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Mac DVD Player Not Responding - Best Fix (100% Working)

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"Recently my MacBook Pro will read and play the DVD, but once it plays for a certain point, and I try to do anything (pause and then unpause, eject, close the app, go back to the main menu) the Mac DVD player stops responding. I either have to turn my computer completely off and restart, or close the MacBook, wait for it to go to sleep, open it up and then force quit."

It's very frustrating when the DVD player is not responding on Mac and won't play a DVD. Occasionally, the DVD player freezes with a black screen and the computer gets stuck. "Mac DVD player not responding" may be one of the nastiest Mac DVD player not working errors because it just becomes unresponsive without giving a clue. In this post, we will show you how to bring the unresponsive Mac DVD player back to normal.

[Possible Fixes] You May Fix "DVD Player won't Respond" Error Below

1. Reset SMC and NVRAM/PRAM

It may be improper settings that cause the DVD player won't respond/stuck & black screen errors. To fix, reset the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM (the steps may vary on different Mac models).
To reset the SMC: shut down the Mac > press and hold the power button for 10s and restart > press and hold the right Shift, the Optionand the left Control key for 7s > keep holding them and then press and hold the Power button for 7s > then release and wait for seconds > restart.
To reset the NVRAM/PRAM: shut down the Mac > press the Power button > before you see a grey screen, press the Command, Option, P and R keys simultaneously until you see a grey screen > keep holding them until the Mac restarts and you hear a second startup sound > release.

2. Adjust the DVD player preferences

Corrupted preferences can also be the culprit for Mac DVD player not responding errors. Delete the DVD preference file can normally fix it:

Open the Finder and click Go button from the Finder menu bar > Go to Folder. Type or copy paste the following: ~/LIbrary/Preferences/com.apple.DVDPlayer.plist. Then delete the com.apple.DVDPlayer.plist file and restart your Mac and try again.

3. Try another DVD player

After the above fixes, if still the DVD player is not responding on Mac, you can try another option than buying an external drive to work with the DVD player app - play the DVD with another DVD player. If there is no issue with the hardware or the disc, another player will work. You can try software like VLC or 5KPlayer. Check our picks for best DVD player for Mac.

4. Corrupted/protected disc

Is the DVD player not working on Mac error happens with one disc or all DVDs you insert? If the Mac DVD player won't respond every time you insert a disc, try other fixes. If it occurs with only one disc, there is a good chance that the DVD is corrupted or protected with region code or other schemes (you're allowed to change the region code for 5 times with Mac DVD player). You can use a lint-free cloth and toothpaste to fix scratched DVD. As for the protection, you will need a special tool to remove it.

5. Hardware problems

If nothing you try works, something may go wrong with the super drive, graphics card or the display driver and lead to Mac DVD player is frozen/stuck problems. Basically, you can do nothing with the hardware issues but to try another external disc drive for Mac. Or you're suggested to bring your computer to a local Apple Store or book an appointment for Apple technical help.

[100% Fixed] Watch DVD on Mac without DVD Player Not Responding Errors

For those who don't want to bother with the setting stuff, don't want to pay money on an external drive or rush to the local Apple store for technical help, or spend the time trying the possible fixes that may or may not solve their DVD player not working problems, they can try the 100% efficient solution: convert the DVD to digital formats for Mac with MacX DVD Ripper Pro. It's an advanced DVD ripper that will convert DVDs of any types into any format/device with No.1 fast speed and excellent output quality. Check the details below:

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Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro macOS version to convert DVD on Mac

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Convert DVD when Mac DVD Player is not Responding

Step 1. Insert the disc you can't play on Mac DVD player and run MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Click the Disc button on the interface to load the DVD.

Step 2. The program will automatically detect the correct title of the DVD and then pop up a window asking you to select an output format. To play the DVD on Mac, you're suggested to convert DVD to MOV or MP4. To keep the best quality results, you can also select the ISO image (1:1 quality ratio). There are ready profiles for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung, etc. Choose the format or device you need.

Step 3. Hit the Start button and start to convert the DVD. It will take several minutes and you may want a cup of tea. After that, you can play the DVD video on Mac without any error.

Disclaimer: This post is to help people whose DVD player won't respond on Mac and can't play a DVD. It does not in any way advocate ripping a DVD for any commercial or other illegal use. Please consult the law in your country before you convert any disc.

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