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DVD Player Troubleshooting: Fix DVD Player No Sound Issue on HDTV/Laptop

My DVD player has picture but no sound? My TV was playing movies just fine and now the picture sows up but there is no audio. I've tried changing the cords and that's not it and yes there is sound coming from my tv with everything else, I'm frustrated please help.

Hello, anyone who can help me to fix my problem regarding to my DVR rw? I have DVD rw in my computer, when i play VCD or CD. it function well, the sound is ok! But when i play DVD, I saw the video but the sound is gone. so can you help me!!! thanks and advance!

Let's face and solve "no sound on DVD player" problems one by one. According to the questions raised on varied forums, we get down to fix most users' concerned problem-"the DVD player no sound on TV" as a start.

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