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Video Processing: Cut All Videos on YouTube without Re-encoding

Anybody knows how to cut only a part of a YouTube video on Mac? I find a funny video on YouTube and I'd like to post a snippet of it to Instagram. How can I do this? Any tool for suggestion?

Well, did you ever come across a similar situation that you'd like to cut a specific part of YouTube video to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc., or you just wanted to trim a funny part of a YouTube video for further editing or storage? Some people used to use YouTube Video Editor, but it's unavailable since Sept, 2017 and it's only capable of cutting your own videos uploaded to YouTube. Then how about iMovie, Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas? Yes, they could help you trim YouTube clips indeed. But don't you feel it's an overkill? For me, at least, they're complicated and big enough to make my desktop slow and overheated. So what YouTube video cutter to use? A free video editor on Mac would win with a great deal of bells and whistles.

macXvideo - The Easiest Video Cutter That Most YouTubers Use

Compared with other desktop video editing software, the biggest superiority of macXvideo is the easy of use and handiness as a lightweight one. No matter you'd like to cut video on Mac, take a specific part of a YouTube video that's not yours or cut YouTube video to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, this free and easy YouTube video cutter could help you achieve that through the basic trimming feature. Still, macXvideo is also capable of splitting YouTube into segments, jointing several clips into one, rotating videos, cropping YouTube video dimensions, cutting a YouTube video to MP3, or transcoding YouTube video to various formats and codecs, and more. Besides, it's intuitive, straightforward and easy-to-use enough that you don't have to searching for a video guide to learn how to edit videos on Mac, after all all the editing operations are in plain sight.

Free Download macXvideo to Have A Try!

[Tutorial] How to Cut YouTube Videos as Simple as ABC

At the initial, you have to download the free YouTube video cutter on your Mac desktop and launch it. Then here we go for cutting YouTube videos. The navigate to your desired YouTube video and save it offline. If you haven't save the YouTube videos locally, check how to download YouTube video on Mac >>

Step 1: Click + Video button to load the YouTube videos you desired to cut. Or you can also drag and drop the target YouTube videos on hard drive to the program.

YouTube video cutter

Step 2: After video loaded, there are intuitive editing options below the video information, namely Cut, Crop, Subtitle, Effect, Rotate. Tap on the scissors-shaped Cut button. Then drag knob to set the start and end time, click on next to the slider and click Done button to make your settings valid to cut the target YouTube video.

Step 3: Back to the main interface, it's all up to you to transcode video format or not. You can continue the original video codec and format without encoding or choose output profiles such as MP4 H.264 for better compatibility or HEVC MP4 to compress video for smaller size.

Cut YouTube Videos Free

Step 4: Click RUN button at the lower right corner, the YouTube video cutter will start to work within minutes and even seconds, depending on your YouTube video length and computer configuration. If you've selected HEVC or H.264 as the output codec and your computer graphic card is hardware accelerated, the video cutting process will be accomplished at much faster speed.

Other Tools to Cut YouTube Videos Online

Absolutely, there are still some users don't feel like to download YouTube video first and then cut it. Thus online YouTube cutter would be a preference option. For that, top 3 online video editors are listed to shear YouTube videos.


An online video editing software, allowing you to trim YouTube videos free through typing in the start and end time, then download the trimmed YouTube videos offline. This is especially suitable for someone who don't want to download the whole YouTube video, but merely for a fragment.


It enables you to cut YouTube videos quite easily online, just paste your desired YouTube video link, then move the markers at each end, and then Crop it. Your YouTube video will be cut into a shorter clip. And you can also see a embed code for the trimmed YouTube video, which you can copy it for sharing on Facebook, Instagram or add it in your blogs.


Similarly, just copy and paste your YouTube video URL and operate with the slider and with red controls. But this online YouTube cutter has an access to select quality, up to 1080p. When you're done, press the cut button, then share it with your friends.

Wrap Up

Though online YouTube video editors bring you much convenience for cutting YouTube videos, some troublesome issues stop you from them as well, such as the endless popups, poor internet connections, potential virus, incompatibility with 4K UHD etc. Worse still, such online YouTube cutting software is usually unitary, only accessible to cut/trim videos, rather than splitting videos into clips, merging video fragments into one video, cropping video dimension and more. Thus to cut YouTube video better, you're suggested to move macXvideo.