Fix Move to iOS Not Working and Migrate Android Data to iPhone Easily

By Rico Rodriguez to iPhone Manager, Photo Management | Last Updated on Sep 21, 2023

After you have a detailed comparison between iPhone and Samsung or other Android phones, for example, you may want to move from Android to the biggest iPhone to enjoy the whole bundle of exciting new features (the all glass OLED display, radical design, face recognition...). For this purpose, Move to iOS provides an easier way to move data onto iPhone 11 and earlier, iPad from Samsung, Moto, HTC, Google Pixel, LG, ZTE etc.

"However, given the large data library on old Android device and device pairing over the Wi-Fi, Move to iOS not working problems may occur during the data migrating. For example, users are complaining about Move to iOS taking forever, stuck on preparing/Moving items to place, or not generating code ... "

This tutorial centers on how to solve Move to iOS app doesn't work errors. Solutions to all the above problems can be found here.

Basic Info to Avoid Unnecessary Move to iOS Errors

1. Move to iOS app works with Android 4.0 or higher, and iOS 9 or later.
2. It does not work with data transferring from iOS to Android (and Android to a New or Reset iPhone only).
3. Make sure both devices have enough power, and iDevice has enough space for the data transferring.
4. The transferring depends heavily on the size of the data, and large-size data can take from hours to days, and even get stuck in transferring.

78% Users Are Complaining! Avoid Move to iOS Taking Hours or Getting Stuck

When you have stored large-size movies, videos, music, photos etc on old Android devices, you will inevitably run into long hours for Move to iOS transferring (about 78% uesrs give the app one star for slow performance). You can easily sidestep the long waiting in two steps:
a. Copy and paste the gigabytes of media from Android to computer via USB cable;
b. Drag and drop massive 4K moves, videos, pictures, playlists etc into iPhone in a flash via MacX MediaTrans.
(no internet required, move data instantly)

Fixes to Move to iOS Not Working Problems

Move to iOS problems stuck in transferring

# Move to iOS not connecting
"Trying to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy S10 (android) to new iPhone 11 Pro Max. Keep getting error 'move to ios could not communicate with device', how to fix this?" Those problems include not connecting, not able to communicate, or not pair Android and iOS devices... To get the app work properly to transfer data to iPhone, try the fixes below:

1. Disable and forget the Wi-Fi networks and cellular data on both devices, and disable the Smart Switch feature on Android;
2. Put the Android device in Airplane mode and retry;
3. Download the latest firmware on both devices.

Wonder how to transfer data to iPhone from Windows, Android, old iPhone?
Check how to transfer data to new iPhone.

Move to iOS not working unable to migrate

# Move to iOS unable to migrate error
"I try to use Move to iOS app to transfer data from my Samsung Galaxy Note to iPhone Xs but it shown error message 'Unable to migrate' after key in the code. Any ideas how to solve it?" After users successfully connect both devices, they may find that Move to iOS app doesn't work with the above error message.

1. Disable the mobile data, and Smart Switch on Android devices;
2. Turn off Bluetooth which can interfere with the 2.4 GHz wi-fi band;
3. Reset the Wifi network.

Check iPhone backup tools running on iOS 17 or earlier.

Move to iOS transfers data to iPhone 11

# Move to iOS taking forever/getting stuck
"When set up new iphone 11 Pro Max and migrate all data from nexus 5 after some headaches getting the phones to connect correctly and it starts to transfer data (a couple hours) but soon stuck on transferring showing 'Moving items into place...'. The stuck and frozen for about 18 hours ago or so and the progress bar hasn't moved." The problems with freezing happens during iPhone data transferring, preparing, "Moving items into places" etc, annoying but there aren't many effective fixes.

1. Restart your mobiles phones;
2. Make sure iPhone has enough space to store the Android data;
3. Wait if you have a large data library;
4. Try Android to iOS transfer tool to move the large files first and skip the long time waiting.

Move to iOS app doesn't work

# Move to iOS not generating code
"I try to use Move to iOS to transfer data to new iPhone 11, but after i follow the instruction to set the iPhone and wait for quite a while, Move to iOS not working giving the code it requires for iPhone. i don't see any other ways to let it generate the security code." For the problem that Move to iOS not giving the 10 digit code after reasonable period of time, you need to:

Go to Setting and tap "Touch ID & Passcode", then choose change passcode > type your current passcode and choose passcode options > now choose the custom numeric code.

Transfer Android Backup to iDevices Instantly

MacX MediaTrans can transfer 4K, HD movies, videos, photos, music, playlists, books, ringtone, other media backed up from Android to iPhone by drag and drop. Transfer Android data to iDevices instantly without Internet connection or waiting at all. No more Move to iOS not working errors.

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