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By Rico Rodriguez to iPhone Manager, Photo Management | Last Updated on Sep 17, 2023

The release of Apple Mac OS X Yosemite means the ending of iPhoto. Apple has stopped the development of iPhoto. Instead, it encourages iPhoto users to use Apple Photo to transfer and manage photos. Yes, scads of users agree Apple Photo is a great app that's similar to iPhoto with more advanced features and faster operating speed. Yet, users are high-demanding. What they want doesn't end there. That's why they keep asking for top iPhoto alternatives.

If you are one of their members, you can spend 2 mins to read the below post, which introduces the top iPhoto replacement with better performance. It would be great if you eventually find your favorite tool to replace iPhoto app. And it won't cost you anything even though none of them is what you want.

Need iPhoto Alternative to Manage Pics (Lifetime Upgrade)?

MacX MediaTrans is up to the mark - manage photos with lifetime upgrades.
1. Transfer iPhone photos to Mac without using iPhoto/iTunes, away from errors.
2. Delete iPhone photos but keep on Mac; save space for iPhone/iOS upgrade.
3. iPhone images organized by Camera Roll, Selfies, screenshot or date categories.
4. Transfer song, video, photos, ebooks, iTunes file, etc. between iPhone and PC.

  • Photo
  • Music
  • Video
  • iBook
  • Ringtone
  • Flash Drive

# Google Photos

Two key components to look for in an iPhoto alterntaive include how easy the application is to use and how quickly it transfers photos. Google Photos, our top alternative to iPhoto, works well on both sides. And its main features are:

1. Auto upload photos from anywhere (iPhone Android) in fast speed and also support you to directly drag photos or videos from Mac computer with two quality options: High Quality (with reduced file size) and Original Quality. When it comes to compare Google Photos with Apple Photos, Google Photos is the winner.
2. Free create new albums to organize your photos by people, places, movies and access to Google Photos library from all your devices.
3. Further edit date & time of your photos, search your photos on the search bar and even delete photos from iPhone Android device or Google Photo library.
4. Share your photos to your friends and make photo books with softcover book or hardcover book.

How to Use Google Photos on iPhone to Upload and Manage Photos

alternative to iPhoto

Step 1: Download and install this application on iPhone.

Step 2: Turn on "Back up & sync" and choose "High Quality" for upload size.

Step 3: Upload photos or videos to Google Photos via "Photos".

Step 4: Tap "Assistant" tab to create new album, search/edit and share photos.

Step 5: Log into your Goolge Photos account on website to access to iPhone photos.

# MacX MediaTrans

Another top performer for iPad iPhone photo sync and management on Mac is MacX MediaTrans. This iPhoto alternative can help you bulk sync photos from iPhone iPad to Mac to free up space on iPhone iPad and also organize iPhone photos by day/month/year. The key features are:

Bulk transfer photos from iPhone iPad iPod to Mac, or vice versa with No.1 fast speed (8 seconds for 100 4K photos sync).
Bulk delete photos from iPhone iPad iPod but keep on Mac computer. Thus, you don't have to backup iPhone photos to limited iCloud/iTunes before upgrading to new iPhone or iOS (1.82 GB free space needed).
Further manage iPhone photos: photos auto organized into Camera Roll, Selfies, panoramas, screenshots, or sorted by day/month/year.
Give you more power to sync videos, music, ringtones, audio books, eBooks, iTunes purchases, Podcast, etc. between iPhone iPad iPod and Mac/PC.

Secure Download
Secure Download

How to Use iPhoto Replacement to Sync iPhone Photos

iPhoto alternative

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Mac
Connect iPhone to Mac via USB cable after downloading and installation.

Step 2: Choose Photos
Click "Photo Transfer" and then select photos you wanna sync.

Step 3: Export iPhone Photos
Tap "Export" button to transfer and backup iPhone photos to Mac computer.

Step 4: Import Photos to iPhone
Or, press "Add" button to import photos from Mac to iPhone and then hit "Sync".

Note: If you wanna transfer video from iPhone to Mac after photo management, click "Back" to return to the main interface to move between various functions. Then select "Video" to begin syncing iPhone videos.

# Lightroom

According to the feedbacks from forums, we're highly recommended with a lightweight alternative to iPhoto - Lightroom. Simply register, sign in and you can then enjoy the amazing features it owns:


1. Online edit your photos: change the look and feel of your photos with "yesterday", "sepia", "black & white", "cold tone", "punch", etc. effects.

2. Sync your photos among your phones, tablets and Mac/Windows computer. Thus, you can access to your photos anywhere anytime, just an account needed.

