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How to Compress and Reduce MP4 File Size Online without Losing Quality?

"How can I easily compress .MP4 video files online? I just got a new HD video camera, and it works great, but the problem is, it takes hours and hours to upload videos onto YouTube (unless they're like 1 minute long). How can I compress MP4 online, preferably without losing (much) video quality?" -- from Yahoo Answers. The file size of a 4 min 29s MP4 video at 2160p UHD is 497 MB, which will eat a lot of space and need a long time to upload to YouTube or email if your internet connect is not good. There's a good chance we have to reduce MP4 video size online for faster uploading to YouTube, Facebook, or emailing faster or save some hard drive, iPhone Android space etc. Here's how to compress MP4 online without losing quality.

Compress MP4 Faster than Online MP4 Video Compressor

It's simple to compress MP4 online, but many if not all online MP4 compressing programs are slow in speed, low in compression ratio and limited in output choices and size limit. Here we recommend you to use top charted MP4 video compression software, MacX Video Converter Pro. A mp4 video converter and compressor that excels in any other tool for downsizing MP4 online as the tool can.

  1. Compress MP4 videos in 30x faster speed than online MP4 compression process thanks to cutting-edge HT and Intel QSV acceleration tech.
  2. Reduce MP4 file size with extremely high compression ratio. For example, it can shrink a 490MB 4K MP4 video to 28.1 MB FLV HD video or even smaller.
  3. Output compressed videos without quality loss thanks to High Quality Engine. There's no distinct video quality difference your eyes can tell between the 490 MB 4K video and 28MB compressed HD video.
  4. Offer tons of options to compress online MP4 videos, like lowering video resolution, converting MP4 video format, cropping, trimming, changing MP4 video/movie parameters like bit rate, frame rate etc.
  5. No file size limits, no resolution limits (4K 8K UHD also supported), no ads, no malware.

How to Compress MP4 File without Quality Loss, Fast Speed and High Compression Ratio

It's easy to compress MP4 with the desktop video compressor compared to online MP4 compression. You don't need to sign up, just download the online MP4 compressor for Windows or for macOS and start to reduce online MP4 video size in order to quickly share MP4 videos online, upload to YouTube, Facebook, or free up disk space, gadgets memories etc.

Step 1: Add and Load MP4 file

You can load MP4 video or movie to compress by clicking "Add File" icon on the top-left corner or simply by drag and drop.

compress mP4 online

Step 2: Adjust MP4 video compression settings

This is an important step. On the pop-up output format window, you can convert MP4 to FLV, WMV etc. smaller sized format to shrink MP4 video size. And click settings icon for further online MP4 video compression. You can lower MP4 video resolution, change video bit rate, frame rate, and click "OK" to save the changes. You are also provided with access to crop and trim MP4 video to cut down MP4 video size online with high quality kept.

Tips: Besides, various editing features are also offered to allow you add watermarks, merge MP4 videos, resize video etc.

Step 3: Click "RUN" to process MP4 video online compression.

Click "RUN" to start compressing MP4 video online without losing quality with up to 15:1 compression ratio. The program can also compress MKV, compress M4V, AVI, WMV, MOV etc. video movie file.

reduce video file size mac

[FYI]Test Results with the desktop MP4 video compressor

  • Time it took to compress MP4 online: 1min 15s
  • Input: MP4 video, 4 min 29s,497MB, 3846*2160(16:9), 23.976 FPS, 15.4Mb/s.
  • Output: FLV video, 4 min 29s, 28.1MB, 1280*720p(16:9), 23.976 FPS, 1200kb/s
  • Computer: macOS Sierra, iMac, 2.7GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB 1333 MHz DDR3

How to Compress MP4 Online Free without Losing Much Quality [Limited Size]

1. Select a free online MP4 compressor

Before you get started to compress MP4 online, you need to select a good online MP4 compressor for the job. Online video compressors are dime a dozen, such as Clipchamp, Zamzar, and the list goes on. Here we take Climchamp, a top rated MP4 file shrinker, as an example to show users how to compress MP4 online without losing much quality. Note that nearly all free video compressor online applications for MP4 file compression online require register or ask users to enter email address to receive compressed MP4 video movie file.

List of Top Online Tools to Compress MP4 Online

VideoSmaller - Ads supported, max 500MB

aconvert - Misleading download buttons, 6 files, 24MB each at max

ZAMZAR - max 100MB

Compressify - 50% MP4 online compression ratio, max 8MB

2. Learn how to reduce MP4 video size online free

Step 1: Open online MP4 video compressor and sign up

Go to the limited free online MP4 video compressor page. It may take a long time to load the page if many users are using it.

Click "GET STARTED" to sign up with Google or Facebook account or with email before you reduce MP4 video size online. If you register with email, Clipchamp will send a magic link to your address and the link will expire in 1 hour and can only be used to shrink MP4 size online once.

Step 2: Choose MP4 file to compress online

Select an MP4 file to reduce video size online or load the MP4 file by simple drag-n-drop.

compress mp4 online

Step 3: Reduce MP4 video size online

The free online MP4 compressor can help shrink MP4 size online by changing resolution, converting video format and lowering video quality. You can convert UHD MP4 4K video to 1080p, 720p, 480p or even 360p, change MP4 video to FLV or WMV video (see MP4 vs WMV in file size, quality, pros and cons), and select "low" at the Quality section.

If you'd like to compress MP4 online without losing quality, select "keep resolution" from the RESOLUTION drop-down list. But you won't get high compression ratio in this way.

Step 4: Click "Start" to begin MP4 online compression progress.

While the MP4 video file is compressing online, users can start queuing uploads. It offers options to upload and share compressed MP4 video online to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Google Drive. But it doesn't support to save the output shrinked MP4 video file to local hard drive.

how to compress mp4 online

[FYI] Test Results in Compressing MP4 Online with Clipchamp

  • Time it took to compress MP4 online: 58min
  • Input: MP4 video, 4 min 29s,497MB, 3846*2160(16:9), 23.976 FPS, 15.4Mb/s
  • Output: FLV video, 4 min 29s, 102MB, 1280*720 (16:9), 23.976 FPS, 3890kbp/s
  • Computer: macOS Sierra, iMac, 2.7GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB 1333 MHz DDR3


  • Easy to learn how to compress MP4 online.
  • It's free to compress the first five videos online.
  • It's clean, no popping-up ads, no malware.<
  • Users don't need to download MP4 video compression software.


  • The compressing speed is quite slow, particularly when compressing 4K MP4 video.
  • The MP4 video compress ratio is not high.
  • The number of videos for free users is limited to five.
  • It only supports to compress MP4 to WMV and FLV format.
  • Register is required before you compress MP4 video online.
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