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How to Convert HEIC to JPG Format on Mac/Windows/iPhone

Apple added support for HEIC format in iOS 17, that means users don't have to walk the fine line between image quality loss and file size. HEIC format sounds much more 21st-century, however, unlike 25-year-old JPG format that is universally accepted, Apple devices other than running iOS 17, macOS High Sierra, and tvOS 11 or later cannot open and view HEIC format pictures. Not to mention that HEIC brings the very real possibility of causing format compatibility issues with Android, Windows, photo editing and photography apps, for instance:

Case 1: When I download a shared photo album from an iPhone to my Android phone I can't open them because they are in the new HEIC format.

Case 2: HEIC unsupported. When I try to open a HEIC format photo taken by iPhone 7 on Photoshop, I get this error: Unsupported Format.

If you are facing such problems, look at these sure-fire methods below to convert HEIC to JPG format on Mac, Windows, iPhone, or Android.

Quickly Convert iPhone HEIF (.heic) to JPG in Batch

Free download the best HEIC to JPG converter, MacX MediaTrans, which helps you,

  • Fast convert HEIC/HEIF to JPG without losing quality on Windows/Mac.
  • Bulk conversion and one by one conversion are both available.
  • One click to make the HEIC conversaion achieved. Easiest-to-use.
  • View and export HEIF photos on your computer.
  • No limits on the file size and the number of HEIC photos you can convert.

#1. How to Convert iPhone HEIC to JPG with Photo Transfer Tools

On your iPhone, you can open Settings menu, tap Photos, find Transfer to Mac or PC, select Automatic, and select JPG format when transferring HEIC photos from iPhone to Mac or PC. But there's a much efficient way to convert HEIF (.heic) to JPG format and manage iPhone photos - use a solid HEIC converter, MacX MediaTrans. It can convert HEIC photos to JPG on Mac/Windows in batch quickly without losing image quality thanks to its cutting-edge HEIC photo conversion algorithm. It simplifies the HEIC to JPG conversion process so you can get started easily. Follow steps below to give it a shot.

How to Transfer HEIC to JPG/JPEG on Mac/Windows

Step 1: Run MacX MediaTrans on your computer, connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2: Click Photo Transfer on the main interface and all the photos on iPhone will be displayed from the latest to the oldest on the left pane on the Photo Transfer window.

convert HEIF HEIC to JPG

Step 3: Select a single or multiple HEIC photos. You can also click "Select All" to choose all of the photos. Click the inverted triangle near Export button. There pops a drop-down menu with two options:

Choose Export to directly transfer HEIC photos from iPhone to Mac, if you're running on macOS Ventura, which supports HEIC photos.

Choose Export heic to jpg to convert HEIC photos to JPG format, so that you can view and open HEIC photos on Windows, macOS Ventura and earlier, Android, or edit on Photoshop or other image editing tools.

#2. How to Transfer HEIC to JPG with Cloud Services

Most cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive has come up with a solution to convert HEIC to JPG format easily on macOS, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Learn how to transfer HEIC to JPG format with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive below. It will keep the original image quality.

1. How to Convert HEIC to JPG with Google Drive

You can open and view all HEIC images when browsing your Google Photos gallery. Go to Photos, select HEIC images and share them to Google Drive, and HEIC images will be converted into JPG. The file name will also be changed. Use the following steps to convert HEIC to JPG with Google Drive. Note: if you backup iPhone photos to iCloud, you can access iCloud photos via its website on Windows without conversion.

Step 1. Open your browser on your device and go to the Google Photos website. Log in with your Google account.

Step 2. Browse through the HEIC photos and find the ones you’d like to convert to JPG. Open the iPhone HEIC photos in the preview mode. Right-click the HEIC image and select the "Save Image As…" option.

Step 3. Select the location where you want to store the converted HEIC to JPG photos. The HEIC images will be turned into JPG format via Google Photos.

2. How to Transfer HEIC to JPG via Dropbox

Dropbox perfectly accepts HEIC photos and it also offers users the option to upload photos saved as HEIC (.heic) or JPG (.jpg). You can set to upload HEIC and save it as JPG, and HEIC images will be converted to JPG automatically during upload. It allows you to convert HEIC to JPG online, on macOS, Windows, iPhone, or Android. To do this,

Step 1: Open the Dropbox app, and tap the person icon.

Step 2: Tap the gear icon and tap Camera Uploads.

Step 3: Choose Save HEIC Photos as and choose JPG as upload format. You HEIC photos will be converted to JPG without using any HEIC encoders.

Note: some users reported iPhone HEIC photos were not viewable on Sierra after HEIC to JPG conversion via Dropbox.

convert HIEC to JPG/JPEG

3. How to Transfer HEIC to JPG via OneDrive

iCloud only offers 5GB for free, OneDrive is a good way to store iPhone photos and transfer iPhone HEIC to JPG. OneDrive on iOS now can recognize HEIC image format, and the updated version of OneDrive is able to automatically convert HEIC images to JPEG/JPG before uploading the cloud so that users can open and view HEIC images on Windows 10/Windows 11, OneDrive app, and OneDrive website in any browser. To open HEIF photos on your Windows computer, codec may be required.