3. Default set your photos as privacy to protect your personal photos. And you can use shared links to easily share your photos with your friends.

# AfterShot Pro 3

It claims that AfterShot Pro 3 is a time-saving photo editor and a simple photo management tool on its official website. And it says that it runs 4x faster than the previous iPhoto alternative Lightroom. Is that true? Well, let's have a check.

iPhoto replacement

1. Sort, organize and view your photos on the left side of the interface. And you can head to hard drive or memory flash drives via the File System tab (down the side of the panel).

2. Enhance highlight recovery, blemish remover, image preset library, noise reduction, red eye removal, etc. photo editing features and add photo watermarking, lens correction, etc. new features (iPhoto not working on these new features).

3. Batch processing controls to edit and optimize tons of photos at one go. This is why this iPhoto replacement can be 4x faster than lightroom.

# Pixa

The fifth alternative to iPhoto is a little bit different from the above photo managers. This is a photo organizing software for Mac to organize your photos for quick photo searching and sharing. It doesn't have the knack to transfer photos between iPhone iPad and Mac computer. Yet, it doesn't matter. It has something else to serve for you:


1. Pixa manages whatever you feed to it: photo format psd, ai, svg, jpg, png, tiff, pdf, bmp, gif, ico, icns, tga, raw, Pixelmator, etc.

2. Auto tag your image information, including file size and colors. Thus, you can search your photos via file name, but also file size and colors.

3. Connect your photos to Dropbox or CloudApp so that you can share your pictures with Quick Export to fast share with your friends.

# Pixelmator

With an expansive library of photo editing features, Pixelmator is more a photo editing software than a picture manager for Mac. It's even selected as Best of Mac App Store 2011: App of the Year 2011. That's an official approval and you can guess its specialities.

organize iPhone photos

1. Edit and add special effects to any part of your photo, accurate to pixel of image.

2. Further paint or draw your photos via different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, blending modes and lines, circles, rectangles, etc. more shapes.

3. Work with iCloud to auto store your images and share to all your Macs. Plus, directly upload photos to Facebook, Twitter, etc. social network sites for sharing.

# Lyn

You don't need to look around if you need a great iPhoto replacement, along with the ability to explore Aperture, Apple Photo and lightroom libraries. This versatile photo management software is Lyn. What can this iPhoto replacement do for you? Many.

Manage photo with iPhoto alternative

1. Enable you to edit your photos and correct image colors without damaging on image quality.

2. Create smart folders to sort and organize your photos on Mac.

3. Let you view your photos in a slideshow with background music in full screen.

4. Share your photos on Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Photos and more.

# Emulsion

Some iPhoto alternatives work as all-round photo management applications while some only center on one side and do it to the ultimate. Emulsion is just the latter type, focusing mainly on photo editing. And it differentiates itself from other photo organizers with:

edit photo on Mac

1. 30+ Adjustment Sets supported so that you can put together a collection of Adjustments and reuse it without limits.

2. Convenient face recognition feature to allow you find the photo without ado.

3. Photo management feature to organize your pictures by collections, albums, tags, places, and people, as well as by search queries.

4. Photo sharing feature to share photos to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.


The above iPhoto alternatives cover free software and paid applications. Considering the iPhoto is free to use, you might question the need for the paid type of iPhoto replacements given that iPhoto successor Apple Photo comes with every Mac. Having used them for a while, we have a different point of view.

iPhoto, Apple Photo or Google Photos is mainly used to sync and edit photos on Mac. As their name imply, their duty is to organize and manage photos. No other bonus features are available for you. Yet, like many users, we not only have photos, but also have music, videos, movies, ringtones, eBooks, etc. needed to manage. In such case, using the shareware alternative to iPhoto like MacX MediaTrans is a smart approach. It makes file management a painless process, 3 clicks to sync photos, videos, music, ringtones, iTunes purchases, etc. between iPhone iPad iPod and Mac/PC. What's plus, it even allows you to create/edit/delete files and remove DRM from iTunes purchase to play files on non-Apple device, HDTV, etc. Of course, if there is no such iPhoto replacement as you want, you can check this list of iPhoto similar apps to have a check.

Top iPhoto Alternative to Sync, Edit and Manage Photos

MacX MediaTrans can transfer iPhone photos to Mac or sync photos from Mac to iPhone without using iTunes. Afterwards, bulk delete photos (HEIF/JPG) from iPhone via "Select All" or moments. Also sync videos, music, ringtones, eBooks, iTunes purchases, etc. between iPhone and PC.

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