8K Video Processing: 3 Steps to Free Download 8K UHD Video from YouTube

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There are various occasions when you attempt to free download 8K from YouTube. For example, it took 15 minutes to load an 8K 4320p 60fps video on YouTube and the video kept buffering, and you wanted to download them for smooth playback offline, or you'd like to rip them off YouTube for safekeeping in case they are taken down. Free video downloaders are a dime a dozen for the task, but few of them really support YouTube 8K video free downloads. Compared to 4K/1080p HD video downloading, coping with 8K Ultra HD 60fps video is more strenuous than you think.

YouTube 8K Video Download Requirements

To download 10-bit HDR 8K 60fps video samples from YouTube effectively, make sure you have,

A video downloader that truly supports 8K 4320p. Moving from downloading 4K to downloading 8K, developers have to increase the throughput of video downloader by four times. There are only a handful of 8K video downloaders available.

Fast enough internet connection speed. YouTube 8K video live streaming demands minimum 50Mbps connection speed. 5G technology is able to increase download speed to 186Mbps for 90% users and 8K 120fps 10-bit color HEVC video downloads can be finished within a few seconds. It's a pity that we won't see the widespread launch of 5G until 2020.

A good CPU and GPU. 8K video processing is compute-intensive, however, it doesn't mean downloading YouTube 8K video requires special hardware except for a good GPU and fast storage. If you happen to have an 8K monitor and want to buy modern GPUs, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, AMD's Polaris-based Radeon Pro WX 7100 workstation GPU and newer are good choices.

Choose Desktop Tool for YouTube 8K Video Downloads, Please

There are plenty of online video downloader applications claiming that they support 8K FHD. I bet you won't love such online programs after having experienced endless directs, ads, stuttering, and the like. You may receive error messages like "the video is unavailable" quite often. What's more, most online download sites can only output 1080p HD resolution or even lower, and they are easily shut down. Desktop downloader seems to be a much better choice.

MacX YouTube Downloader, a top free 8K video downloader for YouTube with millions of users, is now available for those who want to have an early taste of 8K offline. The tool allows you to easily download 8K 4320p 60fps sample videos, demos, and clips at MP4, MKV, HEVC, VP9, any format from YouTube for Android, iPhone iPad, UHD TVs etc. The whole process is quick and stable, up to 5x faster than online downloaders. There's no ads and no limit on the number of YouTube videos you can save for offline.

Secure Download
Secure Download

[Tutorial] How to Free Download 8K Sample Videos, Demos from YouTube

Step 1: The process is quite easy. Click the download button above to download the program for Windows or Mac and run it on your computer. Navigate to the YouTube 8K 4320p video sample you'd like to download in your browser, copy and video URL. Go back to the software, click Add Video icon at the top, and a YouTube video download window will appear, paste your YouTube 8K video sample URL in the URL box, click Analyze, and your video will start loading.

List of 8K FUHD content on YouTube to download

LG 8K 60fps HDR NATURE video for 8K Ultra HD TV, the latest Peru 8K HDR 60FPS video, YouTube most viewed 8K video.

Step 2: You'll see a screen with video information like resolution, size, codec and format after the video is analyzed successfully. Select a video type you want to download, then click OK to save your choice and close the window.

8K video download free from YouTube

Step 3: Click the blue "Download Now" button at the bottom to process 8K 4320p 60fps HDR video free download. Though 8K videos require high decoding, the video downloader can handle the process effectively. The time it takes to finish the task depends on the source video file size and your internet connection speed. To play 8K YouTube videos offline, you need a robust 8K video player like VLC Media Player which added support for 8K HDR video playback in the latest version.

If your downloaded YouTube 8K videos have too large file size, learn how to reduce 8K video size without noticeable quality loss. You can also update to the free YouTube 8K downloader pro version, which lets you download, compress, edit and convert 8K videos in a complete manner.

Notice: It's 100% legal to watch 8K video sample on YouTube, but it violates YouTube Terms of Service to free download 8K video from YouTube without permission. Any 8K 4320p video you download from YouTube should be for your personal use only.

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