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3 Clicks to Easily Convert Netflix Movies to MP4 (H264/H265)

Netflix movies and TV shows are usually encoded by H264 or H265 codecs, which are supported by most flagship devices like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei etc. Yet, not all the Netflix movies and TV shows belong to H264/H265 codec groups. Some Netflix videos are encoded by the newest AV1, H263 or Microsoft technology VC-1, which are incompatible with most mobile devices.

So when you open Netflix movie on your smartphone or tablet but end up with failure, there's a high likelihood that it's related to Netflix movie format incompatibility issue. To fix this Netflix movie format problem, you're suggested to change Netflix movies and TV shows to MP4 H264 or MP4 H265 so as to smoothly playback on your handheld iPhone iPad Android.

Furthermore, you'd better to convert Netflix H265 to H264 if you're not sure your device is compatible with H265/HEVC or not. Cuz H264 has much better compatibility than H265. Now, the output video format and codec are decided, and what is undecided is the Netflix to MP4 transcoder. Here you can read on the below recommendations if you have no better choice.

Part 1: How to Convert Netflix to MP4 with MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX Video Converter Pro is a cover-all Netflix video converter and downloader.

Pros: cover-all Netflix video converter, Netflix movie downloader, Netflix movie editor, Netflix movie recorder, etc.
User Rating:
OS: Windows 98 - Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit & 64 bit); Mac OS X 10.6 - macOS Big Sur

It helps you convert Netflix movies and TV shows to MP4 H264, MP4 HEVC, 4K MP4, 2K MP4 and MP4 MPEG-4 with 98% quality reserved for playback on any iPhone iPad Android Microsoft device. What's plus, you can also utilize it to:

  1. Directly decode Netflix movies (AV1, HEVC, H264, etc) to iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Microsoft, etc. 420+ profiles.
  2. Auto Copy Netflix movies from MKV H264 to MP4 H264 or AVCHD H264 to MP4 H264 without decoding/re-encoding, keeping 1:1 original quality.
  3. Edit Netflix movies: trim to shorten Netflix length, crop Netflix video borders, add SRT subtitles to Netflix, add watermark, merge Netflix movies, etc.
  4. Free download Netflix movies, original TV series, TV shows from YouTube, Dailymotion, Crackle, PopcornFlix, Fmovies, MovieMast.in, etc. 1000+ sites.

How to Convert Netflix Movies to MP4 by Recording

To convert Netflix movies to MP4, you first need to get the Netflix movies on your computer locally. For that, you can choose to download Netflix movies offline. But owing to the copyright protection, this process won't go so well. A more effective way is to record the video directly. Here is how to record Netflix movies to MP4.

Step 1: Free download MacX Video Converter Pro on your computer. Click "Screen Recorder" to get ready to record your Netflix movie on Mac screen.

convert Netflix to MP4 by recording

Step 2: Click the gear icon to go for screen recording settings.You can set your Mac screen capturing now:

  • Choose the Session preset and slide the Framerate slider to set the output video quality.
  • Go Audio Devices and click on the drop-down button to choose "System Sound".
  • Click Target Folder to set the output folder.
  • Check the box of "add recorded movie to convert list" if you'd like to convert your recorded video later.

Step 3: Click the blue "Record" button to start recording the Netflix movie. You can click the Stop button when all is done.

If you already have Netflix movies on your computer, things could be much easier. The only thing you need to do is to convert Netflix videos to MP4 format.

How to Transcode Netflix to MP4 with Virtually No Quality Loss

Step 1: Load Netflix File

Run it on your Mac or PC after you free download this Netflix to MP4 converter on Mac or Windows. Click "Videos" to import your downloaded Netflix movie or TV show files. Or just drag and drop Netfix files into this utility.

Step 2: Choose MP4 H264

Choose MP4 video (H264) from "Mac General Video" profile as output format, since MP4 (H264) has an edge over MP4 (HEVC) on video compatibility and is superior to MP4 (MPEG-4) on both video quality and file size.

Tap settings icon , where you can improve your output MP4 video resolution from 720p/1080p to 4K 2160p, adjust frame rate 30fps to 60fps, change bit rate, audio codec, audio channel, etc. to satisfy your specific needs on output MP4 H264 file. Or do nothing if you're a new hand and not familiar with MP4 video parameter setting adjustment.

convert Netflix to MP4

Tips to improve output MP4 (H264) quality:

1. On the output profile dialog, there is a LQ-HQ slidebar available for you to move around to improve output quality from LQ (low quality) to HQ (high quality).

2. Mannually tick "Use High Quality Engine" and "Deinterlacing" to improve output Netflix MP4 quality. Of course, this is at the cost of slowdown your Netflix to MP4 conversion speed, to some degree. After all, quality and speed are negatively related.

3. Auto Copy, currently only suitable for H264 encoded video remux, meaning that it can directly copy video audio streams and subtitles from one container format like MKV to another new one like MP4. So if your Netflix movie is H264 MKV or H264 AVCHD, then you can tick "Auto Copy" mode to 1:1 losslessly remux MKV H264 to MP4 H264 without decoding/re-encoding. Also it's the fastest way to finish the Netflix to MP4 conversion process.

Step 3: Convert Netflix to MP4 Now

Hit "RUN" button and it will begin to transcode and compress Netflix to MP4 (H264) at Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD hardware accelerated speed, along with multi-core CPU (up to 8) and hyper-threading tech. The output MP4 (H264) video will automatically open after the conversion is over. Afterwards, you can eventually play Netflix movies and TV shows on your iPhone iPad, Android, Windows 10, macOS Big Sur or smart 4K UHD TV without video incompatibility issue.

Part 2: How to Convert Netflix Movies to MP4 with Online Video Converters

Certainly, there are many other ways to convert Netflix movies as MP4 format. Online video converter website is absolutely a way. Have a review on the below list of top online sites and see if there is any one useful to you.

online-convert: It sports with up to 7 main features, including video, audio, image, Ebook and more. Here you just need to focus on video converter, select target format "Convert to MP4" and then tap "Go" to direct you to its MP4 video encoder. Followed by Netflix file import and video settings selection (optional). Last, hit "Convert File" button.

onlinevideoconverter: much similar to the first online Netflix video converter site, this one is also damn easy for you to free transcode Netflix to MP4 in 3 clicks: 1. import Netflix files from your device or cloud storage, or enter the Netflix video URL link if possible; 2. select the output format as MP4; 3. tap "Start" to call the Netflix to MP4 video conversion begin. The operating steps are displayed on its home page. Review again if needed.

Clipconverter: we may usually use Clipconverter to free download some Netflix movies. Yet, don't forget, you can still use it to free decode your Netflix files to MP4 format, as well. Click "Upload and Convert file" to enter the cloudconvert page, where tap "Select files" to add Netflix movies or TV shows. Choose output format as MP4. Change video settings at your will. Then hit "Start Conversion". Click "Download" when conversion is over.

Possibly what you've used or you're using isn't included here, yet you're warmly welcomed to share with us about your favorite Netflix video converter at the below comment zone. We'd feel very pleased to see your comments and great recommendations. Thanks in advance.