[Updated] iPhone 8/8 Plus Advantages and Disadvantages Comparison

By Rico Rodriguez to iPhone Tips , Apple Resources | Last Updated on Sep 17, 2023

iPhone 8 pros and cons continue to ramp up every day as iPhone 8 (Plus) sees dramatic changes in 2017, the 10th anniversary of the release of the first iPhone. Many of us are disappointed with iPhone 7, and we are all excited about iPhone 8, but are the redesigned iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X, worth getting enthralled for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 8 over iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8? Read our up-to-date review of iPhone 8 pros and cons, covering from design to display to camera, and get answers.

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Top iPhone 8/8 Plus & iPhone X Pros

New Features Review

The totally redesigned iPhone will be released with three models - a 4.7-inch iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus with common LCD display, and higher-priced 5.8-inch iPhone X with OLED display. iPhone 8 will have lots of new features missing on iPhone 7. Before the analysis of iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X strengths and drawbacks, we list detailed much-awaited features that would make iPhone 8 better than iPhone 7.

Camera: 3D sensing capability, optical image stabilization, live photo.
Battery: 2700 mAh, speedy wireless charging.
Display: OLED, all-glass casing.
Processor: high-end six core A11 fusion chip processor
Operating System: iOS 17
Memory: 64/128/256 GB, 2/3GB of RAM.

iPhone 8/Plus pros and cons
The release of iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max) is an impending sequel. The new iPhones yell out a great number of features such as frameless display, fullscreen design, multi-users Face ID, innovative A12 chip, bigger screen, USB-C charger etc.

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1. OLED or LCD Display

Updated! The next generation of iPhone is suggested to have an OLED display considering the lack of OLED capacity in the market. But only premium model iPhone X has the luck to come with flexible OLED display, while the iPhone 8 (Plus) still has the same LCD display like iPhone 7 does - OLED display apparently increases the cost. iPhone X OLED-based screen vs iPhone 7 LCD display, the former delivers most eye-popping images, which is the greatest iPhone 8/iPhone X strength in display.

On the other hand, to differ itself from iPhone 7 Plus 5.5-inch LCD display, iPhone X might sport 5.8-inch display, another advantage of iPhone X over iPhone 7. How about iPhone X vs iPhone 8 (Plus) ?

iPhone 8 pro -OLED display

2. 3D Dual Lens Camera

Improved camera is a notable advantage of iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X compared with Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8. The attractive highlights are listed below:
The primary function is to work with facial recognition Face ID technology on iPhone iPhone X to unlock iPhone. iPhone 8/Plus supports Touch ID as is in iPhone 7.
Support you to better play AR video games and create AR video on your iPhone 8/iPhone X to improve augmented reality experience.
iPhone 8 and iPhone X have exclusive camera new feature 3D sensing capability to detect your facial expression and customize to 3D animated "Animoji" with cute cat, dog, panda, pig, robot, etc.
Enhanced iPhone X/8/Plus camera allows you to record 4K video at 60FPS and 1080P video at 240FPS.

If the rumor is true, I bet most iPhone fans would queue before dawn in front of the door of Apple Store to upgrade iPhone to iPhone 8 when the release day is coming.

iPhone 8 advantage in 3D dual lens camera

3. Cutting-edge Six-core A11 processor

Much powerful processor gets a spot on the iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X pros and cons list. iPhone 8 houses a much better processor - six-core A11. TSMC, the supplier of A11 chips, has begun the 10-nanometer design process, meaning that iPhone 8 would ship with advanced 10nm A11 chips. A11 chip will make the new iPhone at least 100 times faster and gives desktop-class performance. With A11 chip, iPhone 8 can last longer than iPhone 7/Plus/6s/SE, which is one of the biggest advantages of iPhone 8/8 Plus/X. "The most powerful chip in an iPhone" makes "the longest battery life in an iPhone". Will the long-standing iPhone battery drain issue be solved by A11 processor? Learn how to speed up iPhone 8 if its performance is not as fast as expected.

4. Remote Wireless Charging

Update to iPhone 8/Plus to enjoy another iPhone 8 advantage - high-speed wireless charging is utilized to the new iPhone, and it's different from what we see in Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S8/S7. iPhone 8 remote wireless charging breaks the limits that users should put the phone on a charging plate, marking a new wireless charging era. iPhone 8 can still charge wirelessly from the outlet up to 15 feet away. As mentioned before, speedy wireless charging partly thanks to iPhone 8 glass casing is also iPhone 8 strength. If high-speed wireless charging is realized in iPhone 8, other iDevices are expected to have this selling point.

5. Facial Recognition or Not

Facial recognition is other advantage not from iPhone 8 but from iPhone X compared with iPhone 7 or Android phones. iPhone X is expected to have sensors to help realize facial recognition. You can set up Face ID on iPhone X. Samsung includes facial recognition in Galaxy S8 for unblocking phone, but some websites report that the face block on Galaxy S8 can be easily hacked. Will iPhone 8 be better than Galaxy S8 in face recognition?

Updated: iPhone 8/8 Plus do not support Face ID like iPhone X does, instead, they still have TouchID for secure authentication.

