Hidden Reasons & Fixes when iPhone Screen Went Black

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"I can't figure out what happened. I was using my phone as usual, but suddenly my iPhone screen went black and wouldn't turn on. My phone is still on because someone called it and it rang it just has no display. Any idea what to do?" - Apple Communities
"My iPhone 7 Plus stuck on black screen with spinning circle and remained unresponsive for hours. I have tried everything but no avail. The iPhone is in blank screen but it still works because I can hear msgs coming in. Do I just wait for the battery to die? Or is there anything i can do?" - Apple Communities

The fact that iPhone screen turned black after drop, update or blacked out unexpectedly is a common iPhone problem that users may encounter. The bug is also dubbed the "Black Screen Of Death". This post will explain why iPhone screen goes black and offer effective fix to the problem. (Note that all the fixes will apply to black screen problem on iPhone and iPad.)

Possible Causes to iPhone Black Screen Problem

iPhone black screen but still works

1. Memory issues
Full iPhone memory can cause a series of problems on iPhone. For example, the device becomes slow, apps won't open, and the screen turns black sometime. You can free up iPhone space, including the large-size photos, music, as well as Safari caches, history etc.

2. Crashed apps
Apps on iPhone may interfere with each other. If your iPhone screen darkening after you started an app, that app might have crashed and lead to the error. You can remove that app from iPhone, and find any conflicting apps by a factory reset.

3. iOS errors
Those whose iPhone screen went black after an iOS update experience the problem mainly because an incomplete or failed update, or new iOS bug. The fix of this issue is to update iPhone to latest iOS12 or downgrade to previous version. Or check the fixes in the below part.

4. Overheating
iPhone will generate heat during tasks processing. If there are too much burden and the heats build up but can't be removed (for example, you're in an extremely hot weather), iPhone will turn black to avoid any hurt.

5. Hardware issues
"My iPhone screen is black after i dropped it and won't turn on..." Expelling other factors, if you got an iPhone black screen after drop, the hardware might be damaged, e.g., the LCD cable may become dislodged from the logic board. If this problem happens after wet, it might be broken LCD.

6. Dead battery
iPhone screen went black when the battery is dead. Sometimes, when the battery is completely drained out, the iPhone goes black with an icon. You may ignore this if you didn't notice the battery. Connect your iPhone to a power source to see if the iPhone goes back.

Backup iPhone Data First to Avoid Serious Data Loss

Before you fix blank screen but still working problem on iPhone, you're suggested to backup iPhone data in case any fix may remove your files - backup photos, movies, videos, music, iTunes purchases, books, ringtone etc from iPhone to computer by drag and drop.
Secure Download
Secure Download

What to Do When iPhone Screen Went Black and Become Unresponsive?

iPhone screen goes black fix

1. Update iOS to the latest version. There are complaints about iOS 17 crashes down older iPhone and cause the iphone black screen problems randomly. This is because iOS 17 will shut down device when it is overloaded. But if you upgrade to iOS 17 or later, there will be a Battery Health feature to show the performance of the device and let users close some apps before your screen is black.

iPhone screen goes black fix

2. Do a hard reset on your iPhone. Press both the Home and Power buttons for at least 10 seconds. If that doesn't work, try for a longer time like 1 minute until the Apple logo appears. Check detailed guide on how to reset iPhone.

3. Make sure iPhone is not connected to computer. Then hold the Power button and Volume Down button the same time. Then connect iPhone to computer and if this trick works, your iPhone shall automatically turn on.

4. Restore iPhone. If it's still not working, go to www.icloud.com > click Find iPhone > as the above Power and Volume button method has powered off iPhone, it won't be located, so click Devices > click your iPhone > then remove from account and go to iTunes to restore iPhone.

5.Charge your iPhone. You get an iPhone black screen and can't turn on simply because you go out of power. Charge iPhone for at least 20 minutes and restart. Some users get iPhone screen back after charging the device, but the screen goes from black to dimly lit. Note that iPhone will go to a lower power mode after your iPhone reaches 20 percent and you may have activated it. Disable the lower power mode under battery settings.

6. Set your iPhone to DFU mode may be helpful indeed. To do this, plug iPhone to computer via USB cable and hold the Power and Home buttons for 3 seconds > the same buttons for 10 seconds > release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for 15 seconds.

7. Restore iPhone to factory settings. When your iPhone screen went black and wouldn't turn on, a factory reset may fix it. But note that it will erase your data and settings. Connect iPhone to computer and launch the latest iTunes > go to Summary and click Restore iPhone > then iTunes will clear all the data. This survives you from the problem when it caused by crashed apps.

8. If you think the hardware damage is the culprit for black iPhone screen problem after drop or water damage, bring your iPhone to Apple Store. For dislodged LCD cable, they may repair it for free. But for broken LCD, it may cost a lot to change the LCD screen. In this case, you can try less-expensive services like CellSavers or iResq.com.

Backup iPhone Data before Fix iPhone Black Screen

MacX MediaTrans can transfer and backup songs, playlists, ringtone, 4K, HD movies, videos, photos, books, other media from iPhone to computer by drag and drop even when your iPhone screen goes black but still working. Make a safe copy before everything.

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