notifications

Some apps you rarely use and their notifications don't amount to much. But if you don't set up them, they will steal your celluar data, but also consume iPhone battery a lot. To save iPhone battery, please go to "Settings" → "General" → turn the slide bar of "Background App Refresh" to grey. Back to "Setting" → "Notifications" and click the app icon to close "Allow Notifications".

save iPhone 8 battery life

3) Change Mail Fetch New Data from Push to Fetch

Another tip to prolong iPhone battery life you might not know is your Mail. If your Mail is set as "Push", your mail new data will be pushed to your iPhone X from the server when possible, which will consume a great deal of iPhone battery.

You can go to "Settings" → "Mail" →"Account" → "Fetch New Data" →turn off "Push" and set Fetch every 15mins, 30 mins, Hourly or Manually. Fetch less, battery more. And the same method applies to set up Contacts and Calendar.

set mail Fetch New Data

4) Connect to Wi-Fi instead of Celluar Data to Maximize iPhone Battery Life

Your iPhone signal intensity is related to iPhone battery life. When you open celluar data in a place with weak signal, your iPhone needs to consume more battery life to seek for signal.

Hence, if you need various apps running with network, you'd better connect to Wi-Fi, rather than celluar data. In case you are trapped with a place with no Wi-Fi or signal, it's sensible to turn on Airplane Mode to extend iPhone battery life.

improve iPhone 8 battery life

5) Other Settings to Improve iPhone Battery Life

# Turn off Automatic Downloads and Use Cellular Data in iTunes & App Stores.
# Go to Settings → Privary → close Location Services to enhance Phone battery.

# Shut Siri, Spotlight, Handoff, CarPlay in General if you don't use them frequently.
# Turn on Low Power Mode to save iPhone battery life when your iPhone battery is not enough.

adjust Settings on iPhone 8
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