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Netflix Not Working Common Issues and Solutions

Indeed, Netflix provides users an amazing opportunity to freely watch thousands of movies & TV shows on portable devices on the move. But, occasionally, you may find Netflix not working both on TV or other mobile devices for some unexpected reasons. Beyond question, Netflix down issues are much more complicated than other online streaming services. And at such times, trying to figure out the Netflix problems is seemingly the priority among priorities.

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Technically, there are various kinds of error messages from Netflix, like: "Sorry, we are unable to reach the Netflix service. Please try again later or visit www.netflix.com"; "Can't Connect to Netflix"; "Cannot reach Netflix.com"; "Netflix is Not Available"; "Unable to Connect to Netflix"; "Android Error: connection failed, etc. basically is caused by the internet connectivity problem". "Checking the network connection at first is necessary".

Common Situations Related to Netflix Stopped Working Problem from Users

1. "I try to stream Netflix movie on my android tablet, but Netflix app says "could not load data" on everything. Then I cleared the data, force stop and reconnect the WiFi. But Netflix app is not working still." - Josh Bradley

Solution: First determine the version of your Netflix app and make sure you have downloaded the latest version. If not, single out the newest one, re-download and install.

2. "I watch movies on Netflix using my laptop. Whereas, Netflix keeps freezing and constantly pausing itself. What can I do to fix this problem?" - Rachael Smith

Solution: It is true that all kinds of factors will lead Netflix not working on computer. Thus, you should do according to the below tips.

  1. Check the internet connection.
  2. Check your Netflix account so that insure an available one adopted to watch videos online.
  3. Update the graphics card.
  4. Update the video card.
  5. Update Ram.

3. "Downloads not downloading, either freezes or says error, so much for watching offline." - Donna

Solution: Check your internet connection and relaunch the Netflix. If it's not working, switch to an alternative site to Netflix for downloading movies.

4. I was watching 3% which they just recently added, and after watching a few episodes it no longer loads it, nor anything else. It's been stuck on the loading screen for some 40 minutes now. Obviously my internet is working or I would not be able to post this. I'm in Vegas. - Angel Chagoya

a. Relaunch your Netflix app and reload your recently added movies.
b. Watch Netflix movies offline by downloading your movie from Netflix alternative sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

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Professional Solution for Netflix not Working Related Problems

Certainly, no matter what kind of Netflix streaming devices used to play and watch Netflix movie, the majority of users are sick of Netflix down state like Netflix freezes, crashes, gets stuck, Netflix not loading or Netflix black screen, etc. Fortunately, a handful of useful suggestions are given on the internet by experienced Netflix users. Although your device has many suchlike troubles, you have chance to deal with all of them on your own two feet before asking for help from Netflix official. Besides the above-mentioned solutions, we list the general solution to handle Netflix can't stream question.

1. Make sure your signal strength on your device is higher than 3 bars.

2. Inspect the distance between your device and the router, which would be short of 30 feet.

3. Check the bandwidth coming into the router and 3MB per second could be better.

4. Check to know how many other devices are being used at the same time. And they may decrease Netflix streaming bandwidth.

5. Deactivate the widget from the dock or remove it and add it again.

6. Clear memory or reset the device back to factory settings.

[Alternative Way] Watch Movies Offline on Mobile Devices without Netflix

It is very likely that some procedures are a tad hard to the newbie and they have to spend much time to know how to operate. Even some of them couldn't resist asking whether there is any way or Netflix alternative to playback Netflix movies on mobile phones or tablets offline aloof from Netflix issues.

At present YouTube deserves to be called as the best alternative to Netflix. Because it is the biggest free online video provider and allows users to free watch online videos, movies, TV shows, trailers, etc. Furthermore, users also can upload their favorite videos to YouTube for sharing. Better still, YouTube is available both on computer and mobile devices that can remove people's worries about Netflix streaming not working. Of course, if you want to watch YouTube movies on your handset offline, you can feel free to download them in advance with the aid of the third party YouTube video downloader: MacX YouTube Downloader. Designed especially for Mac users, it is capable of downloading all kinds of YouTube videos at fast speed with different resolution and format, no matter common YouTube videos or HD videos in 4K Ultra HD, 1080P or 720P. Then, you can save them into your personal collections as well as offline playback without any limitation. Follow the below YouTube video downloading guidance to free download videos from YouTube.

Download YouTube Videos

Step 1: Load Desired YouTube Video

Free download this online video downloader and launch this free YouTube Downloader on your Mac and paste your wanted video URL after finish the installing task. Then, click "analyze" to load the video information. Alternatively, you can click "paste & analyze" button to automatically detect YouTube video opened in browse.

Step 2: Select an Output Format

You are allowed to freely choose the video format, resolution and file size. Keep in mind, this YouTube video downloader offers you the ability to automatically add the output MP4 videos to iTunes Library for transferring to iPhone, iPad Air 2/Pro and many other Apple devices.

Step 3: Target an Output Folder

Hit "Browse" button to select an output folder for saving the output files.

Step 4: Start Downloading Now

Hit "Download Now" button to free download YouTube videos.

After download, you can offline play these videos at any time or any place regardless of Netflix not working any more. And if you have requirements convert Netflix video to popular video formats to be compatible with your portable devices, for example, convert FLV to AVI, convert Netflix to MP4 and more, the advanced version – MacX Video Converter Pro will cater to your conversion needs. Furthermore, this video converter for Mac also allows users to free download movies from more sites like Netflix, e.g., Dailymotion, Myspace, Pandora TV, Vimeo, etc. 1000+ movie sharing sites.