16 Annoying iPhone X Problems, and How to Fix Them

By Rico Rodriguez to iPhone X, | Last Updated on Dec 6, 2023

As the 10th anniversary phone, iPhone X lives up to the hype with many iPhone pros and tempting features driving you to snag one. But the deeper you dive, the more possible problems of iPhone X you'll find, some being severe bugs, some being from its software that is causing glitches ruining your fun. Luckily for you, we are compiling the complete list of the biggest problems iPhone X users are running into, along with the quick fixes and workarounds to settle down the iPhone X troubles, bugs, annoyances and issues iPhone X owners might experience. Be free to click the links below to direct you to the specific iPhone X problems.

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#1 Unable to Accept Calls on iPhone X

calls unavailable on iPhone X

Recently, more and more iPhone X users complain on various forums that they can't accept calls on their iPhone X. Usually, they can hear the iPhone ringtone the moment incoming call is received. But the accept button on the touch screen of iPhone X is seemingly delayed, coming in after 6 or 8 seconds.

So far, it's still unclear it's the software or hardware to be blame. It's reported that Apple is investigating on this issue but doesn't release any further info about the reasons and solution. You might plan to restore your iPhone X to have a try, but you'd better not, for some users have already tried and still haven't solved this issue permanently. You're not suggested to go for Apple Support to change a new iPhone X, which is said to have the same issue. In this case, the best solution might be waiting for Apple official explaination and their solution. We'll constantly update to offer you the latest yet effective solutions.

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#2 Face ID is causing security issue

iPhone X  problems - Face ID security

Nowadays the security problem with iPhone X's facial recognition system gets the headlines. Face ID makes unlocking iPhone X and payment simple tasks, but adding FaceID has, understandably, been very controversial - it poses a security problem. Around 40% of customers believe in the risky and unknown use of the biometric solution right now. Report from Wired suggests a printed photo of the owner will simply beat the facial recognition system in iPhone X. It's believed scanning your face to unlock iPhone X is a bad move, especially when you are in a bad situation, for instance, you are kidnapped by a criminal who uses you face to unlock your iPhone X and make payments with Apple Pay.

One possible fix to the iPhone X problem with security is to stick with the passcodes, and make sure the strong passcodes.
Note: if Face ID not working on iPhone X after you set up Face ID on iPhone X , please fix the iPhone X problem by trying the following remedies:
1. Restart your iPhone to fix some minor glitches such as the FaceID problem in iPhone X.
2. Make sure you're holding your iPhone X 10-20 inches away from your face. 3. Clean the cameras and sensors on iPhone X.
4. Erase your FaceID and set it up again.
5. Upgrade iPhone X to the latest iOS version.
6. Reset all settings. This is not recommended as it will erase all your data you previously saved.

#3 My wireless charging won't work

iPhone X  problems - wireless charging not working

Now you can charge iPhone X wirelessly without the use of a cable any more. But shortly after the iPhone X release, many users reported that they had a bug that caused the iPhone X, get trouble with Qi wireless charging, which gives iPhone X terrible battery life, heats up iPhone X on the back, takes longer than charging via a cable, or pops up a message "wireless charging paused". Another problems with iPhone X wireless charging are that you have to stay on the mat while charging and remove the case if you need to charge iPhone X the normal way.

Possible fixes:
1. Make sure the iPhone X case is plugged into iPhone X.
2. Clean the pad or mat on which you place iPhone X to charge.
3. Make sure to plug the charging base into a power source.
4. Search for other options such as AirCharge, iQi Mobile, etc.
5. Click the full workarounds to fix wireless charging not working on iPhone X.

#4 Fragile to break for the full glass body

iPhone X  problems - fragile

iPhone X chassis is switched from aluminum to more fragile glass. We expect the micro-abrasions on the glossy finish of the all-glass iPhone X. But threads on various forums reaches an epic proportions, proving iPhone X is prone to break, even when encased.

1. There is no declaim for the cosmetic damage to iPhone X from Apple. If you are unbearable about the iPhone X trouble, just sell it or get another phone.
2. Escalate the iPhone X problem to a supervisor by sending in pictures of the iPhone X and geting the phone swapped at authorized service center.

#5 Abnormal battery drain

iPhone 8/X battery problems

It's not a surprise to see battery complaints from iPhone owners since abnormal battery drain is an extremely common iPhone problem. Even though battery life for iPhone X should be much better than it was for the iPhone 7 or older models, thanks to the larger battery and more efficient A11 chip, we also come across some complaints about abnormal battery drain in iPhone X, with many grumbles resulting from an iOS update. To resolve the iPhone X problem, please try the following possible fixes to extend your battery life.

