2020 Most Common iTunes Not Working Problems & Solutions

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iTunes is an important and free app used to manage all the music, movies, TV shows, books etc on Apple devices. Therefore, it would be frustrating if users have their iTunes not working on macOS, Windows, Apple TV or iPhone iPad. Therefore, here we gather 2020 most common problems with iTunes and respective fixes, for example, iTunes store/wifi sync/match/home sharing not working and more. If your iTunes has stopped working properly, you may find a solution here.

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2020 iTunes Not Working Problems & Effective Solutions

iTunes problem with home sharing

#1 iTunes home sharing not working

Home Sharing will stream iTunes library among up to five other computer, Apple TV or any iOS devices over the home network wirelessly. The most common problems with iTunes home sharing not working include iTunes won't sharing with iPhone iPad, Apple TV or Home Sharing not working on Windows... This problem may involve network, Apple ID, firewall or device settings. Try the fixes below:

* Turn off Home Sharing feature on all devices and turn it on after a while;
* Check if the Apple ID is the same on all devices;
* Check the Bonjour service: Edit > Preferences > Sharing;
* Switch the iTunes sharing route from iP4 to iP6;
* Check the firewall security settings.

iTunes store not working problem

#2 iTunes Store not working

Sometimes users run into iTunes Store connection problems with an error message saying that Cannot connect to iTunes Store. Those "iTunes has stopped working" problems are caused by different reasons. When you see connection message, or iTunes Store won't load or open, luckily that there some effective fixes to those problems.

* Switch DNS settings on iPhone iPad to Google's or;
* Disable the VPN for a while;
* Disable iTunes parental controls;
* Check if the time & date is correct;
* Update to latest iOS 17 on iDevices and upgrade to macOS 10.13/Big Sur on Mac.

iTunes not working on Mac/PC

#3 iTunes won't recognize iPod

Some users who plug their iDevices to iTunes complain that iTunes wont' recognize iPod, iPhone or iPad. The device is charged, but it won't show up. This problem is quite common. In most cases, this problem happens to iPod, but it also involves iPhone and iPad sometime. For problems that iTunes won't recognize iPhone, iPod or iPad, we have summarized a slew of tested fixes here:

* First follow Apple's solutions on iTunes not working to detect iPod iPhone and iPad;
* Hold your menu button for about 15s and reboot it, then plug it back it in to your computer again;
* Manually reset your privacy and location permissions;
* Go to device management with iPod connected, and disable iPod USB connection. Then add hardware and follow the instructions;
* Check more tips when iTunes stopped working to recognize iPod, iPhone, iPad.

iTunes unresponsive/freezing when connect iDevices

#4 iTunes freezes or becomes unresponsive

iTunes is used to connect iDevices with computer, therefore it's really frustrating that iTunes freezes or doesn't respond when you connect iPhone or iPad. iTunes gets totally unresponsive, and you can't open or close it! It iTunes has stopped working when you connect your iDevices, there are some fixes for you to try:

* Find Library > Application Support > Sync Services >Trash Sync Services;
* Create a new Mac user account and try to connect iTunes again;
* Try an iTunes alternative to sync, backup or transfer between iPhone and iPad.

iTunes not working with WiFi Sync

#5 iTunes Wi-Fi sync not working

Wi-Fi sync is a feature of iTunes that allows users to transfer data between iDevices and computer over Wi-Fi without USB cable. This feature is convenient, but it's meaningless when iTunes Wi-Fi sync not working. However, users have suffered quite a lot of problems with iTunes WiFi sync, e.g. iTunes won't see iPhone, wifi sync gets stuck etc.

* Turn off and on the WiFi connection on both iDevices and computer;
* Disable Handoff on iPhone iPad in the Settings;
* Update iTunes to latest version and also get iOS 17 Update;
* Make sure iDevices are checked for sync via wifi;
* Check more tips on iPhone won't sync with iTunes problems.

iTunes download not working

#6 iTunes problems not downloading purchases

"I can't download purchased iTunes items but it won't let me. There were problems downloading some iTunes purchases with an unknown error occurred." If you have problems with iTunes purchases downloading (movies, TV shows, music, videos, books etc), now let's fix the problem.

* Go to iTunes on computer > sign in iTunes Store > click "Account" under "Qick Links" and sign in > find "iTunes in iCloud" and click "Hidden Purchase". Then you can switch them to unhidden and download anything;
* If iTunes simply won't download purchases, rely on professional tool to transfer iTunes purchases, which will remove the protections imposed on iTunes purchased items and convert M4V/M4P into MP4/MP3.

iTunes does not work to backup iPhone

#7 iTunes won't backup iPhone iPad

When users want to upgrade to iPhone or new iOS 17, they encounter problems with iTunes not working for old iDevice backup. The iTunes backup problems are caused by many reasons: iTunes could not backup iPhone because not enough free space, corrupted or incompatible backup, an error occurred or disconnected iPhone... Whichever reason is, the below fixes may help if iTunes has stopped working.

* Try a different USB port or USB cable;
* Free up space on your computer;
* Check the security software on computer;
* Disable Background App Refresh in the Settings.

Check How to Backup iPhone to iTunes Step by Step >>

iTunes has stopped working

#8 iTunes Match not working

iTunes Match is a service that puts songs from iTunes music library into iCloud so that users can access them on any devices. It also causes problems. For example, "my iTunes Match is not working and won't update or sync new songs on my iPhone". In this cases, you can first try the official fixes provided by Apple. Besides that, we also offer some other solutions:

* Go to preferences > general preferences and check iCloud Music library. Then click File > Library > Update iCloud Music Library to update library;
* Check the firewall on computer and iDevices;
* Update iTunes to the latest version;
* Switch to an easier way to sync music to iPhone iPad.

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