6. Completely New Design

As Apple's tenth year anniversary phone, one of the greatest pros with iPhone X is its refreshed designed. iPhone 8 would be the first iPhone to come with all-glass casing in order to support wireless charging. Home button is gone in iPhone 8 to sport a curved glass look, and display is embedded fingerprint sensor. All rumors have pointed out that we would have a big iPhone - Apple iPhone 8 remains the screen sizes to 4.7 inches, iPhone 8 Plus 5.5 inches while enlarge the screen size of iPhone X to 5.8 inches, catering for iPhone fans that prefer large screen size.

7. iOS 17 ARKit Makes iPhone 8 in Real Life

For AR game fans, iOS 17 new ARkit feature is definitely the most eye-catching point. Cuz it indeed makes iPhone 8 in real life. You can download some AR game apps on iPhone 8 and play games with virtual figures in the real world, like shooting the zombie near your parking lot, searching for the treasure map in the real forest.

That's not the whole story. With iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X ARKit, you can also make full use of your 3D dual-lens cameras and ARKit to record Augmented Reality videos and upload to YouTube, Facebook for sharing.

iPhone 8 advantage over Galaxy Note 8: ARKit

8. Record iPhone 8 Screen No 3rd Party App

Apple 10th anniversary iPhone 8 will benefit from iOS 17 pros. Among them, the must-mention one is the iOS 17 Screen Recording feature. Now go to Settings > Control Center > tap on the green "+" button to the left of Screen Recording. Well, then the Screen Recording is in the INCLUDE of Control Center.

When you wanna record iPhone 8 screen activity, you can just open Control Center, click Screen Recording icon and then begin to record your iPhone 8 while you're playing video games, online chatting with friends, etc. No any other free iPhone app needed.

iPhone 8 screen recording

9. Take More Photos, Use Less Space

We know, iPhone 8 is amazing not only because of its hardware configuration, but also its software configuration. And in terms of iPhone 8 internal software configuration, iOS 17 is definitely the one we can't miss. If you wanna take full advantage of iPhone 8 pros, you need to make full use of iOS 17 at the first place.

Here is a useful iPhone 8 tip you actually need in daily life - take more photos with less space occupied. iOS 17 makes it become true. Go to Settings > Camera > Formats > choose "High Efficiency". Then what you shoot is saved in HEIF format and you record is formatted with HEVC, which will keep the photo and video same high quality but only 50% space of the files formatted in old fashioned jpg & H264 formats. That's really a big relief for your iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X space. BTW, iOS 17 can free up more space on iPhone 8, check how to free up space in iOS 17.

iPhone 8 merit - HEIF HEVC formats

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Top iPhone 8/8 Plus Cons

1. Battery Drain Issues

A11 chip will make iPhone 8 last longer, together with the probably two packs of batteries built in iPhone 8, we believe that battery life problems will get improved with iPhone 8/Plus.
However, it's a big disadvantage that fast battery drain issue may still exist in iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X. Recently, many iPhone users reported terrible iOS 17 problems - iPhones are dying unexpectedly with at least 30% battery life left. If all these battery problems are not solved in iPhone 8, it will be a big issue of iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8..

iPhone 8/Plus pros and cons

2. High Price

Except the iPhone 8 pros, such as remote wireless charging, 7nm processor, iOS 17 software update, etc. iPhone X/8 has its advantages such as the high price tag. The iPhone X price jumps up to around $999. Compared with iPhone 7, high price tag is one of iPhone 8 cons especially when Apple lowers iPhone 7 price after iPhone 8's launch. iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8, the latter is priced at $724.99, cheaper than iPhone 8. And customers will pay extra money to buy wireless chargers that won't be cheap. For customers who care much about money, high price is a disadvantage of iPhone 8/Plus vs iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 though it has a lot of appealing upgrades.

3. Good Features New iPhone Lacks

There are many other disadvantages with iPhone 8/iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8. Other major problems of iPhone 8 include the lack of iris-scanning, USB Type-C port, dual-SIM, micro SD card slot etc.
1.iPhone 8 doesn't have iris scanner that can be seen at Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Iris-scanning can keep the phone safe.
2. Apple made transition to USB Type-C on the MacBook 2016, but iPhone 8 wouldn't have USB-C.
3. You'll be disappointed if you are expecting dual-SIM iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X.
4. The lack of SD card slot is iPhone 8 demerit. It's not possible that iPhone 8 gets a micro SD card slot.

4. iPhone Screen Black

iPhone goes to balck screen sometimes, which happens on iPhone 7/6s/SE older version. Yet, it's unclear whether this iPhone problem has been solved on iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X or not. The potential reasons are complicated, including iOS 17 errors, applications crash, iPhone overheating, etc. If your iPhone screen goes to black, check this solution to fix iPhone screen black trouble.

iPhone 8/8 Plus Pros and Cons Verdict:
From the list of iPhone 8 pros and cons, we get to know that the OLED display, 3D camera and speedy remote wireless charging are just fantastic features, however, it's difficult to tell whether the iPhone 8 is worth to buy or not according to these predictions about iPhone 8 advantages and disadvantages. One concrete rumor about pros of iPhone X is that it will be much better than iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. We'll be updating the pros and cons of iPhone 8/8 Plus review as soon as any trusted news on the iPhone 8 reveals.

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