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Facebook Videos Not Playing on iPhone iPad Android? Solve It Now!

"Using Firefox the facebook videos are not playing, only a black screen is showing, while the same video is playing using Google Chrome, what's the issue?"

"I used to watch videos on FB but after one month when I logged in Facebook, then I saw its showing me the videos but not playing. They are getting loaded but not getting played."

The Facebook Help Community is flooded with such problems as Facebook videos not playing in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, etc. Rather than smooth video playing on Facebook, you may get issues like green/black screen or the spinning wheel in the video windows, partly putting down to Firewall settings, ad interference or so. If you are devastated by the inexact factors and fragmental solutions, below are the complete troubleshooting to "Facebook won't play/load videos" error and get videos playable on Facebook with ease.

Part 1: Reasons and Troubleshooting to Facebook Video Not Playing Issues

Why won't Facebook video play or load on iPhone iPad Android? The reasons can be various, ranging from video player to incorrect web settings. But we just list the most likely ones here.

1. In most cases, cookies or cache is mainly responsible for Facebook videos not playing problem. This is because the temporary internet files may affect your browser performance after bloating over. So it's recommended to clear them regularly. By the way, to empty cache and cookies is also very helpful if you encounter any Facebook video no sound probelm when playing.

2. Some playback problems can be caused if you've disabled JavaScript, which is required to control most common interactive elements on a web page. So you are highly advised to turn on JaveScript in case of videos not working.

3. Frankly, flash is notorious for bugs. If you are facing difficulty in playing videos on Facebook account, you'd better check if your version of flash player is outdated. So updating it can solve this if you can't play facebook videos.

4. Flash is well known for video playback performance due to the application of a computer's graphics card, it, however, cause "facebook won't play videos" problems, such as video stops abruptly, video is green/black/white, or splotchy. So you have to disable hardware acceleration in Flash to handle the issue.

5. There are some possible causes for facebook app won't play videos or they fail to load, such as your web page itself, the version of your browser, the browser settings like pop-up blocker, the internet connection, etc. below we will list the exact solutions if you have facebook problems with video playback.

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Part 2. Tutorials to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing Problem

To fix "Facebook videos not loading or playing" error on your web browser, you can simply follow the solutions below.

Step 1: Reset your internet connection. By doing so, part of your video fails to load or runs slowly problems can be solved.

Step 2: Refresh your web browser. Most of the time, the video can play back fine after a web browser refresh.

Step 3: Restart your browser to stop some background processes and give you a clear slate to run Facebook if browser refresh doesn't help.

Step 4: Update your browser to the latest version.

Step 5: Clear cache and cookies, which can be the major reason causing playing problem. Check the solution to clear your browser cache.

Step 6: Update your Flash player to the latest version.
Note: If you are encountering playback problem on Chrome, please head over to other solutions below as Chrome will automatically update Flash Player.

Step 7: Enable JaveScript. Click on menu icon > Settings > Show advanced settings > privacy > Content Settings > JavaScript > Allow all sites to run javeScript.

Step 8: Change video resolution from HD to SD if your videos buffer a lot or are slow.

Step 9: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Flash.
Right click on the Facebook video you're having problem with > Settings > uncheck Enable hardware acceleration > Close > Refresh the page.

Step 10: Resort to a Facebook video downloader to get a download of facebook videos and watch them offline.

How to Play Facebook Videos Without any Problem

To avoid Facebook videos not playing issue, you can try MacX Video Converter Pro for Mac (or Windows version), which is an all-in-one Facebook video downloader and converter for Mac (Sierra included) and Windows (10). It is able to download Facebook clips (VR 360-degree video included) as well as other videos from Dailymotion, Vimotion and other 1000+ sites without a hassle. You can even convert Facebook to MP4, iTunes, iMovie and transfer them for playing on iPhone, iPad, Android with world's no.1 fast speed, thus the not playing problem can be solved once and for all.

Note: If some of your videos won't play on iPhone iPad or other mobile devices due to the format restriction, you can use this software to convert them to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc or directly transfer them to iPhone, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy and other mainstream devices for watching seamlessly. Additionally, it enables to convert any video to Facebook video/audio formats for uploading with no issue. Check the detailed Facebook video uploading suggestion.

Prior to the steps with Facebook video download, you need to free download the Facebook downloader Mac Edition or Windows version and get it installed on your computer.

solve facebook videos not playing

Step 1: Go to Facebook and find a video you need to download to tackle the playback error. (batch download is also supported)

Step 2: Get the URL of the Faceboook video copied by right clicking the video and show video URL, after which hit the "+" button on the facebook downloader and paste the URL to let the tool analyze the video information.

Step 3: Choose the preferred facebook video format, resolution, codec and format - tab OK.

Step 4: Tap the Browse button to save the output file and click on Download Now button to start downloading Facebook videos.

Note: you can check the Auto add to convert list box in case of facebook video conversion and import the downloaded clips to your mobile device or computer for playback with no problem anymore.

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