[iOS 10] Top iOS 10 Advantages and Disadvantages over iOS 9/8/7 and Android

By Alice Yang to iOS Tips, iOS 10 Advantages | Last Updated on Dec 7, 2018

In this guide, we've enlisted the iOS 10 advantages and disadvantages for iDevice users who linger over updating to iOS 10 or not.

Updated on Sep 14. 2016: iPhone iPad users who installing iOS 10 over the air report a major iOS 10 update problem and have their iOS devices bricked by the update with an error message noting the iDevice are put into recovery mode. So be sure to backup iPhone or iPad before updating.

Apple finally released iOS 10, which brings nice tweaks to Search, responsive Siri, etc and stability enhancement, making iOS 10 more polished. Eager to know the iOS 10 pros and cons, so that you can make up your mind updating to iOS 10 or not. Just check out the top iOS 10 advantages and disadvantages, where we enlist them in ways of comparing iOS 10 with iOS 9/8/7 and Android in details.

Important Notice: In case of iOS 10 update to avoid any important data loss, if the following highs in Apple's iOS 10 goes far beyond its lows, please make sure to backup iPhone iPad beforehand with some iOS 10 content manager like MacX MediaTrans to avoid any iOS 10 problem.

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Top 5 iOS 10 Advantages over iOS 9 and Android - Explore More on iDevices

#1: More Funny Messages

This year, Apple overhauls iOS 10 messages in a way more interesting, cosmetic and expressive. Rich content, handwriting, invisible link, giant emoji, vivid animations, full-screen fireworks, heartbeats, sketches, galore stickers, etc are now available in the all-inclusive Messages, which is one of the biggest iOS 10 advantages compared with iOS 9. If you want to express yourself in a fire-new funny way, just download iOS 10 to take advantages of iOS 10 Message.

iOS 10 update issues & fixes Error 14

#2: More Accessible and Intelligent Siri

Owning to SiriKit, Siri in iOS 10 gets even more open and smarter than ever, being one of the major strengths compared with iOS 9 and even Android. It now works with loads of apps, such as Uber, WeChat, Pinterest, Skype, etc, to take care of all your specific tasks. For example, you can call for a cab through Uber, send WhatsApp messages to friends or control CarPlay apps via Siri, etc. iOS users will find Siri being more intelligent and capable of dealing with their tasks with iOS 10 update.

issues with iOS 10 stuck in update

#3: The First Home App

iOS 10 also makes your iPhone iPad a home hub thanks to the first Home App, though it isn't anything groundbreaking therein. It indeed gives iOS 10 a big advantage over iOS 9 or older versions in this field. It gives you full control over HomeKit devices like air conditioner, heaters, air purifiers, doorbells, etc, even you are far away from home. For example, you can turn on lights, unlock doors, raise your window shades, and more.You can also jailbreak iOS 10 to enjoy more funny apps.

iOS 10 update failed problem on iPhone iPad

#4: QuickType

Another must-have feature you will benefit from iOS 10 is the predictive QuickType keyboard. With the Siri intelligence built into QuickType, it now comes with significantly expanded contextual awareness such as location, contact information, calendar schedules, and more. A case in point is QuickTime will share your current location if someone asks "Where are you", or recommend your contacts in case of asking for someone's email address.

iOS 10 won't install problem troubleshooting

#5: Overhauled Lock Screen

Another dramatic advantages in iOS 10 is the all-new designed lock screen which features 3D Touch support, easy access to widgets and camera, and richer notifications. Rather than pressing a button, your screen will wake to display the time and notifications as long as your pick up your phone; meanwhile, it's up to you to swipe from the right to enter into camera or from the left to access the widgets.

iOS 10 update problems with space

Aside from the abovementioned iOS 10 advantages you can never miss, there are still some bold changes in iOS 10 that merits your attention.

#6: Beautifully redesigned Apple Music

iOS 10 now gives an edge over iOS 9 with redesigned Apple music which now offers a much simpler and cleaner interface. Gone is the Connect tab, the new app features Library, For You, Browse, Radio and Search, making it easier to find new content to listen to.

#7: Enhanced Photo App

The enhanced Photo app is another big iOS 10 benefit that you can never miss. It adds the facial recognition and organization. You can also group the forgoten events into collections and find the beautiful memories you're looking for easily.

#8: Big Additions for Maps

If you are on the road now and again, you will benefit from iOS 10's maps as the overhauled Maps app advantages iOS 10 over iOS 9 in many new features, such as traffic information en route, search along a route to find gas, food, coffee, and more on a trip.

iOS 10 Disadvantages Compared with iOS 9 and Android

iOS 10 brings us so many advantages that you no longer hesitate to update to the latest iOS version. But you shall also bear in mind nothing is perfect. iOS 10 is still bound to a few weaknesses that lead you to uninstall iOS 10 after a period of use.

One of iOS 10 disadvantages is the difficulty in jailbreaking. This is because Apple is now introducing a rootless security system believed to strike a blow to jailbreak communities. Also, this rootless also makes it impossible to jailbreak iOS 9. On the other hand, each iOS update indicates an obsolete of older phones. Such disadvantage does omit from iOS 10. According to Apple, users working with iPhone 4S or below cannot enjoy the iOS 10 benefits at all.

Besides, some features in iOS 10 mean advantages compared with the iOS 9/8/7 but still lag behind Google Android. As a matter of fact, most iOS 10 advantages, as to the Apple users, are found on Android, such as the new lock screen UI, the open Apple maps, etc can be found on Android. So for iOS 10, the biggest disadvantage is the lack of innovation.

With the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages iOS 10 has, you may absolutely make a decision - to upgrade to iOS 10 or not. Anyway it depends on you. But make sure to backup iPhone iPad and free up iDevice space if you do update to iOS 10.

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