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iOS 17 Error: Touch ID Not Working on iPhone? Here Is How to Fix It

Since Touch ID was introduced in iPhone 5S in 2013, it has brought a lot of convenience to iPhone users. It allows you to unblock your device, log in to apps, use Apple Pay, and make purchases from iTunes Store or App Store by simply touching and holding your finger against the touch ID sensor. Although touch ID is gradually being replaced by Face ID on iPhone X and later, it's still a vital and indispensable function on older iPhone devices.

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However, many iPhone users reported that their Touch ID not working after updating to iOS 17/15, or screen replacement. If you're one of those unlucky users whose Touch ID failed, try the following ways to fix it or get rid of the problem radically. Prior to the possible fixes, you need to know iPhone X and newer versions do not have Touch ID. So this post is feasible to all Apple users using iPhone 8 or lower models.

How to Fix Touch ID Not Working on iPhone

Before you fix the touch ID sensor no longer working issue on iPhone, just imagine what makes your Touch ID fail possibly. There are various reasons, from the improper fingerprint calibration, damp screen or fingers, inaccessible Home button, to iOS update and so on. If your Touch ID failed to work, try to find the reason and fix it within the following tips.

1. Clean Home Button.

If you failed to unblock your iPhone with Touch ID, this primary thing you should consider is to check whether your Home screen is clean. Check if it has any kind of moisture. If is, take a clean and dry cloth to wipe it carefully. Then use touch ID and see if it starts working or not.

2. Make Sure Your Finger Is Clean and Dry

Whenever you use your Touch ID, make sure that your registered finger is always dry and clean. Though it might be a nitty gritty, it does influence your Touch ID identifying process.

3. Turn Touch ID Off and Back On

Some Apple users complain that they cannot make a purchase in iTunes Store or App Store, and even some users report that Touch ID doesn't showed up on older iOS devices any longer. To fix these Touch ID sensor failed errors, you can turn off iTunes Store and APP Store, Apple Pay, iPhone Unlock in Touch ID section and turn on them back to check whether the problem is resolved.

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4. Delete and Re-add Your Touch ID Fingerprints on iPhone

If your Touch ID sensor not working continually, you're suggested to remove the old one and set a new fingerprint since the old one may be registered improperly. When you're unable to activate your iPhone with Touch ID, just follow the steps below to fix it.

Step 1: Delete Touch ID fingers on iPhone. Go Settings and scroll down to select "Touch ID & Passcode", enter your password when prompted. Then choose the fingerprint which cannot activate your iPhone, and click "Delete Fingerprint" button to remove your Touch ID fingerprint.

Step 2: Reset and re-add Touch ID. Find and click "Add a fingerprint ..." button to set up a new fingerprint with the on-screen instructions. Always remember to make sure your finger is scanned properly.

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5. Force Restart Your iPhone

If the Touch ID no longer working issue still exists, you can perform a force restart, which could not only fix iPhone Touch ID error, but also solve many iPhone problems like iPhone no sound, running slowly, or iPhone battery problem etc. As the different design and display of iPhone modules, the way of force rebooting iPhone could be various as follows.

On iPhone 6s and earlier: Hold and press the Home button and Power button for about 10 seconds, release them until you see the Apple logo.
On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Hold and press Power button and Volume Down button together until the Apple logo appears on your screen.
On iPhone 8 or later: Quick-press Volume Up button, then Volume Down button, then hold and press Power button to reboot your iPhone.

6. Restore iPhone with iTunes

A last resort of iPhone Touch ID not working is to restore your device with iTunes. But you should be aware of that the restoring process will erase all the data on your iPhone currently and replace with your previous backup. Thus, you can remove factors that may cause Touch ID failed. But to get rid of any data loss or unexpected errors, you need back your iPhone up first with iPhone backup software like iTunes, iCloud, MacX MediaTrans.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. And launch iTunes on your computer.
2. Click the device button and choose "Summary".
3. Tap "Restore iPhone" button to fix iPhone Touch ID not working problem.

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Wrap Up

The above tricks have always worked for me in addressing Touch ID not working issue on my iPhone. I hope they can work for you as well. If you still have any problem on iPhone Touch ID failed, just email us >>

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