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HEIC (HEIF), as the successor to JPG, certainly overshadows JPG in many aspects. For instance, JPG is only a single image while HEIC (HEIF) can be a single image, a sequence of images or a container for files to cover image, audio, text, etc. Thus, HEIC is perfect for Apple's Live Photo and potential to replace GIF. Besides, HEIC consumes almost 50% less space than jpg when they keep the same high quality of photo. What's more, HEIC (HEIF) is more flexible than JPG for photo editing, including crop, tile/pile, transparency, etc. That being said, HEIC (HEIF) is imperfect. Currently, we live in a JPG world, which means you need to convert heic to jpg if you wanna play or edit HEIC/HEIF photo on non-Apple device or platform.

To do that, you can take free online HEIC to JPG converter into account, which not allows you to free convert iOS 17 photos from HEIC/HEIF to JPG on computer, but also directly free convert HEIC/HEIF to JPG on your iPhone iPad. Well, which free HEIC online converter site you can trust? Listen to what other users suggest.

HEIC online converter user

Matthew's Needs: HEIF / .HEIC File Support in Photoshop or Lightroom CC

Matthew's Choice: heictojpg

Matthew is a big fan of NBA, especially fond of Harden, Paul and Leonard. Last friday night, Matthew flied to Houston to watch a very balanced match between Rockets and San Antonio Spurs. He chose a very great seat with good view and shot some pictures with best goal using his iPhone 7. When he comes back his city and plans to import iPhone picture to Photoshop for editing, he finds Photoshop app doesn't recognize those HEIC images yet. Neither does Lightroom CC.

Matthew can't sure if Photoshop or Lightroom CC natively supports HEIC file. He leaves his questions on adobe forums and what he receives is that: We are currently reviewing our strategy to support HEIF format images, but have no immediate timelines that we can share. Such being the case, he had to convert heic to jpg to fit in PS/Lightroom CC. Yet, it's too troublesome to do that on computer, cuz he has to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac/Windows computer. Instead, what he prefers is a free HEIC online converter.

Fortunately, he finds, where he successfully free convert iOS 17 photos from HEIC format to JPG with fast speed. Then he can eventually import the HEIC (HEIF) image to Photoshop or Lightroom CC to edit. He sincerely recommends this free online HEIC converter to you if you wanna free convert heic to jpg without any app downloads or plug-in/add-on installation. Here shows you a step by step guide.

Step 1: Navigate to the official site, and click "Choose heic(s)" to import HEIC (HEIF) photos from iPhone or iPad. Or you can just drag and drop files here.

Step 2: Tap "Convert" button to begin converting.

top online free heic to jpg converter

Step 3: Click "Download JPEG" on the left to download jpg files to your iPhone camera roll after the conversion is finished. Then, you can eventually add HEIC photos to your Photoshop app or Lightroom CC app to edit HEIC/HEIF photos on your iPhone like rotate image, add transparency, add words text, use magic tools, etc. BTW, please keep in mind that this free online HEIC converter allows for 50 images only. And notice that the converted photos are stored in heictojpg cloud server, which means your personal HEIC photos might be attacked, stolen or illegally used for commercial purpose once the hacker successfully attacks heictojpg website via some minor bugs or destructive viruses.

If you wanna convert iOS 17 HEIC photos more than 50 or thousands and without the potential risk to leak your personal HEIC photos online, you can resort to MacX MediaTrans, which enables you to free convert heic to jpg as many as you want at 5X faster speed (Intel QSV support), no limits on quantity and no danger to divulge your personal privacy (offline conversion, no 3rd party cloud storage server). It also helps you bulk transfer photos, music, video, eBooks, ringtones, iTunes purchases from iPhone iPad to Mac/Windows (or vice versa), delete unwanted HEIC photos from iPhone iPad and remove DRM from iTunes purchases to convert M4V to MP4, M4B/M4P to MP3, etc.

Free download macOS version (macOS High Sierra incl.)
Free download Windows version (Windows 10 incl.)

HEIC online converter user

Cynthia's Needs: convert HEIC image to JPG to make is availible to upload

Cynthia's Choice: freetoolonline

The 19-year-old Cynthia is a freshman in SAIC. Similar to her peers, this graceful young lady also likes to take selfies using her iPhone. When she puts on her new dress, she can't wait taking a selfie. When she finishes her fitness plan, she will take a selfie. Is that over? Of course, not. When the picture is ready, the next thing is to upload photos to Facebook or Instagram SNS platforms for sharing and attract more fans/likes. (partly, if not all, to meet girl's vanity)

This time, Cynthia sets about uploading her carefully selected photos to Facebook, just as she used to do, but Facebook doesn't recognize her photos, let alone upload. Soon later, she just remembers that she upgrades to iPhone X and the new iOS 17 photo format HEIC might be the cheif culprit. Because currently Facebook only supports .jpg, .png and .gif formats. How about Instagram? So far, only JPG and PNG are supported by Instagram, too.

No better plan, Cynthia has to convert HEIC/HEIF to JPG format using an HEIC converter or online converter site. Eventually, she accepts her friend David's advice to use the free yet convenient way - free HEIC to JPG converter website freetoolonline to make HEIC available to upload. Her friend David wants to do that favor for her, but she politely refuses. She just says it's so easy, totally no brainer and even a 7-year-old kid can make it. Is that ture? Read on to get your answer.

Step 1: Drag and drop heic files or click to select just as the below picture shows. Note: this interface is interspersed with some ads. Don't randomly click them, or there might be some potential viruses to put your computer system at risk.

