How to Create Your Own Playlist in iPhone/iPod/iPad?

By Rico Rodriguez to iPhone Management | Last Updated on Dec 7, 2023

How to make your own playlist efficiently in iPhone/iPod/iPad? Here is the easiest way!

With tons of songs mounting up in your iPhone iPad/iPod, managing them directly on your iDevices is like an endless nightmare especially creating new playlists and migrating them from one place to another! How to efficiently make your own playlist and at the same time easily move songs between your unique playlists? MacX MediaTrans here comes to rescue! How to create your own music playlist? There are basically two ways:

MacX MediaTrans – Easiest Way to Create Your Own Playlist

Start now with MacX MediaTrans to get worry-free solution in making your own playlist by performers, genre, or whatever you see fit with ease.

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a. The Quickest Way: Create Your Own Playlist with MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans aims to offer an easiest solution to help you build a playlist adhering to your own taste and will; to customize and organize your playlist via batch migrating or selective relocation. By displaying all songs on Mac screen, one can quickly pinpoint any music file or a bunch for further editing or adjustment with outmost ease.

How to make your own playlist with MacX MediaTrans?

You can directly create new playlists in apple music through your Mac interface by using MacX MediaTrans: Download this music playlist creator – MacX MediaTrans and launch it on your Mac

Step 1

Turn off iTunes Auto Sync

Follow the instruction and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to Mac via data cable.

Note: To prevent your iPhone/iPad being synced automatically with Mac, you'd better follow the pop-up on-screen instruction and go to iTunes preference > Devices and check the checkmark preceding "prevent iPod, iPhone/iPad from sycing automatically". Your iTunes should be upgraded to 11.2 ver. and above.

Step 2

Click Music Manager on the main interface

click Music Manager to view the songs and playlist in your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Click the + "add new playlist" button on the left column to name and build your new playlist. Select songs already in your iPhone/iPad or newly added songs and click "add to playlist" button.

MacX MediaTrans UI
Step 3

Select target playlist to make

Select the target playlist and click OK.

Note: After creating your own music playlist, you can also batch move a group of songs to that playlist by clicking "add group to playlist" button

Step 4

Start to make playlist for iPhone iPad

Click Sync button to sync the changes to your Apple Music on iPhone/iPad .

Note: The number appearing on the upper right corner of Sync button counts the changes you've done to the music, which may include
make your own playlist in iphone ipad

With MacX MediaTrans, one can also edit music info including song's title, artist (batch edit artist), album, composer, release year, and adding your own comments etc. users can also add new songs from Mac to the target playlist directly, delete playlists from iPhone and do more. MacX MediaTrans remembers all your setting history like artists' names and can provide corresponding choices for you to select instead of typing again. You can also view your own playlist by music list or group by artist.

b. Create your own playlist in a time-consuming manner:

Add playlist to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch directly
Step 1: In the Music app, find the song, album, or playlist that you want to add.
Step 2: Tap the More Options icon to the right of the song or album name.
Step 3: Tap Add icon to add the song, album, or playlist to My Music.
Note: Songs and albums appear under My Music. Playlists appear in the sidebar of the Playlists tab under Apple Music Playlists.

Apparently, creating your own music playlist through the above two ways can 100% get your works done yet in different manners concerning efficiency. And MacX MediaTrans is surely the better choice. Creating music playlist is just one of the concurrent utilities of MacX MediaTrans. It is not so much a playlist creator as a photo/video transfer tool, a music manager, or a flash drive that provides a million more utilities beyond your imagination.

MacX MediaTrans - Easily Make Your Own Playlist

It provides an easy access to make your own playlists for iPhone iPad iPod, including the latest iPhone SE/6S/Plus, iPad Pro/Mini 4.

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For any questions with MacX MediaTrans, please feel free to contact our support team.

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