1. Updating to the latest iOS version if you haven't already. Battery drain problem in iPhone X will be addressed through the software update.
2. Diagnose its usage. Go to Settings > Battery > check which app consumes too much power. If so, update, uninstall or replace them.
3. Go to Settings > Battery > turn on Lower Power Mode in such a way to improve iPhone X battery life. This is done at the expense of completely turning off mail fetch, Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads, visual effects and more.
4. Check our all tips to improve iPhone X battery life.

#6 Bluetooth not connecting issue

iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus Bluetooth not pairing

Bluetooth not working problems are one of the most common iPhone problems and iPhone X owners are already running into trouble connecting iPhone X to Bluetooth, either with 3rd party wireless headphones or a car. Some users also notice a much large battery drain when using it.

Possible workarounds:
1. reboot iPhone X.
2. Toggle Bluetooth off and on again.
3. unpair iPhone X with Bluetooth devices and pair them again.
4. Reset network settings. Just go to Setting > General > Reset > Reset network Settings.
5. You can also alleviate the iPhone X problem by updating to iOS 17 as it makes some improvements for Bluetooth performance and connections to 3rd party accessories.
6. Use lightning cable or better quality cables, if there is a fast battery drain in iPhone X and Bluetooth connection error.
7. Factory reset iPhone X to see if the iPhone X issue is fixed.

#7 My camera screen goes black, green or purple

iPhone 8 issues not turnning on

The camera screen issues are among the most common problems facing iPhone X owners. Threads on Apple discussion forums, Reddit or other sites indicate that iPhone show black, green or purple screen when using the camera app, the app seems to be frozen or laggy, shows nothing but black screen, and even pops up an error message showing "Emergency iPhone needs to cool down." The new iPhone X is no exception. If you are undergoing the problem affecting iPhone X performance, take a try of the following troubleshootings.

Possible fixes:
1. Try steps according to Apple support site.
2. If the steps doesn't resolve the iPhone X camera problem, it's likely your iPhone X has a hardware problem. Accordingly, contact Apple support to repair or replace your iPhone X to fix the issue.

#8 My iPhone is overheating

iPhone 8/iPhone X overheating issues

Many users report their iPhone X gets uncomfortably hot out of the blue. To be frank, overheating isn't a huge problem for iPhone X or older models, especially when you are doing some CPU-intensive tasks, such as broadcasting live video, using Snapchart, playing games, or so. But your iPhone X gets overheating problem can derive from a failing battery. To fix the iPhone X problem, please do the following steps. Workarounds:

1. remove the case.
2. Close all running apps (misbehaving app will cause your iPhone X to overheat) and disable background app refresh.
3. Enter low power mode.
4. Dim the display.
5. Turn off location services.
6. Update your iPhone X to a stable iOS version. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and get the latest iOS version. iOS update will bring some bug fixes to iPhone X.
7. Some iPhone X hot issue may be caused by a bad software update. If so, downgrade it back to previous version, just follow the guide to restore your iPhone.
8. Check to Apple support to see if there is a dangerous hardware problem in iPhone x.

#9 My app crashes and freezes

iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus freezing problem

There are many threads on Apple discussion forums reporting that the app keeps crashing or locking up when in the app's settings, in the Recent Calls list, and while making calls using Bluetooth headsets. Restarting iPhone, disabling settings from safari or soft and hard resetting don't help to fix the iPhone X problem, and those who tried a factory reset do not see any changes either. Actually, the complains about app in iPhone X or other models result from a software update. The below remedies will possibly get your iPhone X worked again.

Potential fixes:
1. Update to iOS latest version if you haven't already. Some of the iOS-related iPhone X problems will likely dissipate after the upgrading due to some bug fixes in the latest iOS.
2. If you run into the iPhone X stuck issue right after the software update, restore iphone X to a backup mode, though this isn't guarantee to fix the iPhone X problems but is an option in case you suffer from a poor performance with iPhone X.
3. A proposed workaround to the iPhone X bug advises to turn off Exchange contacts by going to Settings > Contacts > Accounts > tap Exchange account > toggle the Contacts slider off.
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#10 WiFi not working with my phone

Problems with Wi-Fi on iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone X

We also hear about iPhone X WiFi problem. The Wi-Fi issues are extremely common among iPhone users, ranging from iPhone X won't connect to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi keeps dropping, greyed out, or slow connection. Some users reported this issue through iOS 17. Don't be panic, there are plenty of way s to get rid of the problem with iPhone X.