Step 2: Adjust HEIC conversion speed and quality. As the following iamge shows, you can tick the option to ensure better quality or uncheck for faster speed. Plus, directly move the slide bar to adjust output quality, 90%, 85%, 70% or 50% at your disposal.

free convert heic to jpg online

Step 3: Hit "Convert" icon to start HEIC conversion on your iPhone iPad. Afterwards, press "Download JPEG" to download jpg files to your iPhone local Photos app. Thus, when you upload HEIC/HEIF photos to Facebook or Instagram for sharing, no errors occur. Similarly, the maximum HEIC files you can upload is limited to 20. As for photos over hundreds or thousands, free download iPhone photo converter yet manager to fast bulk convert HEIC to JPG during iPhone photos to MacBook/iMac transfer process without any danger of personal photo exposure (offline local conversion).

HEIC online converter user

Keith' Needs: open HEIC pictures in IrfanView

Keith' Choice: aconvert

Keith loves travelling a lot and he always goes to some remote countries and unpopular places with harsh environment alone. He believes that the most breathtaking scenery exists in the place that is hard to get to. Therefore, each time he reaches his target location, he would use his camera or iPhone to record what he sees. And more importantly, he wants more people to have the chance to enjoy the spectacular nature's workmanship.

And before Keith shares what he shoots to social networking platform, he would export photos to his computer to have a pre-view first. If he adopts his camera to take pictures, then it's no problem to view photos on Windows computer. When it comes to open and view HEIC photos on Windows via his iPhone 7, the problem shows up that his player IrFanView fails to open them.

Faced with such problem, Keith seems very calm, for he knows what the true problem is and the effective solution. As a sophisticated man, he has enough experiences to solve all sorts of problems during his first half life and has no need to ask help from others, except for the mighty Google. with less than 1 minute searching in Google, Keith eventually has a try on the free online heic to jpg converter named aconvert and to his surprise, it works stably for pictures conversion. Thus, he can open and view HEIC on Windows with IrFanView with nary a trouble.

What's also special to his is that this site also supports you to free convert PDF, video, audio, eBook, document, etc. various files. He feels 200% satisfied with this HEIC converter site and recommends it to his friends, as well. If you're interested in this file conversion site, you can follow the below guide (given by Keith) to convert your iOS 17 images from HEIC/HEIF to jpg.

Step 1: Click "File" or "URL" icon to load HEIC (HEIF) photos from Windows PC to the online site.

Step 2: Choose target format as JPG. There are also another 19 file formats available if you wanna convert HEIC to PNG, HEIF to GIF, HEIC to BMP, etc.

convert image from heic to jpg online

Step 3: As the above picture shows, the default setting of image size is "Do not change image size". Of course, you can manually tick "Change image size to" with your ideal image size (width x height).

Step 4: Tap "Convert Now!" button to begin HEIC online conversion on your Windows 10/8/7. When the conversion is over, click download file option to download jpg files to your Windows PC. Then right click to open the jpg files with your IrFanView player or Windows photo viewer.

The introduction of HEIC to JPG online converter temporarily comes to an end, yet the exploration for knowledge is endless. If you have little acquaintance with the differences among different image formats like HEIC, JPG, PNG, GIF, you can now seize this chance to know them more.

To the Conclusion: Online HEIC to JPG Converter Pros and Cons

As you can see, with these free online HEIC to JPG converters, you can successful make HEIC to JPG conversion done. But the process is not as straightforward as you think. Before you start photos transcoding with free online HEIC encoders, you'd better make clear the benefits and drawbacks of the them. Here, according to the users feedbacks above, we summarized the pros and cons of free online HEIC converters.


1. No sofwtare, application download required.

2. Free online HEIC converter is compatible with any operating system, no matter the Windows, macOS, or Linux.

3. It's quite fast and easy-to-use, with drag and drop interface.


1. There is a privacy leak risk, since it uploads your HEIC photos to its cloud service first, before converting to JPEG.

2. You can convert limited HEIC photos, generally for 50 pictures.

3. You need transfer HEIC photos to your computer first

4. Network connection is indispensible in the whole process.

Given this, if your heic photos are private, you'd better think twice to use online HEIC to JPEG converter. But how can you achieve a safe HEIC to JPG conversion? You can turn to HEIC converters, like MacX MediaTrans, which ensures a fast and safe conversion without any quality loss. Free download to have a try!

Differences Among HEIC JPG PNG GIF

Instead of the superfluous word expressions, here we use the vivid and clear table to show their similarities and differences among the popular image formats, including HEIC, JPG, PNG and GIF.


From the above image format comparison table, you can clearly see the obvious advantages of HEIC over JPG, PNG and GIF. Consequently, if you have no HEIC compatibility issue, you're highly recommened to convert jpeg to HEIC or PNG to HEIC for your image storage or playback. Of course, if you have more comparison dimensions about these popular image formats, you're warmly welcomed to share with us on the following comment zone. We highly expect to hear your voice.

Online Convert HEIC to JPG with Privacy Exposure Danger?

Try much safer way - MacX MediaTrans to convert HEIF(.heic) images to JPG offline locally on your computer without 3rd party cloud storage server. Thus, hackers have no path to access to your personal HEIC photos. Plus, this iPhone photo manager also helps you bulk transfer heic/jpg images, video, music, eBooks, ringtones, iTunes purchases, etc. from iPhone iPad to PC or vice versa.

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