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[Solved] OBS Game Capture not Working Error/Black Screen on Mac/Windows 10

"Trying to set up an OSU! stream on mac, but when i try to set up a source for game capture, but none appears, can supply details." – Reddit user

"Hello, I have recently started using OBS and whenever I want to record a game it's just sound but no image. How do I fix this?" – Reddit user

As a popular real-time screen recorder and streamer, OBS is chosen by almost all gamers to record gameplays and live stream them to eSports websites like Twitch. However, OBS not capturing game issue is a headache that you meet at least once when trying to open OBS Studio to record a gameplay. But don’t worry, this guide compiles solutions to help solve corresponding errors including the notorious black screen error, Game Capture option not showing up on Mac, and OBS not recording full screen game.

OBS Game Capture not Showing Up on Mac, Try Its Mac Alternative

Since macOS Mojave 10.14, OBS Game Capture option doesn’t display in the drop down menu on Mac, meaning that you can’t record games with OBS Game Capture function anymore. So, OBS Mac alternative is a good choice if you need capture games on Mac, and MacX Video Converter Pro is the best option of all time.

Part 1. How to Solve OBS Game Capture Black Screen Error?

Black screen is the notorious problem when recording gameplays with OBS both on Mac and Windows 10. No matter you are a newbie or experienced user, this is the toughest issue you should tackle with. But don’t worry, below possible solutions will easily help you get rid of OBS not capturing game but black screen error. Recording Minecraft, LoL, Roblox, Fortnite, Dota 2, Overwatch, etc. in high quality is as easy as ABC.

Solution 1. Run OBS as Administrator

Some features of OBS may be blocked by Windows system as your computer don’t trust the third-party application installed, so OBS can’t make full use of its all features. By running OBS as administrator, OBS won’t be blocked by your computer as well as other programs.

How-to: Right click on OBS icon and select "Run as administrator".

Note: On Windows computer, Game Mode and Game Bar are designed for gamers to enjoy the best Xbox gaming experience as well as capture games, broadcast gameplay online and take screenshots. As it will conflict with OBS game capture, turning it off is highly suggested.

Solution 2. Use the Right Sources

There are 3 main capturing modes in OBS for you to screen recording games or computer display. Among them, Game Capture is the best one to record gameplays. Sometimes, Window Capture and Display Capture allows for game capturing, but most of the time they give you a black screen.

Use Game Capture in OBS
Use Game Capture in OBS

Solution 3. Let OBS and Your Game Use Same Graphics Cards

Sometimes, OBS not capturing game issue is because your OBS game recorder and your game are running on different graphics cards. Simply let OBS and the target game run on the same graphics adapter to get a proper game capture.

How-to: Run Nvidia Control Panel and select Manage 3D settings > click Program Settings in the right panel and click Add > click Browse and navigate to OBS.exe > right-click on the OBS icon and select Open file location to locate its path > choose High-performance NVIDIA processor and click Apply > close Nvidia Control Panel and restart your OBS.

Also, you make sure your graphics or display drivers are always up to date.

Switch Graphics Cards
Switch Graphics Cards

Solution 4. Enable the Compatibility Mode

How-to: Right-click on OBS icon and choose "Properties" > tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for" under "Compatibility" tab > click Apply and OK > restart OBS to see if it solves the error.

Solution 5. Upgrade or Downgrade OBS

Sometimes, it is not the fault of your OBS but the games themselves as they have Anticheat, so OBS updates itself frequently to record the latest games. Therefore, you should download the latest version of OBS to capture new games. On the contrary, if your OBS won’t capture game after OBS upgrading, you can try to reinstall the previous working version to have a try.

Solution 6. Check OBS Settings

If you mistakenly change your OBS settings, OBS game capture black screen may occur. So, check the settings one by one or just reset all the settings to the original to solve the error.

Solution 7. Remove Unused Sources You Created

If you have created too many sources, they may conflict with each other when capturing gameplays. So, deleted the unused sources and leave the only sources you need to avoid OBS game capturing not working problem.

Remove OBS Sources
Remove OBS Sources

Solution 8. Do not Close Eye

If there is a forward slash on the eye next to "Game Capture" in "Sources", it means you have turned it off. Consequently, you see nothing but black screen in the recording section in OBS. So, click the eye icon to turn it on.

Turn on OBS Eye
Turn on OBS Eye

Solution 9. Stretch Out the Recording Screen

When you add a new Game Capture in OBS, there is a red dot displays on the top left corner of the recording window inside OBS. Just expand the red dot from top left corner to the bottom right corner to fill the screen to full screen capture games with OBS.

Stretch out OBS Record Screen
Stretch out OBS Record Screen

Part 2. How to Solve OBS Game Capture not Showing Up on Mac?

The Syphon Inject (which comes with OBS) does not function properly in macOS 10.14 Mojave since 2020, which means that OBS Game Capture is only a feature on Windows but cannot be used on Mac anymore. It is suggested that using Window Capture or Display Capture can also record your games. But from my experience, it is not that ideal.

OBS Game Capture not Showing Up on Mac
OBS Game Capture not Showing Up on Mac

So, to solve OBS not capturing game error on Mac, turning to an OBS Mac alternative is the only way as of now. MacX Video Converter Pro is a good option to go to help record whatever games out the market without issues.

Part 3. How to Solve OSB Won’t Capture Game in Full Screen?

To let OBS capture game in full screen, you should make sure the settings inside OBS are right.

Method 1. When you create a new Game Capture task, choose "Capture any fullscreen application" from the drop down menu of Mode when Properties window pops up.

OBS Game Capture Fullscreen
OBS Game Capture Fullscreen

Method 2. Stretch out the red dot from top left corner to the bottom right corner to perfectly match the recording window. Note, do not exceed the window.

Part 4. Best OBS Alternative to Capture Games on Mac/Windows 10

After trying the comprehensive solutions listed above but still having OBS not capturing game error, you can try best OBS alternative to help record gameplays on Windows 10 or Mac.

On Windows 10, without any third-party installation, you can directly record a game video with the help of the built-in game capture tool named Game Bar, which is designed for Windows 10 users to have the best Xbox gaming experiences. Also, you can record any actions on your Windows screen with it.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your Windows 10 computer.

Step 2. Turn on "Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar". Also turn on "Game Mode".

Step 3. Launch your game and press "Win+Alt+G" keys. Then, check the box next to Yes, this is a game. Finally, press "Win + Alt + R" to begin/stop the game recording.

Use Game Mode
Use Game Mode

On Mac, to record games without lagging problems, you are suggested to use MacX Video Converter Pro, an excellent 4K video converter with screen recording and video editing functions. You can use it to capture part of the game or full screen recording the game at will.

Step 1. Free download MacX Video Converter Pro, install and launch it on your Mac.

Step 2. Click on "Recorder" button to access the record window.

Step 3. On the record window, simply tap "Record Region" to customize the size of the screen you want to record, or just tick "Keep full screen" record game videos in 2560x1440p.

Step 4. Click on the blue record button to start recording. To stop the recording, simply click the Stop button in the Menu bar on the right side of your Mac screen.

Record Game on Mac
Record Game on Mac

You can also have some simple editing to your gameplay clips with this game capture software, like add subtitles, crop the black bar, trim the video length, set frame rate to 60fps, adjust video resolution and aspect ratio, etc.