Possible fixes:
1. Restart iPhone.
2. Go to Settings > Choose General > Reset > Reset network settings to see if iPhone X works with Wi-Fi again.
3. Go to Settings > General > Software Update, since iOS update often fix some bugs including iPhone Wi-Fi not connecting problem.
4. Click the link to fix the all the problem with iPhone X Wi-Fi connection.

#11 It's pretty difficult to sync file to iPhone

iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus charging errors

Apple makes it not as simple as Android to transfer data between mobile devices and computers. You won't be able to sync media files to iPhone unless relying on iTunes. And the data loss problem in iPhone X still exists, especially when you performing a bad iTunes sync. This is the most common and biggest iPhone X problem. Worse still, the latest iTunes 12.7 removes the ability to sync apps and ringtones on iPhone X/8/7 or older models. If you don't want to use itunes and worry about the data loss problem, we also have a guide that details the simple and secure data backup and transfer process via MacX Mediatrans. Below we take transferring photos from Mac to iPhone X for example.

100% safe workdaround:
1. Free download the iTunes alternative on Mac, fire it up, and connect your iPhone X to Mac with a USB cable.
2. Press Photo Transfer button to kick off the photo transfer window.
3. Click Add Photo button and select photos you want to transfer to iPhone X.
4. Press Sync button to begin transferring photos from Mac to iPhone X.

#12 I'm experiencing no sound problem

iPhone X/iPhone 8 issues with no sound

There are some users complain that they hear no sound or distorted sound from iPhone speaker. This problem affects enough iPhone X users that even iMore forum reported on it. There is a few fixes to get rid of the iPhone X sound problem.

1. Contact Apple support if you don't hear any sound.
2. If you do hear sound, please go to Settings > turn off Do Not Disturb.
3. Hold down the power button to turn iPhone X off.
4. Try a hard reset to see if you can get the problem fixed.
5. Turn off Bluetooth.

#13 Why my iPhone stuck on Apple Logo

iPhone 8 Plus/X stuck on Apple logo

Many customers have been having trouble with iPhone X stuck on Apple Logo problem. On the Macforums, one users has been unable to start up iPhone and cannot continue past it to the home screen. Here are a few steps you can try to get your iPhone X out of the startup problem.

Possible fixes:
1. Restart iPhone X, which is by far the easiest solution, though it won't fix the problem sometimes.
2. Put your iPhone into recovery mode.
3. Restore iPhone X with DFU mode.
4. If not, get in touch with Apple on Twitter or customer service for help.

#14 My iMessage won't work on iPhone X

iPhone X problems with imessage

Apple discussion forum and social sites like Reddit continue to fill up with complaints about the problem plaguing iPhone X users. They complain that the messages appear in green bubbles all of a sudden. We offer the straightforward troubleshooting tips to help you fix when it stops working on iPhone X.

Possible fixes:
1. Restart your iPhone.
2. Go to Settings > Messages . turn off iMessage and reboot it.
3. Go to Settings > Messages > open Send & Receive > tap on the phone number to activate iMessage correctly.
4. Sending a message as iMessage or MMS will need Wi-Fi connection or cellular data, so check your internet connection.
5. To have more troubleshootings, please directly go to the Apple support page.

#15 Why my iPhone won't activate

iPhone X/iPhone 8 activating issues

This is one of the most widely reported iPhone X problems. There are multiple threads on Apple discussion forums full of iPhone X owners reporting this special issue saying activation server is unavailable or the SIM card is unsupported. Many users complain about this that Apple therefore unleashes a support page in an attempt to help people out of the issue in iPhone X.

Here are the remedies:
1. Restarting your iPhone is the simplest way to fix the error and then try to activate it again.
2. Unlock SIM status.
3. Check if it is a Wi-Fi issues. Get connected to a different Wi-Fi source to see if iPhone X works again.
4. Connect iPhone X to computer and activate iPhone X with iTunes. Be sure the iTunes is up-to-date.
5. Restore your iPhone X.
6. If nothing helps, please contact Apple service.

#16 My ringtone not working/ringing

iPhone X problems with ringtone

You will see scattered reports of failed to ring problem in iPhone X, reporting that users miss the important calls or text messages, even they turn off the vibrator. If your iPhone X won't ring or your ringtone not ringing, just check the steps to fix the problem once and for all.

Possible fixes:
1. Check your Ring/Silent switch on the left side of your iPhone X.
2. Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > adjust the valume of ringtone all the way up.
3. Go to Settings > tap Do Not Disturb.
4. Wait for new iOS update to fix the bug.
Note: The latest iTunes 12.7 version ditches the ringtone sync. That means you cannot sync ringtone to iPhone X with iTunes now. But you can still make ringtones for iPhone X with third-party software such as MacX MediaTrans to do so.

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