Top iPhone X Tips, Tricks and Guides that Make You Better Use of iPhone X

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Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone X and iPhone 8/Plus cause a huge controversy after they are unearthed on Spe.12. Among them, iPhone X is the one people argue most. Some give the negative remark on its ugly design of front camera with incomplete black banner. Some are disappointed about the battery life, only 2 hours more than iPhone 7. They also complain a lot about high price tag. Yet, comparing iPhone X with iPhone 8/Plus, others speak highly of the long-awaited iPhone X, high marks on iPhone X OLED Super Retina display, all-glass body, no home-button desgin, Augmented Reality experience, TrueDepth camera, etc. And more importantly, the attractive features Face ID and Animoji are exclusive to iPhone X.

Though iPhone pros are countable, Apple's big breakthroughs on iPhone X are the best selling points, enough to attract you to upgrade to iPhone X from old iPhone 6/5s/SE. If you're one of those folks, you need these iPhone X tips, tricks and guides now to get the helpful tricks to successfully pre-order iPhone X (limited in quantity) and make better use of your iPhone X the moment you receive it.

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Top iPhone X Tips Tricks and Hacks Apple Won't Tell You

#1 - How to Pre-order iPhone X

Obviously, this time, Apple puts their sales growth point mainly on the best phone iPhone X. iPhone 8/Plus just serves as a foil to iPhone X, no matter on the costing, selling points or price. So no big surprise, iPhone X will be the target for consumers to scramble to buy. Yet, because of the shortage of OLED supply, iPhone X quantity is limited on Nov.3. Thus, to smoothly get the desired iPhone X, you need the below pre-order tips and tricks for iPhone X before they sell out.

tips for iPhone X

1. Check if you can upgrade to iPhone X or not. Go to Apple official site and head to "iPhone Upgrade Program" on shop section to get the details.

2. Use Apple Store app to pre-order iPhone X. Apple Store official website will become very crowded during the heavy traffic. If you wanna improve the success rate of pre-orderring iPhone X, you can try Apple Store app to pre-order.

3. Make sure you have a strong network connection. If no, upgrade to higher standard.

4. Make sure your payment is up to date. Go to "Account" on Apple Store app or iTunes & App Store menu in your iPhone's settings to view your payment information.

pre-order iPhone X

5. Save iPhone X as favorite in advance. Before the pre-order day, you need to label iPhone X as favorite with your desired color and iPhone storage option.

6. Practice how to pre-order iPhone X. This iPhone X trick is especially suitable for newbies. You need to practice how to pre-order iPhone X on different platforms and fill in the shipping address in advance.

7. Must-know iPhone X tricks and hacks: prepare multiple devices connected to different network connections. You can ask your friends to help you pre-order iPhone X on different platforms at the same time and keep in mind don't use the same network connection, for network paralysis reasons.

8. Last but not least, prepare enough money on your account or just your credit card.

set up Face ID on iPhone X

#2 - Set Up Face ID on your iPhone X

Majority buyers, if not all, purchase iPhone X because of its novel feature - Face ID recognition tech. When you receive your new iPhone, the first thing is to set up and activate iPhone X (or iPhone 8/Plus). Actually, there is no big difference between iPhone X setup and iPhone 8 setup. The only one is the iPhone X exclusive Face ID. How to set up Face ID on iPhone X? Follow the iPhone X tips below if you have no idea.

Access to "Settings" > Face ID & Passcode is your target.
Choose to use Face ID for iPhone Unblock, iTunes & App Store, Apply Pay and Safari Autofill.
Tap "Enroll Face" option to let the 8 modules around front camera to grab your face features. You need to move head, both front and side.
Wait for Face ID scanning process to finish. Tap "Continue" to get this Face ID setup done.

iPhone X tips for home buttonless usage

#3 - Do Home Button Things on iPhone X

Home buttonless design eventually happens and it only happens on iPhone X, so far. The things once you use home button to do now need to be done in a new way on iPhone X. And you might desperately need these iPhone X tips and guides to show you how to do home button stuff on iPhone X. Well, below comes the answers.

Slide up from the bottom to unlock iPhone X.

