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6 Best DJI Video Editors for Different Skill-levels Editing

The advent of drones are expected to create a whole new wave in the world of photography and changing the way of recording videos in the outdoors. And DJI is absolutely the fresh troop of drones, which had seven of the best 10 drones assessed by PCMag. Thus sometimes it's not so much seeking for a drone video editor as for DJI video editor. As for why you need a video editor for DJI drone footage, you'll deeply understand after you shoot your first video with DJI drones.

A significant fraction of DJI drones are available for 4K UHD videos recording. And a single minute of 4K video at 60fps and a high 100Mbps bit rate recorded by Dji Phantom 4 Advanced requires a whopping 750MB. When you record a slightly longer 4K video, maybe a 10-minute one, the video file size is going to be awfully huge, which bodes ill for drones videos storage on limited capacity and sharing to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. Meanwhile, the crisp and sharp 4K UHD videos at 60fps would be failed to play on lower-end hardware. That is to say, you need a DJI video editor to reduce and compress drones video file size and make it playable on various devices. For that, we're going to tell you some finest DJI aerial video editing tools of different skill levels.

Best DJI Video Editing Software - Entry Level

1. Windows Movie Maker - Free

How many of you start video editing from Windows Movie Maker by Microsoft? At least I am. It is a part of Windows Essentials software suite and offers the ability to create and edit videos as well as to publish them on OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr. With it, you can easily trim the length of DJI 4K footage, split a long video into shorter clips, add animations, control brightness, and change transitions etc. But the basic DJI video editing software is no longer available for download on Windows 10/8/7 right now. To use it to edit DJI drones aerial videos, you can get it download here for Windows, or turn to a Windows Movie Make for Mac download free.

Windows Movie Maker

2. GoPro Studio - Free

GoPro Studio is a free video editor launched by GoPro to edit GoPro videos, but it can also be used for DJI aerial video editing. It includes various striking presets along with impressive editing features like cutting, merging, slo-mo, fast-mo, removing fisheye effect and so on. It also allows you to output your visual creation of DJI drones video for sharing to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other social media platforms. Whereas you need cater to the video size limitation of such platforms, creating interesting short video clips would be a nice option to highlight the epic parts of your 4K UHD videos recorded by DJI Mavic, Spark, Phantom etc.

GoPro Studio

Best DJI Video Editing Software - Intermediate Level

1. macXvideo - Free

macXvideo is a next-generation DJI video editor for 4K UHD videos. It accepts every footage of any resolution, no matter you recorded it by DJI Phantom, Spark, Mavic, GoPro, camcorders and more. You are able to finish 4K UHD video editing projects, namely trimming the video length, cropping 4K UHD dimensions, merging several video fragments into a video, adding effects and subtitles, rotating videos, without exposing your computer to heavy workloads. Besides, the advanced compress engine enables you to shrink DJI drones video size by up to 90% reduction without quality loss. Also, you can encode or decode your DJI drones recorded videos to all common formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, M4V, H.264, HEVC, WMV etc. Thus you're able to storage the compressed DJI videos anywhere or upload to the social media for sharing with the world.

Trim YouTube Videos Free

2. iMovie - Free

iMovie is absolutely the most used video editing software for Mac users as it's a built-in App on MacOS. But there are still a number of Mac users feel puzzled about how to edit videos on iMovie, since it comes with a little bit complex for entry level users. However, it does great for basic edit jobs, like trimming, cropping, transitions, stabilization, noise reduction, filter etc. iMovie would allow you to edit DJI aerial 4K resolution video (exclude 4K at 60 fps) and you can continue the editing process on your iPad and iPhone.


Best DJI Video Editing Software - Advanced Level

1. Adobe Premiere - $19.99 monthly

This industry-leading video editor offers loads of unique features though you need pay a monthly fee for using it. The latest version of this software has been created to give you a faster workflow while editing 4K drone videos. Adobe Premiere is sure to appreciated by both professional editors and beginners since it's not only competent for basic video editing like trim, crop, rotate, merge, but also skilled for superior editing like adding effects, transition, remove background noise from video, stabilize shaky video, correct the fisheye etc.

Adobe Premiere

2. Final Cut Pro - $299.99

Likewise, Final Cut Pro enables both basic and superior video editing, such as filters, transitions, videos enhancements tools, color adjustments and interesting text designs. It's a pretty good video editing tool for professional video editors for DJI 4K footage editing projects, requiring some time to get familiar with the interface and go through the features on how to edit videos with Final Cut Pro. By the way, fully featured version is available for a rate of $299, which is hardly affordable for a beginner level video editor.

Final Cut Pro