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How to Watch Hulu (live TV) on Mac and Apple TV

Here's your complete guide to watching Hulu (live TV) on Mac (MacBook Pro/Air/iMac) and Apple TV (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation). We also cover some steps to help troubleshoot streaming issues with Hulu on Mac and Apple TV. To watch SD Hulu movies or TV shows, a minimum download speed of 1.15Mbps is required. If you want to watch Hulu on Mac or Apple TV offline, you can download a Hulu video downloader for Mac.

Watch Hulu Videos Offline on Mac/Apple TV

You can use a Hulu video downloader like MacX Video Converter Pro to record Hulu (Hulu live TV) videos, TV shows, and movies to watch Hulu offline on Apple TV, MacBook Pro/Air/iMac. It also downloads videos from 1000+ sites like YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion etc.

1. How to Watch Hulu(Hulu Live) on MacBook Pro/Air/iMac

You can go to Hulu website to watch Hulu on MacBook Pro/Air/iMac. Use steps below to learn how to do that.

Step 1: Open Hulu site in Safari or Chrome or other web browsers, click LOG IN in the top-right corner and log in with your Hulu account. If you don't have an account, select a plan and follow its instruction to start your trial.


  • Hulu supports Safari 5 or above, Chrome, Firefox 15 or above, Internet Explorer 10 or above, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Hulu launched live TV service in 2017. Now users can stream live TV on Mac. Supported channels include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, ESPN, ABC, Fox etc.
  • After you sign in Hulu, go back to your account name and select Watch Hulu with Live TV Beta and enable location services for your browser and watch Hulu Live TV on Mac.

Step 2: Search for the TV show or movie you'd like to watch and click it to start to watch Hulu videos on your computer. That's it. If you want to view Hulu offline, follow our steps to download Hulu videos.

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how to watch Hulu on Mac
How to watch Hulu on Apple TV
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To watch Hulu on Mac smoothly, make sure,

● Your computer is running Mac OS X 10.6 or above.
● You have Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or above installed.
● HTML 5, JavaScript and Cookies are enabled.
● Minimum download speed of 1.15Mbps is required for smooth SD videos streaming.

Minimum hardware configurations recommended by Hulu:
480P SD: 1.33GHz Intel Core Duo or faster processor, 256MB of RAM, 64MB of graphics memory.
720P HD: 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo or faster processor, 256MB of RAM, 64MB of graphics memory.

Troubleshooting: Why Can't I Watch Hulu on My Mac

1. Hulu makes computer heat up

I'm using a Mac book pro to watch Hulu. I can watch one Hulu show but if I watch two my fans turn all the way up to 4000 RPMs and my CPU gets really hot. What's the problem?

It's normal. Flash hogs too much of the CPU. You can use an additional fan, turn the brightness down a bit, and shut down unwanted programs in the background, to cool your computer down.

2. Video is choppy when watching Hulu on Mac

Sites like Hulu and equivalent websites bog horribly when displayed full screen on my MacBook with 2.2 GHz core duo processor and 1 GB of DDR2 RAM. What could be causing this? Can 1GB of RAM handle Hulu video streaming? Is this a graphics card issue?

Follow steps below to troubleshoot choppy video playback on Mac:

  1. Update the Flash to the latest version.
  2. Disable "hardware acceleration" in flash, and try playing Hulu video again on your computer.
  3. Pause the Hulu video and allow the buffer to reach "full" and check if choppy video issue is fixed.
  4. Lower the Hulu video quality. Check for more tips for Hulu not working, including Hulu down, Hulu playback failure, Hulu not loading video and more.

2. How to Watch Hulu on Apple TV (4th generation or earlier)

First, download Hulu on your Apple TV (4th generation) by following steps below. Note that Hulu app is installed by default on Apple TV (2nd & 3rd generation).Users can only watch Hulu Live TV on the 4th generation Apple TV.

  1. Go to the App Store on your Apple TV, search for Hulu and choose Hulu app.
  2. Select get and start downloading Hulu app on Apple TV. Now, you get Hulu installed on your Apple TV.
  3. Log in Hulu with your Hulu account, or sign up if you are not a Hulu subscriber.
  4. Search for the movie or TV show on Hulu to play or directly choose a title to watch.
  5. You can select "Add to Watchlist" to save the movie or TV show for watching later on Apple TV. Things may be different if you stream 4K on Apple TV.
how to watch Hulu on Apple TV
How to watch Hulu on Apple TV

3. Troubleshooting: Streaming Issue with Hulu on Apple TV

My Apple TV just keeps crashing all the time when I watch Hulu videos. Hulu crashed 3-4 times per show. Any advice to fix the problem?
We're experiencing significant problems streaming Hulu through Apple TV. Frequently, when we start a new episode of a TV show, there is no audio.

Common issues with Hulu video streaming on Apple TV include,

  1. Hulu crashing on Apple TV.
  2. Hulu app stuck on its intro page.
  3. Showing connection error when watching Hulu on Apple TV.
  4. Video or audio missing when playing Hulu on Apple TV.

Try the following ways if you can't watch Hulu on Apple TV. After each step, try watching Hulu on Apple TV again to check whether the issue is resolved.

  1. Power off your Apple TV, modem and router and try Hulu again.
  2. Restart your Apple TV. On 4th generation Apple TV, go to Settings > System > Restart, on the 3rd generation Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Restart.
  3. Force quit the Hulu App on Apple TV and reopen it.
  4. Check if any software update is available on your Apple TV.
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