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How to Rip/Copy DVD to USB in Original Quality

By Bella Brown to rip DVD, USB|Last updated on Aug 20, 2020

How do I rip DVD to USB? The majority of the time I watch movies at my computer, so to take the hassle out of having disks everywhere, I want to convert DVDs to my USB hard drive, how do I go about this? What program can I use? -- from Yahoo Answers

I have home movies that I put on multiple DVD discs (used WINDVD) several years ago. Now I want to transfer them from all the DVD discs (about 10) to a USB thumb drive. My goal is to give the USB sticks to my children so they can plug them into the USB port on their Smart TV and play the videos. -- from support

Why you need to digitize DVD to USB drive, not blank disc or mobile devices? Reasons might be:

reasons to rip DVD to USB

If you just happen to have one or two mentioned reasons to copy and rip DVD to USB hard drive, then you're supposed to look for a DVD ripper, able to copy DVD to USB drive with ISO image or DVD format MPEG-2 or convert DVD to USB with MP4 MOV AVI FLV MKV, etc. digital formats with certain DVD video compression. If so, congratulations, you're in the right place. This post is aimed to share with you a high-end DVD to USB ripper to rip and copy DVD to USB drive with 1-metre long list of output formats, no matter what type of DVD disc you hold.

Rip/Copy DVD to USB Thumbdrive with 1:1 Video and Audio Quality

To copy DVD to USB drive, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is one in a million, letting you copy DVD to USB drive in a manner that is lossless, fast and pain free:

How to Seamlessly Move Unprotected/Copy-protected DVDs to USB Drive

As is known to all, you can directly copy ISO image or DVD Folder of DVD to USB flash drive using copy-and-paste method. Yet, the precondition is that your DVD disc doesn't have any DVD copyright protection tech. Otherwise, you have no choice but to resort to a DVD ripper yet decrypter to remove DVD protection and then make a digital copy of DVD movie to USB drive. That's why MacX DVD Ripper Pro is here.

Rip DVD to USB

1 Connect your USB drive to computer via USB cable. Your USB drive will be auto detected.

2 Free download the DVD ripper for PC or Mac, and then run it. Insert your DVD, click "DVD Disc" to load your DVD movies.

3 Click output format as MP4, iPhone iPad, MOV, Android, or ISO image, MPEG-2 file, MKV from DVD Backup mode. Then hit "Browse" button to choose your USB drive as destination folder.

4 Press "RUN" button to begin to rip and transfer DVD to USB flash drive. This hardware acceleration powered DVD ripper can rip DVD on computer at 250-320 FPS, 5 mins to finish the full DVD ripping task. Now, you can connect the flash drive with copied DVDs to the USB port on your smart TV, computer without disc drive etc. and play DVDs in a much comfortable way.

Notice: We only advocates using this best DVD ripper to transfer DVD to USB drive under the concept of Fair Use and does not encourage any illegal reproduction or distribution of copyrighted content. Please abide by the local DVD copyright law before doing it.

To make a digital backup of DVD movies, on top of backing up DVD movie to USB type C-3-1, you have another option to choose. That is copying DVD movies to mobile device like iPhone iPad iPod for watching anywhere anytime conveniently. Thus, just use the world-class MacX MediaTrans, well-designed iPhone file managing & transferring software, enables you to transfer DVD from Mac to iPad, transfer DVD to iPhone iPod 5X faster than any DVD movie transfer tool due to Intel QSV/AMD/NVIDIA acceleration aids. It lets you only wait 3 mins or less to accomplish the DVD to mobile sync task as long as your computer has the top level hardware configuration.

Recommended Freeware to Save DVD Movies to USB Flash Drive

Handbrake is a good tool to free transfer DVD to USB drive for convenient playback on smart TV, computers without disc drive, etc. It is open source and free. Ugly interface aside, it is quite simple to do the work. But it is a hit-and-miss. When dealing with encrypted DVDs, especially new Disney movies on DVD, Handbrake may fail to scan DVD disc for the main title. Other problems are no valid source found, no title found, audio video sync problem, etc.

Notice: we encountered terrible issue when using Handbrake to rip DVD to hard drive on Mac - the output video is ruined (picture is distorted) after lowering down video audio settings to compress DVD to smaller file size.

HandBrake to rip DVD to USB

DVD Shrink:
DVD Shrink is a free DVD to USB converter for Microsoft Windows. That said, Mac users are out of luck. Featuring ease of use, it allows you to compress and copy DVD to USB drive in two main modes, Reauthor and full disc. But it can't cope with new DVD copy protections owing to lack of update.

This is the real case from users - "If I choose a section of frames that totals something random like 15:00, and I play the VTS_01_1 file that returns to me, the time counter reads anything but 15:00. It reads 3:22 or 12:48 or 29:05. And as I sit and watch, the playback jumps over parts of the file I copied." And there's no support either. Thus many users are forced to seek for the best DVD Shrink alternative to transfer DVDs to USB flash drive.

DVD Shrink Copy DVD to USB

External Resources: What devices use USB Type C/3.1:

After you copy DVD to USB 3.1/Type C, let's take a brief recap of the difference between these two standards. USB Type C, a new reversible connector, is a supplement to the USB 3.1 specification. Featuring improved power-delivery and small size, the USB 3.1 Type C transfers data in a surprising fast speed(10Gbps).

Apple's MacBook ships with a single first-gen USB 3.1 Type C and the late MacBook Pro has USB-C, but it's not the only one, in fact, Nokia's N1 tablet, Google's second Chromebook Pixel, Asus Transformer book T100 HA also use the new port. Other storage drives that adopts Type C connectors are LaCie's new Porsche Mobile Design portable drives, Emtec's Duo USB-C thumb drives, SanDisk's 32GB flash drive. Note that USB 3.1 peripheral are on the way. If you are going to rip DVD to USB Type C and USB 3.1, be ware of what devices have these USB ports.

Have any problem on how to freely convert DVD to QuickTime Mov on a Mac, just email us >>
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