Users just need to go to Settings > Advanced and turn on the Upload Most Compatible feature on OneDrive, then you turn iPhone HEIC photos to JPEG format on OneDrive. OneDrive also offers the autoconvert feature, which is available in the iOS OneDrive app. The OneDrive website won't automatically convert HEIC photos to JPEG format.

#3. How to Convert HEIC Photos to JPG Free Online

There are some free online images converters offering ways to convert HEIF (.heic) to JPG online. heictojpg is one of them and proved to be a good choice. The online tool supports to convert up to 30 HEIC photos to JPG (most free online HEIC to JPG converter has limit on the number of photos you can convert). The site has ads and redirects. HEICtoJPG can only convert HEIC to JPEG images free online. Other image formats are not supported currently. Follow the guide below to learn how to convert HEIC to JPG free online.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG Free Online

Step 1: Go to the official site of this free online HEIC converter.

Step 2: Load HEIC photos. Drag and drop HEIC photos to the interface, or click "Choose .heic(s)" in bold to select HEIC photos to convert.

Step 3: It takes a while for the online free HEIC image to JPG converter to load original HEIC images and convert HEIC images to JPG.

Step 4: After the conversion process is finished, click Download JPEG on the left to download jpg files converted from HEIC.

change HEIC to JPG/JPEG

#4. How to Turn HEIC into JPG Format via Email

Emailing images is a sure-fire way to transfer HEIC to JPEG on Mac, iPhone, and PC. Select images and send it to email box as an attachment, then you get images in JPG quickly. In this way, you can access and view converted JPG photos from HEIC on Android devices, Windows PC, Mac, any devices with Wi-Fi connected. On some systems, iPhone photos in HEIC format are converted JPEG automatically when they are sent or shared outside of the system, depending on whether the receiving device or system supports the HEIC image format.

But the email way has a size limit, for example, Gmail only allows you to send 25MB in attachments. The email way is not the ideal way if you have large numbers of HEIC images that need to convert to JPG. To convert HEIC to JPG unlimited, use a HEIC photo converter tool.

DRM Removal Tool for macOS - myFairTunes

FYI - More about HEIC to JPG, HEIC vs JPG

Tip 1: HEIF (.heic) Photos Compatibility

Support to view and open HEIC photos

Don't support to view and open HEIC photos

  • iOS 17 or later
  • macOS High Sierra or later
  • tvOS 11
  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS 17 and earlier
  • macOS Sierra or earlier

Tip 2: Capture JPEG instead of HEIF Photos on iOS 17

If you are sick of HEIC image compatibility issues and not willing to convert HEIC/HEIF to JPG on iOS 17, Apple offers you a way to quit HEIC format. On your iPhone or iPad, head to Settings > Camera > Formats and tap on Most Compatible under CAMERA CAPTURE to turn off High Efficiency, and the Most Compatible will always use JPEG for images, while the High Efficiency will save photos as HEIC (.heic). Now, you don't need to manually convert HEIC to JPG.


Tip 3: HEIF vs JPEG Comparison


HEIF (.heic)



.heic, .heif

.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jif etc.

Full Name

High Efficiency Image File Format

Joint Photographic Experts Group

Developed by

Moving Picture Experts Group

Joint Photographic Experts Group

Type of format

Image Container Format

Lossy Image Format

Initial Release




High compression ratio

Broad compatibility


Not universally supported

Lossy compression


iOS 17, macOS High Sierra

Most devices and photo editors

HEIC will be the image format of the future, it just needs some time to be widely accepted without requiring HEIF (.heic) to JPG conversion. Put wide compatibility of JPG format aside, HEIC has plenty of distinct advantages over JPG format.

File size and quality. HEIF (.heic), High Efficiency Image File Format, requires nearly half the file size (bandwidth) of JPEGs without decreasing image quality. That means you can save a lot of space on your iPhone 7/8/X running iOS 17, yet with better image quality. See the file size comparison of JPG and HEIC format in detail below.

Image 1 - JPG: 2.5MB, HEIC: 742KB
Image 2 - JPG: 2MB, HEIC: 648KB
Image 3 - JPG: 3.3MB, HEIC: 1.2MB

Efficiency. HEIF edges over JPG in efficiency, for example, HEIF is a container image format that can also include text and audio, or a sequence of images. HEIF images can be encoded and decoded in a much faster speed using less battery power on iPhone 7 or later. Once web pages and applications start to adopt HEIF image format, the time it takes to download HEIF images can be dramatically reduced. And HEIF format has the ability to store editing operations like rotation, cropping, and the change of the orientation, which makes it good for editing without additional re-encoding process.

If you are fine with HEIF images, stay with HEIF.

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