Upgrade to macOS Ventura or Not? All You Need to Know about Ventura Features

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The new version of macOS - Ventura was finally announced at WWDC, Apple's annual developer conference. It comes with a bunch of new features including a dark mode, more organizational options, and desktop versions of several iOS apps. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Ventura's new features are inspired by pros, but designed for everyone. A public beta will likely launch this summer, with a final release coming in the fall. In this case, an overwhelming majority of Mac users are struggled for macOS Ventura features comparing with High Sierra and are unable to make up their minds to upgrade to macOS Ventura or not. To smooth away perplexities and make a decision, here's where you'll find out all about macOS Ventura features.

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Part 1: What's New in macOS Ventura?

Dark Mode

That's right! Apple finally gave us a full, system-wide Dark Mode for Mac, not just for Menu bar, but for built-in apps, and the Mac App Store. All the users interfaces have been adjusted accordingly with the Xcode to adapt to the black. It turns the dock, taskbar, and the chrome around your apps into a dark gray. Besides, the macOS Ventura wallpaper are changing with the time in a day. After all, as the name Ventura implies, the light and shadow in the desert is very wonderful.

Updated: The latest macOS Ventura Beta 5 added some wallpaters which are adaptive with Dark Mode, such as wallpapers of Ventura desert. Meanwhile, the beta 5 allows users to selectively enable eGPU acceleration across applications, including iMac and MacBook Pro built-in screens. Prior to this,  the user needs to implement it through a terminal command.

Dark Mode

Apple News, Voice Memos, Home, and Stocks

Except the Dark Mode, moving iOS apps to macOS could be the most striking macOS Ventura feature. Apple announced its plan to bring UIKit to the Mac at WWDC, which is a multi-year project. It specifically said that it will not be merging iOS and macOS. And right now, it's testing to extend the iOS interface frameworks to work well on the Mac windowing system in the latest macOS Ventura 10.14. In the first stage, iOS apps such as Stocks, News, Voice Memos, Home are transplanted to macOS Ventura through Sneak Peak. Such apps don't appear to be doing much they can't on iPhone, but being able to sync your files across devices is always a big help.

New Mac App

All-New Mac App Store

In Ventura, Mac App Store gets a complete redesign with a new look and rich editorial content. The all-new Mac App Store will recommend applications each week, offer a larger-scale app graphics interface display, more detailed application description and editors' recommended application. As always, Mac users can download apps from Mac App Store with confidence that Apple has approved them for safety and security.

By the way, Ventura will still support your 32-bit apps. But don't get too excited. Apple noted in its presentation about Ventura that it is the last macOS to support 32-bit apps and games. If you want your favorite Mac apps to work well on your Mac in 2019, you'd better update them to 64-bit ones.

How to Check If An App Is 32-bit or 64-bit >>

It's worthy noting that if you're keen to collecting DVD discs, you don't have to worry about your DVDs stuck on Ventura as Apple would upgrade DVD Player app to 64-bit. Thus there is no problem to watch DVD movies on your Macbook Pro/Air, iMac, along with 64-bit DVD Player and superdrive or built-in drives.

redesigned mac app store

Screenshot and Continuity Camera

macOS Ventura add the new features of screenshot and continuity camera. After you finish the screenshot in Ventura, there will be a small screenshot tool at the lower right corner of the interface that users can do something simple with the pictures. This feature was previous available on iOS 11. Meanwhile, the Continuity Camera feature allows users ro sync iOS recorded photos to the macOS Ventura document that they're editing. Syncing iPhone photos to Mac is used be done with iTunes, iCloud, MacX MediaTrans.

Ventura screenshoot

Finder Update

There's now a new view in finder called "gallery view", which helps you view image information quickly and even edit pictures with the built in quick editing feature. When you choose several photos at once, the Down shortcut allows you to create a PDF file at one click. Meanwhile, Apple is also adding ways to view metadata inside a finder window and quick actions you can perform on files, like rotating a photo or changing the text in the preview PDF file.

Finder update

Privacy and Security

Mac users could control many permissions on macOS Ventura, not only including the previous Camera, Location, Photos, Calendar, Camera, Microphone, Reminder, but also Mail database, Message history, Safari data, Tine Machine backups, iTunes device backups, System cookies etc. In Safari, the enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention helps block social media Like or Share buttons and comment widgets from tracing users without permission.

privacy and security

In addition to the macOS Ventura key features above, there are many other small updates. For example, Desktop stacks will make your desktop organized by kind, date or tab. Group FaceTime makes it possible to chat with multiple people at once. From the salient features of macOS Ventura, it's totally worthy for macOS Ventura update.

