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How to Fast Rip DVD to NAS Drive without Losing Quality

copy DVD to NAS "How to rip my DVD collections to NAS? I have just bought a stack of DVD disks in a local store and need to rip them into digital formats to store on my NAS to protect the originals and make it far easier to view on our TV, ipad, iPhone."

To rip DVD to hard drive, USB or Cloud won't pique your interest any more if you have a huge DVD collection, multiple devices and a NAS (Network Attached Storage) since there's a much perfect solution for you - copy DVD to NAS. Shifting to rip DVDs to NAS drive means you get the freedom and convenience to access DVD movies on your iPhone, TV, iPad, computer, game consoles etc. anytime, from anywhere. Plus, you can backup DVDs to NAS without Cloud data storage/hard drive safety issues and free space limits. Sounds great? It's easy, download the right DVD to NAS ripper > digitalize DVD to best format for NAS drive > transfer DVD movies to NAS drive.

1. Download the right DVD to NAS ripper

The "right" means good quality for some, and fast DVD disc to NAS converting speed for others, but don't forget ability to bypass DVD encryption really matters as most if not all DVDs you rent or bought comes with copy protection. Anyway, you won't go wrong with MacX DVD Ripper Pro, a top-rated DVD ripper on Macworld.

• The DVD ripper can 1:1 copy DVD to ISO Image, MKV, etc. for unlimited and safe backup on NAS drive and digitalize DVD to MP4, MPEG 2, MOV, WMV, AVI, and many more, to NAS for more convenient DVD sharing or playback on DLNA/UPnP enabled devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, PS4, computer and TV.
• It can backup DVD collections to NAS drive without losing quality thanks to High Quality Engine.

• With QSV and NVIDIA tech and multi-core option ( up to 8 cores), it can convert physical DVD disc to NAS friendly formats at least 5 times faster than other DVD ripping programs such as Handbrake, leaving more CPU available at the same time to run other programs.
• In addition, the program is able to bypass any copy-protection schemes, say, Disney DRM, CSS, Region Code (1-6), Sony ArccOS, UOPs etc. and rip protected DVD on Mac, including new DVD releases, damaged/unplayable DVDs, workout/fitness/Japanese DVDs and many more. Download the DVD to NAS ripper and start to learn the guide below on how to rip DVD to NAS drive.

2. [How to] start to quickly rip DVD movies to NAS drive with high quality

Convert VHS DVD to MP4

Step 1: Download the DVD ripper for Window if you are running a PC or for Mac, run it. Insert DVD to drive, click "DVD" icon at the top-left corner and select DVD to load.

Step 2: Select an output profile and click "Done".

You are offered a wide range of preset profiles for iPhone, Android, TV etc. devices, and digital video formats covering MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and four backup modes - main title copy DVD titles to NAS, full title copy, backup DVD to MKV, copy DVD to ISO image. Remember to check out your NAS device supported media formats before you transfer DVD to your media server NAS.

Step 3: Click "RUN" to process the DVD data to NAS drive ripping. The speed also depends on your personal computer hardware, like CPU, RAM, DVD-ROM reading speed, HDD write speed etc.

The reliable DVD ripper for Mac/Win gives plenty many other bonus features in DVD editing and compressing, allowing you to trim, crop, add subtitles/watermark, adjust DVD video audio parameters, compress DVD file size with high compression ratio and good quality, to name a few.

Tips: Best Format for Ripping Movies on DVDs to NAS Drive

If you copy DVD for storing digitally on NAS on your network and want all the DVD movie content, you can think of the backup modes offered by the DVD copy software. You can copy DVD to ISO image which contains all DVD files and folders, including video audio tracks, titles, chapters, subtitles, menus etc. or transfer movies on DVD discs to NAS with full title(MPEG), or backup main title of a DVD, which outputs much smaller file size and can be finished with the fastest speed.

If high quality video output is appealing for you, you can backup DVD movie titles to NAS with MKV format. As a HD video format, MKV gives great video image quality identical to the original one's and is widely accepted by media servers and players. But you will sacrifice more space to store MKV file.

If you rip DVD to WD My Cloud or Synology etc. NAS devices in digital formats for streaming via stereo systems, DLNA/UPnP compatible media streamers like iPhone iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, game consoles, convert DVD to MP4 format that is a universal format and widely compatible with all gadgets. On the other hand, MP4 keeps a good balance between file size and quality.

3. Transfer DVDs to NAS Drive for More Convenient DVD Streaming and Backup

convert DVD to NAS for streaming or backup

After you ripped DVD titles to NAS drive format on computer, you can upload DVDs to NAS following your NAS tutorial. Many NAS providers offer easy-to-use file manage tool, allowing users to upload files or folders from computer to NAS in various methods. Take Synology as an example. You can transfer DVD to Synology NAS drive for Mac via simple drag and drop using File Station, a file manager from Synology.

1. Download File Station on Synology.
2. Go to the left panel of the program and choose the local files/folders.
3. Just drag and drop the converted DVD files on your computer and start to backup DVD to NAS drive. The speed is theoretically much faster than that of uploading file to Cloud.

FYI - The Best NAS devices: Synology, Western Digital MyCloud, Seagate, Asustor.

The advantages and limits of ripping DVD to NAS/USB/Cloud/hard drive

Ripping DVD to a NAS drive has obvious advantages over copying DVD to USB, Cloud, or hard drive. To play movies on USB/hard drive, you have to plug in USB here and there. What's more, USB flash drive and hard drive are easily damaged and get lost. How about storing and uploading DVDs to Cloud like iCloud, Dropbox for easier viewing on iPhone iPad Android computer? Many criticized for its safety issue and monthly charges. All the embarrassment is gone with a NAS. NAS is your private cloud drive and media server with capability to store thousands of DVDs, meantime, it has no limits on when and where you can access your DVD collections on NAS as storage like XBMC and Boxee do via iPhone, iPad, Android devices, game consoles, TVs.

But you should know NAS has limits before you decide to copy DVD collections to NAS. A NAS device is not cheap and a bit complicated to start with for not tech-minded users. Even if it's easy to rip DVD to NAS media server, it's not easy to manage the ripped DVD files without third party help. And some content might not be compatible with streamers. Users can setup Plex media server or Roku media server, which are the most popular media servers, to reduce bandwidth requirements, manage, transcode and play ripped DVD movies on NAS.

DVD ripper for mac

Top-rated DVD to NAS Converter

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is able to convert DVD to NAS supported digital formats MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV etc. for streaming on iPhone, iPad, game consoles, TVs or ISO image etc. for backup .

• Rip protected DVDs: Support class and new DVDs with Disney Fake, Sony ARccOS, CSS, Region Code, etc.
• DVD backup: Copy DVDs to ISO image or a single MPEG-2 file; backup DVD with original video/audio quality in a few minutes.
• Rip DVD to iPhone iPad Android devices: Able to rip DVD to iPhone 6S/Plus/6/6 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4/Air 2, iMovie, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/Note 7, etc.
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