[Fixed] iOS 17/11 Update Is BrickingiPhones/6 Plus/SE/5s

By Rico Rodriguez to iOS Tips, iOS 17 Update | Last Updated on Dec 10, 2023

iPhone 7 Plus bricked after updating to iOS 17
I am now forced to old iOS. Am I the only one experiencing a bricked iPhone 7 Plus after updating to iOS 17? What should I do to fix a bricked iPhone 7 due to iOS 17 Update? You are not alone as many iPhone users have twittered the iOS 17/11 brick bug. To be blunt, it's not easy to deal with. But don't panic, we'll focus on tips and solutions that should simply get iOS 17 bricking fixed after updating to iOS 17. Follow the comprehensive guide below to unbrick your unusable iPhone on iOS 17.

iOS 17 is available on Sept 17, 2023, with great enhancement in performance and bugs in iOS 17 are fixed in the latest version. You can check how iOS 17 edges over iOS 17 here and then ensure a smooth operation on your iPhone iPad.

Fix iOS 17/11 Update Bricking iPhone Problem - No Data Loss

MacX MediaTrans can help fix iOS 17/11 update bricking iPhone problem without data loss. It enables iPhone users to backup iPhone data, including music, video, movies, photos, DRM files, documents, and more to Mac/PC in a few seconds.

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What Does iOS 17/11 Update Bricking iPhone Mean?

It means your iPhone is not usable after iOS 17/11 upgrade. If you do nothing with it, your iPhone is effectively a brick. Users report different symptoms, such as,

1. iOS 17/11 update bricked iPhone in iTunes. iPhone screen is black with a lighting cable plugging into the iTunes.
2. iPhone gets stuck after users updated to iOS 17. "It showed a Continue in blue, and the phone froze." iPhone is stuck on the Apple Logo.
3. When connected to iTunes, it shows various iTunes error messages.
4. iOS 17 download gets stuck on iPhone. You cannot continue to update to iOS 17/11 on iPhone.
To unbrick iPhone on iOS 17 means you make the frozen iPhone work again.

Top 4 Easy Ways to Fix iOS 17/11 Update Bricking iPhone Problem

iOS 17/11 download stuck - incompatible with iOS 17/11

1. Restart iPhone

Restarting your iDevice always help fix some minor iOS 17/11 update problems. Follow steps to restart your iPhone and troubleshoot iOS 17/11 update bricking iPhone issue.

Step 1: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until a red Power Off slider appears.
Step 2: Slide the slider to turn off your iPhone, and wait for a while.
Step 3: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again to turn on your iPhone to see whether the issue that iOS 17/11 update bricks iPhone is solved or not.

2. Charge Your iDevice

One of the biggest reasons that bricks iPhone on iOS 17 is that your iPhone XR/XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus/7/6s/6/se is out of power. As known to all, iOS update can take a long time and cost large battery life, and iOS 17/11 is no exception. If the devices has been frozen and can't turn on during iOS 17/11 update, don't forget to connect iPhone and iPad to the power source and wait for sometime. If after quite a while, the iPhone is still bricked and black, check if the charger and cable really work.

3. Troubleshoot iOS 17/11 update bricking iPhone problem via iTunes

iOS update bricks iPhone

Step 1: Open iTunes, plug your iPhone in.
Step 2: Force restart your iPhone and set it to recovery mode.
Step 3: After you connected iPhone, iTunes should give a message telling you that there is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored. Updating your iPhone may fix the problem that iOS 17/11 update bricks iPhone. The settings and content on your iPhone will be reserved. Click Update button.

Step 4: A notice will pop up, saying that if your iPhone can't be updated, you will need to restore it to its factory settings. Ignore it and click Update again.
Step 5: Click Restore if necessary, and click Restore and Update to confirm. All your data on iPhone will be erased and iPhone will be restored to its factory settings.

Learn what to do if iPhone won't restore.

Backup, Backup, Backup!

iTunes is a common way to fix iOS 17/11 update bricking iPhone issue. Remember to backup your iPhone to iCloud, or iTunes on Mac/PC, or backup your iPhone more easily without free storage limits with iTunes alternative. You are recommended to use MacX MediaTrans, which enables users to easily backup and restore iPhone photos, music, videos, movies, DRM content, iTunes purchases, documents, and many other files in a few seconds. It will keep your iPhone data safe and well organized whether you want to update to iOS 17, jailbreak iOS 17/11, or downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16 etc.

4. Unbrick iPhone running iOS 17/11 in DFU Mode

Putting your iPhone into DFU(Device Firmware Update) mode will properly get iOS 17/11 bricking fixed for iPhone and it's the last step you can go. These methods we introduce are also applicable to fix bricked iPhone after downgrading iOS without data loss.

Step 1: Open iTunes, connect your iPhone to Mac or PC.
Step 2: Turn off your iPhone if you haven't.
Step 3: Press and hold down the On/Off button on the right side for 3 seconds.
Step 4: At the same time, press and hold down the Home button, keep holding down for 10 seconds. If you see the Apple logo, you need to start again.
Step 5: Let go of the On/Off button and keep holding the Home button for 5 seconds. If you see the Plug into iTunes screen on iPhone, you have to re-start.
Step 6: Your iPhone will be in DFU mode if its screen stays black. Now, you should see a message on your computer telling that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore the iPhone to solve the problem that iOS 17/11 update bricks iPhone.

5. Talk to Apple Support to get help

If the iOS 17/11 update bricking iPhone problem remains unresolved, talk to Apple support or go to your local Apple Store to fix a bricked iPhone after iOS 17/11 update. You can also try these methods to fix bricked iPad Pro/Air/Mini and iPod Touch after updating to iOS 17/11.3, 11.2, 11.1.

Fix iOS 17/11 Update Bricking iPhone without Losing Data

MacX MediaTrans can transfer and backup iPhone data and help fix iOS 17/11 update bricking iPhone issue wihtout data loss. It can also help you solve iOS 17/11 update/downgrade/jailbreak/restore problem with all your files well reserved.

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Fix iOS 17/11 Update Bricking iPhone without Losing Data