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Websites Like Keepvid-Download Online Videos without Keepvid

Keepvid.com is a classic website to download online videos from famous websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. It may be among the top ways to download online videos for its easy process to copy and paste URL for downloading. While it is simple and useful, there are still some troubles that can make users quit and turn to other websites like keepvid. Worse still, KeepVid is down.


Reasons to Choose Keepvid Like Websites

Mac OS X Unfriendly

Keepvid offers users who are fond of watching online videos an opportunity to download their favorite videos from various video sharing sites, so long as they can connect to Internet. Keepvid program is amazing, however, it only runs on Windows operating system. Mac users need to find a Keepvid for Mac alternative. Yes, Mac users need not to worry, below five top websites like keepvid are high recommended.

Java installation issue

Many users may have suffered the same issue "Keepvid Not Working on Mac". As a matter of fact, Keepvid can not work on Mac and other OS system without the help from a third party: Java. It's easy to install Java but it may cause many problems. For example, Java crashes often and this leads to "Keepvid not working". Let alone that many users have no idea about what Java is and where to install it. No one wants a video downloader of which the operation is subject to another application.

Too Many Ads

Somebody says, we may not expect too much as KeepVid is totally free. Yes, it is totally understandable for a free program to put reasonable ads as it have to get other way to make the money for its operation. But since it steps up to the problem that makes users quit, we can see a serious imbalance between the number of ads and its service contents. In fact, those misleading ads are often misunderstood by the users as the features used to download videos.

Other Problems

Except the two above-mentioned subject matters, many other problems exist including not supporting for batch download which forces users to download videos one by one; not supporting for the latest YouTube changes and no download history and etc. In addition, KeepVid shut down permanently on March 21, 2018.

Luckily, there are actually many other websites like keepvid which can do the same task efficiently. Below we list the top five keepvid alternatives for you to decide the suitable one rather than stick to Keepvid.

Top Five Websites Like Keepvid to Free Download Online Videos on Mac or PC

1. MacX YouTube Downloader

Speaking of keepvid alternatives (for Mac), this MacX YouTube Downloader is really noteworthy. This free video downloader is a powerful tool for Mac users to download online videos. It supports free downloading YouTube videos of different resolution and format, no matter common YouTube videos or HD videos in 720P or even higher. It keeps a perfect balance between simplicity and advanced technology, which enables users to download videos in a simple click.

MacX YouTube Downloader
MacX YouTube Downloader


  1. Based on advanced technologies, this keepvid alternative for can download online videos alone, namely, users are no longer shackled by Java.
  2. It supports batch downloading. While downloading the videos, users can watch videos immediately without waiting until the entire video downloaded.
  3. Copy-and-past process is easy, but this free video downloader makes things even easier with its automatical YouTube Video detecting capability.

The above features are just a few of the highlights of this downloader. If you want an easy online video downloading, you are bound to try this free downloader.

2. Savevid

Savevid.com is one of the popular sites like keepvid.com. Users can copy and paste the URL they want to download for video downloading. And it also support some major video sites like Youtube, Google Videos, Metacafe and more in FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG or WMV formats. Although it does the similar task like keepvid, there are some difference making it one of the most popular sites like Keepvid. It holds lots of video resources and features the top downloads. Such videos can be viewed and downloaded on Savevid without having to visit the sites.


3. Video Grabber

The next site like keepvid is quite helpful if users wish to avoid installing any software on the computer. Video Grabber is a website offer an easy solution to download online videos directly from most video sharing sites. Like most video download sites, what users need to do is just enter the URL and click "grap it". It is a user-friendly site that is clean of any add-ons, plug-ins and software.

Video Grabber
Video Grabber

4. Zamzar

The fourth top site like keepvid comes Zamzar. Despite the main function to convert digital files, it does a good job in downloading online videos. However, the process is a little bit different. Users have to enter an email address to receive the downloaded file rather than download it directly to their devices. This forces users to wait for the arrival of the downloaded files and users can not enjoy it immediately. The advantage is that users can convert the online videos downloaded to any mobile devices they have since it's mainly used as a converter.


5. SaveFrom.net

SaveFrom.net Helper, an online tool to help users download videos from various video sites, is another popular keepvid similar website. It supports nearly 40 video sharing sites. To start with this tool, users have to install it on their browser. Users only need to open the video page and click on the button at the upper right. If users still have trouble with the operation, a tutorial video is also available.

Broader is better, you may act like ants on hot pan if keepvid breaks down due to any reason aforementioned. Rather than put all eggs in one basket, you had better try those keepvid alternatives. Actually, there are many other websites like keepvid that do a good and even better job. The above downloaders, however, are those widely recognized as the best alternatives for keepvid. Have you ever used any of those listed keepvid alternatives? Why not have a try and choose the most suitable one?

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