To switch apps from multitasking, swipe up from the bottom and pause for a moment on iPhone X main screen.

Change your way that you used to open Notification center on your iPhone. Now on iPhone X, you're required to swipe down from iPhone X left ear to open Cover Sheet (aka Notification).

A slide down from right ear of iPhone X can fire up Control Conter.

iPhone X tricks to take screenshot

#4 - Take Screen Shot on iPhone X

One of the biggest advantages of iPhone 8/Plus might be the reservation of the classic Touch ID, which doesn't ask you to change your habit to use Home Button as well as the way to take screenshot on iPhone. As for iPhone X users, you have to learn the new way to take screenshot on iPhone X, no matter you like it or not. Yet, good news is that the way is not so hard as you imagine. Read on the following iPhone X tips and tricks and you will know why say so.

(1). Open and set up the app or screen you wanna shot on iPhone X.
(2). Use your right thumb to press and hold the Side button and press the Volume Up button at the same time.
(3). You will see the similar screen reaction and hear the similar camera sound.

use Animoji on iPhone X

#5 - How to Create Animoji on iPhone X

Another exclusive feature to iPhone X is the 3D animated Animoji. The TrueDepth camera in iPhone X can detect and analyze your facial movements via your 50 different muscle movements, like moving your eyes, eyebrows, chin, chew, etc. Then it mirrors your expressions in 12 different animoji, including panda, cat, dog, fox, pig, rabbit, etc. Well, how to create 3D animated Animoji on iPhone X? Read on:

1). Use your iPhone X to record your facial expression with your voice.
2). Then it will automatically convert sample emoji in your expression, voice sound just like yours. You can also switch between different types of funny and adorable animal faces.
3). Share your funny and adorable 3D animated Animoji in message, your voice included.

create PDFs in Safari on iPhone X

#6 - Create PDFs in Safari

These iPhone X hidden tips and tricks are truly useful and convenient but Apple never tell you. What's more, you can actually use this iPhone X tricks and hacks on iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/Plus/6s/6/5s/SE, etc. iOS 17 devices if you don't upgrade to iPhone X currently. Anyway, you can actually dig out more helpful tips for iPhone X/8/Plus if you wanna spend time and make efforts on your high-priced iPhone X.

To create PDFs in Safari, tap the share icon at the bottom of your iPhone X screen while using Safari.
Choose "Markup as PDF" option on the pop-up window.
Add annotations to the PDF and send it out via text or E-mail. Alternatively, you can also save PDFs to iCloud Drive if needed.

iPhone X tips to better use keyboard

#7 - Speed Up Typing on iPhone X

Apple doesn't illustrate you how to make full use of keyboard on iPhone. And neither does this time. Yet, there are actually a number of iPhone X tips and tricks to help you use iPhone X keyboard more convenient and type faster than ever.

1. Thanks to iPhone X 5.8-inch bigger OLED display and iOS 17 OS, you can use one-handed keyboard on your iPhone X based on your needs:
Go to Settings > tap General > select Keyboard > click One-Handed Keyboard.
Choose from 3 options: Disable; Left - shrink keyboard to left-handed mode; Right - right-handed mode.

2. Use Text Replacement feature on iPhone X to improve your typing speed.
Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > tap Text Replacement .
Tap the "+" button to add a new shorcut for a longer phrase.

3. Shake to Undo. If you don't wanna delete the text messages one word after another, you can just shake your iPhone X from left to right or vice versa to shake to undo.

use Portrait lighting on iPhone X

#8 - How to Use Portrait Lighting on iPhone X

You won't feel strange about the iPhone Portrait Mode, cuz it came to iPhone 7/7 Plus last year. But you might be blind to the new Portrait Lighting, featured on the newly released iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. If so, here comes the simple iPhone X tips, tricks and guides to walk you through the process of using portrait lighting on iPhone X, as well as iPhone 8/Plus.

1). Fire up your camera app on iOS 17 iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 8.
2). Find "Portrait Mode" among various modes. This one is between Photo and Square.
3). Compose your shot. Select among different lighting effects to see which one you wanna try.
4). Time to take your photo with the selected portrait lighting

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