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Top 5 Best iPod to Mac Transfer Software 2023

Best iPod Mac transfer software bandwagon here! Some of you may successfully get over 300 songs transferred from iPod to Mac free according to David Court's guide on transfer music from iPod to Mac free without downloading software. But that guide only works for old iPod Nano 3rd Gens and earlier, and limited to music songs transfer. We tested newer ones like iPod touch 4th/5th Gens, and bash – they are out of the question!

So, instead of wasting your whole afternoon on an iPod music/photo/video transfer free solution, take a look at the below listed efficient iPod to Mac transfer software– even their free trials can do you a lot more favor than your pushy manual operation and save time.

Best Ever Tool for Transferring iPod Data to Mac

MacX MediaTrans is professional iPod data transfer software to transfer iPod photos, videos, music to MacBook Pro/Air/iMac.

  • Speed: It only takes about 8 sec to transfer hundreds songs from iPod to Mac within 8 sec.
  • Music Video Auto-Rotate: Videos shot in sideways can be auto rotated by software for full-screen display on Mac.
  • Brilliant Built-in Converter: files will be auto converted to Mac supported formats.
  • Absolute Free Flash Drive Utility - mount iPhone iPad as a flash drive.
  • PDF, WPS, folders, voice mail, compressed files, apps, messages, memos etc unlimited!

#1. MacX MediaTrans – Ultra-fast iPod to Mac Transfer Software

Overview: MacX MediaTrans wields significant influence in function claiming of music/videos/photos transfer from iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac once it steps on the scene. It shows the fastest speed when transferring music from old iPod to Mac without iTunes- 100 songs finished in 6 seconds. The most useful features in the iPod to Mac transfer software is for transferring and managing your iPod music files. The tool allows you to manage your music files easily without any issues. You can import, export, transfer, create, delete, edit the song playlists, and edit artists and the albums and genres. You can also make ringtones when you transfer music from iPod to Mac computers.

This is a real tour de force for seamless media transfer way smarter than the otherwise intelligent iTunes. It transfers photos/songs in both ways and welcomes all file types ranging from 4K photos/videos, live photos, MP3 ringtones to PDF, folders, APPs, WPS, messages etc for sync, backups, carrying around, batch editing or just making room for iPod storage. It transfers music, videos from and photos from iPod, iPhone to Mac etc.

iPod to Mac Transfer Software - MacX MediaTrans

#2. iMazing – Elegant iPod to Mac Transfer Software

Overview: iMazing is also good way to transfer music from iPod to Mac. The tool enables you to transfer and keep your iPhone contacts, messages, WhatsApp chats, music, and other types of data backed up safely. It offers a seamless and quick way to transfer music from iPod to Mac, and the data transfers to the iPhone iPad iPod, and Android devices worked the same efficiently. The iPod to Mac transfer software doesn’t require iTunes to work.

Minor drawback of this reputed iPod to Mac transfer program is that some of the file names are shortened or hyphenated when transferring to your device meaning that it can be tricky to identify which file corresponds to what. Features like file backups restore, Apps/Music/SMS/MMS/text message/Photo/camera roll transfer from iPod to Mac, and system/contacts management are worth having! The tool has a free trial. Advanced features require a paid key or a license to unlock.

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iPod to Mac Transfer Software - iMazing

#3. AnyTrans - iPod to Mac Transfer Software with Plethora Features

Overview: This iPod to Mac transfer software offers plenty of utilities that can transfer and organize music/photos/videos from iPod, iPhone, iPad to Mac and vice versa; inbuilt media conversion which converts non supported video formats to iPod supported formats, backup iPod apps to Mac, export Contacts, messages, voice mail and call history in the format you want etc. This powerful and potent iPod to Mac transfer software is a real helper to keep. It’s a good iTunes replacement to transfer music from iPod to Mac, and it handles the majority of the daily data management job that iTunes does.

Sometimes won't get responds to deal with bugs like contact management/app transfer from their poor supports. It doesn't allow you to transfer iPod music on Mac to iTunes library. According to users report, adding multiple files or folders at once is a slow process, compared with other iPod to Mac transfer tools.

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iPod to Mac Transfer Software - AnyTrans

#4. iMacsoft – Bottom-line iPod to Mac Transfer Software

Overview: This iPod to Mac transfer software can transfer, copy and manage your iPod Music, Movie, Photo, ePub, PDF, Audiobook, Voice Memo, Podcast and TV Show on Mac. It helps transfer music from old iPod to Mac, iTunes, new iPod. It also allows you to create, edit and delete iPod music playlists on Mac. The tool is an ideal solution to manage, copy, backup iPod, iPad or iPhone on Mac. It's compatible with all models of iPad/iPod(iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle)/iPhone. You can play the iPod music on Mac with system default player directly.

The lack of update is a big advantage of iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer Software. The product official site and user interface are quite old. It needs improvement in interface design and data transfer speed. It seems that the company discontinued the iPod to Mac Transfer software. Newer version of iOS and macOS may not be supported.

iPod to Mac Transfer Software - iMacsoft

#5. iTunes - Traditional iPod to Mac Transfer Software

Overview: iTunes once was the most popular to transfer music from iPod to Mac computers. If you don’t want to download extra tools, iTunes is a way to transfer music from iPod, such as iPod Classic, Nano, and Shuffle, to Mac, including your music playlists legally purchased from iTunes. Music you purchased on iPod is instantly available on your Mac when your Mac is authorized. Use the following steps to transfer music from iPod to Mac computers.

Open iTunes on your Mac, Select Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer. Select Authorize. Connect your iPod to your Mac using a compatible cable and select your iPod. Select File > Devices > Transfer Purchases From [your iPod]. Now, your music will transfer from iPod to your Mac.

It might be unstable official iPod to Mac transfer software. when downloaded latest version, it keeps asking you to upgrade it after installation. Or it says itunes needs to be updated to latest version , but when trying to update, it says its already latest version of iTunes. Sometimes, you just can't get started to use iTunes to transfer music from iPod to a Mac computer.

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iPod to Mac Transfer Software - iTunes


As stated above, these 5 iPod to Mac transfer tools can well serve your purpose of content management and transfer music from iPod to Mac, transfer videos from iPod/iPhone to Mac, transfer photos from iPhone, iPod, iPad to Mac, and vice versa. Unlike any parochial lizard-brain software that functions and results like Britain EU referendum, MacX MediaTrans, embracing all the tech and ideas to improve itself to be a better player competing among them all, thus weaving photo transfer, video transfer, music management and flash drive into together to provide more advanced services.

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