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DON'T Use Toothpaste to Fix a Skipping DVD until You Read This

It's known to all no DVD is forever immune from skipping, freezing and repeating while you play it. The devil of it is the DVD skips at the highlight of the whole movie. It is hardly accidental that you resort to Google in anticipating to find the solution on how to fix a skipping DVD. Many answers revolves around toothpaste being the ultimate solution. Time to weigh in. Read the post covering the reasons and the true troubleshooting before you get a tube of toothpaste to fix the problem when your DVD eventually skips.

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Years of wear and tear is the root cause of many DVD skipping and freezing problems. Getting into the habit of backing up your DVDs or following some DVD storage ideas will help to house your DVD collection safely and safe-keep your valuable data against any DVD freezing, skipping or scratching.
fix a skipping DVD
fix a skipping DVD

Must-Have DVD Backup Tool to Avoid DVD Skipping

MacX DVD Ripper Pro - No.1 Fast and 100% Safe. 5 minutes only to back up a full DVD to hard drive or NAS with video, audio, subtitle tracks. Also digitize DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. Enjoy your movie library on computer, phone, tablet, game console, tv, etc without worrying about DVD skipping problem anymore.

Part 1: What Causes DVD Scratched or Skipped

Before we offer the solutions to fix a DVD with skips, you need to know why your DVD skip or freeze or what cause a DVD to skip or freeze. It's taken for granted that the fingerprint, scratch and ash on DVD are to be blamed for the problem. And rubbing toothpaste along the scratch does somehow fix a skipping DVD to some degree, on condition that the source of skipping derives from the slight scratch of the DVD itself. Resources also indicate wiping in a straight line from the center of the disc to the outer rim, using banana, vaseline, peanut butter, or metal polish will help to make a DVD stop skipping and fix a scratched DVD.

But the truth is these actions don't seem to make any improvement, cause there are some other reasons you may don't know when DVD keeps skipping but no scratches

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Reason 1: DVD Player or Drive Problem

The DVD player or DVD drive will contribute to the error as a result of dust accumulation, or weakened laser or servo after years of use. So simply dabbing a bit of toothpaste won't help to fix a skipping DVD or repair a DVD player that skips. All you have to do is to:
1. Clean your DVD player and DVD drive regularly.
2. Switch to another player to check whether the DVD stops skipping.

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Reason 2: DVD Format Issue

NTSC and PAL are the two mainstream DVD formats. A DVD sold in a country (e.g. England) formatted in PAL will keep skipping or not possible play in a DVD player in NTSC format, with a message showing "Disc is incompatible". To fix a DVD that skips and freezes, you have to convert Pal DVD to NTSC format beforehand to make sure it is compatible with the DVD player.

Reason 3: Bad Burn or Copy of DVD

Sometimes a DVD skips if the creation has encountered errors. So you have to re-copy or burn the DVD again and see if the DVD won't skip anymore.

Reason 4: Region Code

Different region codes will cause a DVD to skip or stop playing, digital rights management techniques designed to give film distributors full control over the content, release date and price according to the region. You can't play a DVD in different regions on your DVD player for over 5 times. To be specific, a DVD sold in America in region 1 may encounter skipping error or playback issue on a region 2 DVD player. How to fix a skipping DVD when it is encoded with other region codes?
1. Try the DVD in a multi-region DVD player or software DVD players like VLC, 5KPlayer that can defeat the regional lockout and then see whether the DVD still skips or not.
2. Make a copy of DVD with a third-party DVD ripper that can circumvent the region code of a DVD. Then you can watch DVD movie without error.

Reason 5: Copy Protections on Brand New DVDs

Many users notice that some newly bought DVD skips and even freezes the media player. Tech geeks put the DVD skipping problem down to the DVD copy protection scheme. For example, Sony's new ARccOS is culprit that leads to bad sector error and makes your DVD start skipping. To get back to normal playback, you have to rely on some DVD decrypter software to Unlock protection from DVD.

Part 2: An Once-and-for-All Solution to Fix a Skipping DVD

Backup DVD and Enjoy Movies Digitally!

If your movie library is your most important investment and you want to ensure a 100% successful movie enjoyment on your computers, tablets, phones, gaming systems, televisions or store them on your hard drive, USB, NAS, etc without worrying about the DVD skipping problem, you can take a try and backup your DVD collection with DVD ripper software such as MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

This tool will let you backup your homemade DVDs or purchased DVDs, be it movies, TV shows or workout you throw at it, and freely digitize DVDs to MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, H.264, etc that your iPhone, iPad, Android, PSP, Apple TV, accept. The best part is it rips a full-length DVD movie in just 5 minutes thanks to the Intel QSV hardware accelerating tech, greatly saving your precious time. Therefore, you will stop DVD from skipping and watch it anywhere anytime.

The process of copying the movie data to the hard drive is pretty simple with MacX DVD Ripper Pro. But prior to the steps, you just make sure to download the right version on your computer. It works well with both Mac (High Sierra included) and Windows (10).

Step 1: Click the DVD Disc button to load the DVD. ISO image and DVD folder are also supported. With unique title check mechanism, it will automatically scan the right title from the fake ones.

Step 2: After loading the movie information, a profile window pops up. There are 350+ profiles available for you to choose:

  1. For a fast DVD backup without suffering from DVD skipping issue during playback, you can go to DVD Backup Profile, where Main Title Copy, Full Title Copy, DVD to ISO image cloning and DVD to MKV backup option are all good choice and deliver no quality loss at all.
  2. For a great playback experience on devices, you are advised to choose MP4 as the output format, which is compatible with most devices or players. Besides, there are still many mainstream device profiles for you to choose, allowing you to play DVD without putting the skipping DVD in and out of the tray.
rip DVD to fix skipping DVD
rip DVD to fix skipping DVD

Step 3:Click Browse to save the output file and tap RUN to begin the DVD ripping. Then you can enjoy movies without any DVD scratching error.

Disclaimer: The software developer calls for copying or ripping DVD under the concept of Fair Use and does not encourage any illegal reproduction or distribution of copyrighted content. Please abide by the local DVD copyright law before doing it.

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