Part 2: An Overview of macOS Ventura New Changes & Features




Stacks, Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop

Quick Look

Use MarkUp, Trim videos, Trim audio, Rotate/crop images


Gallery view, New sidebar, Quick Actions, Full metadata, New "Keep folders on top on desktop " option, App recents in dock


New Accent Color option under General
Random screensaver option now a checkbox
Removed mouse options for Mission Control shortcuts
Software Update section in Preferences, New advanced auto update options
iCloud News option, iCloud Stocks option, iCloud Home option
Twitter login removed, FaceBook login removed
Allow platform switching to control your computer under accessibility, New Typing tab under Switch Control accessibility
Improvements to the international keyboard

Screen Capture

New easy-to-use menu, New screen recording options
Can set timer for video, Can show cursor clicks in videos
Customize screenshot save location, Thumbnail animates to lower corner, Share without saving a copy

Continuity Camera

Scan photos or documents with your iPhone, Take photos from iPhone, Insert into folder in Finder, Insert right into documents

Group FaceTime

Slightly updated UI, Removes + button, switches to all vs missed on top instead of audio/video.

New Apps

Redesigned Xcode 10, HomeKit support on macOS
News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home apps are new to macOS


Siri can now handle HomeKit requests, Can find saved passwords, Knows about food Knows about celebrities, Knows about motorsports

Mac App Store

Redesigned Mac App Store
New Discover, Create, Work, Play, Develop tabs
Editor curation and stories, View purchases under Account
Removed developer name from purchased apps
macOS software updates removed from App Store


Ventura requires apps to get your approval before accessing the camera or microphone
Enhanced tracking prevention
Automatic strong password suggestion, Flags passwords frequently used


Favicons in Safari tabs
View reused passwords and password details in Safari preferences, Easily change password, AirDrop passwords from Safari
Bock pop-up windows removed from preferences
Plugin Section of Websites in Preferences removed
One-time security code AutoFill


Levels and curves swap spots
iBooks renamed Apple Books
Emoji picker in Mail, Suggested folders, Move to button in nav bar

DVD player

New Icon, 64-bit, Re-written in AppKit, Supports Touch Bar, New UI


Core ML 2, Metal 2, UIKit frameworks (2019), UI language parity, W3C web driver, OpenType-SVG fonts, Improved CSS color support
APFS for fusion drives and hard drives, Faster wake from sleep
Automator shortcuts I Touch Bar Redesigned Lock Screen New save panel New open panel

Part 3: Can You Upgrade Your Old Macs to MacOS Ventura?

But this is not for all Mac users. Ventura drops support for many older machines. Here are the Macs that is available to update to macOS Ventura, comparing to last year released macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

macOS Ventura supports:

• MacBook (Early 2015 or newer)
• MacBook Air (Mid 2012 or newer)
• MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 or newer)
• Mac mini (Late 2012 or newer)
• iMac (Late 2012 or newer)
• iMac Pro (2017)
• Mac Pro (Late 2013, plus mid 2010 and mid 2012 models with recommend Metal-capable GPU)

macOS High Sierra supports:

• Late 2009 iMac or newer
• Late 2009 MacBook/MacBook (Retina) or newer
• Mid-2010 MacBook Pro or newer
• Late 2010 MacBook Air or newer
• Mid-2010 Mac Mini or newer
• Mid-2010 Mac Pro or newer
• 2017 iMac Pro

Part 4: Backup Your Mac Data Before macOS Ventura Upgrading

Thus if your Mac is available for macOS Ventura update, wait for the official release of Ventura and upgrade it straightforward. After all, all these macOS Ventura new features will enhance your users experience and bring you a more secure circumstance of your Mac computer. And by the time of the official release, it will be more stable and the support center will be capable of solving all your problems of macOS Ventura upgrading effectively.

It needs to be emphasized that there may be system instability of the Ventura 10.14 beta. Thus before you upgrade to experience the new MacOS, be sure to back up your Mac data and do not upgrade on the main device to prevent possible macOS Ventura 10.14 update stuck. You can resort to MacX MediaTrans to backup all your significant files in the easiest way without any bothering of iTunes backup problems.


Secure Download
Secure Download

The Mac data backup can be achieved easily with MacX MediaTrans:
1. Connect your hard drive (iPhone/iPad) to Mac, open it and click Flash Drive.
2. Click Add and select the data to be backed up, and the data will be moved to mobiles instantly.

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Backup Your Mac Data Before macOS Ventura 10.14 Upgrading