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DVD-R vs DVD+R: Advantages & Disadvantages of DVD+R over DVD-R

Many a user feels confused to tell the DVD type DVD-R from another DVD+R, including me. In a bid to thoroughly figure it out, I google and consult a large amount of reference material. Finally, I get some clues. Here is the lowdown about the similarities and differences between DVD-R and DVD+R.

Prior to elaborating how is DVD-R disc different from DVD+R, you'd better have a basic understanding of the two DVD types to lay a good foundation for latter comprehension, especially for new hands.

What is DVD-R?

The DVD-R is called "DVD dash R" not minus, developed by Pioneer in 1997. It is supported by most DVD players and is approved by the DVD Forum, which was founded by Mitsubishi, Sony, Hitachi, and Time Warner. So it has a broad industry support for its technical standards.

What is DVD+R?

The DVD+R format (DVD plus R) was developed in mid 2002 by a coalition of corporations—DVD+RW Alliance, which is supported by Sony, Yamaha, Philips, Dell, and JP. Though DVD+R is not approved by the DVD Forum until 2008, but still it has a mass of supporters for its technical standards.

How to Rip Movie from DVD-R and DVD+R- 100% Safe

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is your dependable choice, allowing you to rip and copy movie from DVD-R/DVD+R to digital MP4 MOV MKV AVI VOB MPEG-2, etc. video audio format with 36X real time speed. 350+ mobile profiles also available!

Part One - DVD-R vs DVD+R: Sameness and Difference

Similarities of DVD-R/DVD+R Discs

Actually, DVD-R format DVD+R are nearly identical, same in surface & size and supported by most DVD drivers and DVD players (majority of DVD players are hybrid players, compatible with both). They have no difference in DVD playback. The main difference lies in DVD recoder.


Differences Between DVD-R and DVD+R

The biggest difference between -R and +R relies on the DVD recorder. DVD-R discs can only be used once and when you take it out of the DVD drive you can't do anything else to the disc. And it has a single layer in structure. Comparatively, DVD+R is much better as you're able to keep adding more content to DVD+R but you may not erase what already exists on the disc. What's more, DVD+R disc is built with multiple layers, offering more disc storage than DVD-R.

DVD Dash R vs DVD Plus R

Related Supplement: Both DVD-R disc and DVD+R disc are considered to be "one-use" discs and you can't erase any content from them. On the contrary, the DVD-RW and DVD+RW can't be added with stuff over and over again until the disc storage capability is full or you close DVD-RW and DVD+RW by changing the mark of certain sectors.

Part Two - Advantages of DVD+R over DVD-R

According to the claims of the DVD Alliance, using a DVD+R recorder will benefit you more than DVD-R recorder:

  1. DVD+R has more powerful error management system than DVD-R to ensure a more accurate writing while keeping high quality.
  2. Eject DVD disc faster without having to wait for finalized formatting.
  3. Kill two birds with one stone: record one DVD disc partially on computer and partially on TV.
  4. Users are empowered with editing feature to edit filenames, movie and song titles,etc.
  5. Work well with virtually all the DVD players, no incompatibility issue.

Part Three - Make A Digital Copy of DVD+R and DVD-R Movies

You are the master to decide whether to write movie to DVD+R or DVD-R or not. Certainly, you are also the big boss to digitize DVD movie from DVD+R or DVD-R if you like. If you wanna rip movie from DVD-R or DVD+R disc, the highly sought-after MacX DVD Ripper Pro is worth your consideration.

dvd9 vs dvd5 difference

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