iOS 12 vs iOS 11: Will You Upgrade to iOS 12 from iOS 11

By Abby Poole to Apple Resources | Last Updated on Dec 11, 2018

After getting entangled with yearlong iOS 11 problems, Apple fans' expectation to iOS 12 changes from more features to less bugs. As the leading role in 2018 WWDC, The twelfth iOS focuses on enhancing the overall performance for the elder iPhones and iPads rather than brimming with a swathe of features that iOS 11 did last year. Will Apple have a rocky start with iOS 12 update and fix all iOS 11.3/11.4 bugs? Instead of sharing the latest news of the fresh iOS merely, detailed iOS 12 vs iOS 11 comparison is conducted in this page so that you will know how iOS 12 advantages over iOS 11 and make up your mind whether to update to the latest iOS version.

1. Does iOS 12 Perform Faster and More Stable than iOS 11?

Yes! Different from iOS 11 that doubled down on new features, iOS 12 has the most focus on speed and stability. According to Apple, App launch in iOS 12 gets 40% faster than iOS 11. Plus, there are 50% faster keyboard display and 70% faster camera access on older iPhone like iPhone 6S and iPad with iOS 12 over iOS 11. And even in newer devices you should see the share sheet appearing twice as fast and apps loading twice as fast too. Test on iOS 12 beta 1 and iOS 11.4 proved apps like Apple Music, Mail, Weather, Siri, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc load faster in iOS 12 beta 1 than iOS 11.4, with a few exceptions on Maps, Stocks and Safari.

On top of that, the achievement in speed boost doesn't make any compromise with battery life, since the new operating system jacks up CPU performance whenever you need it and drops it if you don't.

iOS 12 boosts speed that iOS 11 doesn't

2. How about the Device Compatibility with iOS 12 and iOS 11?

iOS 11 is the first version that runs exclusively on iOS devices with 64-bit processors while iOS 12 has the largest ever supported base. The latter covers all the same phones and tablets that iOS 11 worked with, all the way back to iPhone 5S and original iPad Air. Specifically, 81% of Apple iPhone and iPad users will be reached in this 2018 iOS update and benefit most from the speed enhancements mentioned above.

3. Does iOS 12 Have the Same Release Date as iOS 11?

iOS 12 is one year after the iOS 11 launched and is in line with Apple's usual habit of launching a new flagship iPhone and iOS every September. This is also confirmed at its WWDC conference 2018. Below are the official release date of all iOS versions.

4. Will iOS 12 Update Fix all iOS 11 Bugs?

iOS 11 has been regarded as the worst software update so far, beset by an extensive range of bugs, from battery drain issues, HomeKit vulnerability, abnormal amounts of lag, iPhone X's Face ID, overheating, to full-on app crash issues (check to see all iOS 11/11.2/11.3/11.4 problems >>). It is the most updated version of iOS in the history of the software platform. The new iOS 12 seems to be a godsend if you've ever run into iOS 11 problems, including the ongoing issues with iOS 11.4. It enhances the overall stability, boosts speed to fix the lags and more. In our test, the iOS 12 beta 1 version gets quicker in app load, boots faster across the board, and more than iOS 11. However, we still notice the some glitches in the new operating system - cannot connect to App Store, App launches slowly. Apple has pulled iOS 12 Beta 7 update and ensured it will be fixed in iOS 12 official version.

iOS 12 problems and fixes

5. What about New Features in iOS 12?

iOS 12 touts many new features but overall has the same design as iOS 11. Take a look below how iOS 12 edges over iOS 11 with these enhancements.

• ARKit 2

Last year new formats HEIC and HEVC were unveiled in iOS 11, while the latest iOS 12 puts an all-in bet on AR, introducing a brand-new file format USDZ that's all for AR video. The new format is supported by Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC, Premiere Pro CC. This increases its usability and creators can optimize AR content with the good tools.

New iOS 12 also introduced the next-gen ARKit 2 featuring improved face tracking, realiastic rendering, 3D object detection, persistent experiences, and shared experiences. It allows for at most 4 people to play the same game within a virtual environment on different iPhones or iPads. Plus, iOS 12 unveils a new app called Measure that iOS 11 doesn't have at all, purpose built to accurately meaure the objects or walls around you.

iOS 12 updated to AR2 from iOS 11's AR

• Photos

iOS 12 advantages over iOS 11 in Photos with the following 3 enhancements. First up is the accurate search suggestion based upon incorporate keywords, places and events. Superior to iOS 11, iOS 12 adds a new "For You" tab suggesting filters and effects for images to be edited. Sharing suggestion is optimized, meaning photos from the same events will be suggested to be shared.

• Smarter Siri

In iOS 12, Siri makes an overhaul in Shortcuts and Suggestions. Your routines on the iPhone or iPad can be tracked. For example, afternoon tea will be asked to order by Siri if you order it every afternoon around the same time. Timely phone call will be prompted on your mother's birthday. Voice prompts are available for you to create, such as "Find my keys", "game time", etc, Siri will do it whenever you ask it to do. These are attributed to Apple's acquisition of Workflow in 2017.

• Memoji

Another advantage of iOS 12 over iOS 11 is the new addition of memoji. You can use front-facing 3D camera to make Animoji of yourself, with customization options such as skin tone, hairstyles, head shapes, eyes, facial hair, sunglasses, etc. This is a big chance for Apple to stage a comeback against Samsung Galaxy S9's AR Emoji.

• Group Facetime

iOS 12 differs from iOS 11 in the Facetime. The former comes with group Facetime that lets up to 32 people take part in a video or audio call on iPhone, iPad or Mac at the same time. The video windows will become larger when the participant is speaking. Better than iOS 11, Animoji and Memoji characters can be used in the conversation in the latest iOS 12.

• Other Features:

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