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Netflix 4K Movies List & Guide to Watch Netflix in 4K UHD Offline

Netflix 4K enjoys a great popularity among users for its crisp and sharp image quality. But the latest news goes that Netflix is raising prices, especially for 4K streaming. The plan claims $11.99 to get 4K streaming available on four devices. In such case, it is not so much cost-effective to pay a lot for limited 4K contents on the streaming service. And even there are times that Netflix not working. Thus maybe you're wondering to free download and watch Netflix in 4K UHD on Mac, Windows PCs, iPad, iPhone, Android offline. In this article, we not only get whatever you want, but also give you a reference of Netflix 4K movie list for watching.

Watch Netflix Movies/TV Shows in 4K

MacX Video Converter Pro - A reliable 4K video recorder and converter, which enables you to screen record Netflix movies, TV series with audios and convert the recordings to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV and more.

watch netflix in 4k uhd

List of Netflix Movies in 4K UHD

4K movies on Netflix has been steadily growing over the past few years. Most to all of newly produced Netflix Originals are being shot in 4K but sadly, the rest of the industry has yet to catch on. And it doesn't always announce newly available content on its service, and titles are rotated in and out each month. Check out the latest updated 4K movies list on Netflix.

4K TV Shows on Netflix

Best 4K Netflix Movies

4K Comedy & Specials

  1. 13 Reasons Why
  2. 3%
  3. Anne With an "E"
  4. Atypical
  5. Better Call Saul
  6. Bill Nye Saves the World
  7. The Blacklist
  8. Black Mirror
  9. Bloodline
  10. Breaking Bad
  1. Bad Asses on the Bayou
  2. Captain America: Civil War
  3. Sandy Wexler
  4. Cosmos Laundromat: First Cycle
  5. Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes
  6. Death Note
  7. Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie
  8. Deuces
  9. The Devil's Mistress
  10. Diary of an Exorcist – Zero
  1. Amy Schumer: The Leather Special
  2. Bo Burnam Make Happy
  3. Cedric the Entertainer
  4. Gabriel Iglesias
  5. Jimmy Carr Funny Business
  6. Louis C.K. 2017
  7. Oh, Hello On Broadway
  8. Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face
  9. Sarah Silverman A Speck of Dust
  10. What the Health

P.s. This is an incomplete Netflix 4K TV shows and movies list, since we only recommends some 4K titles for a reference of streaming and watching. If you want to find more 4K contents, click to see List of 4K Titles on Netflix.

Can I Stream 4K Titles on Netflix?

Of course, yes. But there are something you need prepare for your Netflix 4K movies and TV shows streaming:

  • A 4K compatible device - it's currently limited to Roku 4's, Nvidia Shield's and TiVo Bolts some TV's are supported too.
  • A 4K TV - Nowadays, most TVs are available for 3840×2160 4K videos playback. And Samsung, LG, Sony always the options for best 4K TVs.
  • A decent Internet connection - Netflix suggests a minium od 25 megabits-per-second to stream in Ultra HD quality, but even 15Mbps can be fast enough.
  • The right package on Netflix - it's the highest tier available enabling you to stream in UHD and 4 simultaneous streams.
  • A 4K codec movie/TV series - find 4K Ultra HD title that you're interested in. Then start streaming and watching right now.
Netflix 4K
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Safari in macOS Big Sur delivers support for 4K Netflix streams, along with Dolby Vision. This means if your Mac computer supports 4K HDR, you can directly stream Netflix 4K for watching without using a Microsoft Edge browser on Windows, or Netflix's Windows 10 app.

How to Free Download Movies/TV Shows in 4K UHD from Netflix

At the mention of "download", the first impression of user comes that they will be able to get the videos from the originating source but in reality, there isn't any way to download videos in 4K UHD directly from Netflix for iPad or computers. This is because sources from Netflix are DRM-protected to prevent users from doing so. But with MacX Video Converter Pro, you're able to the 4K UHD contents from Netflix. It's the best video converter and screen recorder on Mac, which enables you to record Netflix 4K contents from your computer screen with audio and convert the recordings to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, H.264, HEVC etc with high quality and fast speed.

Here you can get your Netflix 4K movie following steps below:

free download Netflix 4K

Step 1: Open Netflix. Firstly, you need open Netflix and log into your Netflix account. Then find the 4K movie you are interested in.

Step 2: Free download MacX Video Converter Pro. Given that users desktop or laptop may be in cross platforms, you can free download the screen recorder for Mac or Windows version according to your possession.

Step 3: Record Target 4K Movie. Launch the program, click on "Screen Recorder" > customize capture settings > confirm the session preset, frame rate, output folder, audio device, or other parameters > Tap the blue Record button to starting recording.

Step 4: Convert the Video. After you have save your Netflix 4K movie offline, you can load it to the program again to convert it to various formats and change the quality of the video to 4K so that it is saved in the quality that you want. Simply click on "+ Video" > choose output format > adjust parameters > RUN.

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