iPhone vs Android: Which is Better to Be Your Next Smartphone?

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However, a closer look shows there is a big difference in iOS vs Android comparison, not only the brand and price, but also features, pros and cons. Here is a detailed comparison to help you figure out which is better, iPhone or Android.

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2016 Smartphones Market Share: iPhone vs Android vs Windows

Firstly, according the 2016 smartphones sales statistics, iPhone and Android market shares take more than 98% of the whole smartphones sales. To be specific, Android accounts for 86% or so, while 13% for iPhone. Though Android market share is far more than that of iPhone, it doesn't make iPhone less grand by any means. Anyway, from the aspect of company, Apple iPhone wins the second place for 2016 smartphones sales, taking up to 12% of the whole. You can check the iPhone vs Android market share in the image as follow.

iphone vs android market share

iPhone vs Android Pros and Cons: At a Glance

As you can see, it seems Android has won in the iPhone and Android comparison from the 2016 market shares. But not exactly, if you go further for the data. As a single phone from iOS, it's a big win for iPhone, being able to compare with a collection of Android phones. To compare iPhone and Android, iPhone is featured with timely software updates, earlier App release date, and incredibly fast Touch ID etc., not to mention that features has been improved a lot on iOS 17 compared with iOS 17. On the other hand, Android is always on the leading edge in the aspects of fast charging, front-facing speakers, integrated OS with Google, freedom, efficiency and customization. Back to basics, which is better iPhone or Android? You may know better after checking the pros and cons of iPhone and Android discretely.

iphone vs android: where iphone wins

1. Hardware and software both controlled and optimised by Apple
2. Curated app store, fewer worries of malware
3. Generally good support
1. No expandable storage
2. Walled-garden ecosystem
3. Limited customisation

iphone vs android: where android wins

1. Open source, easily customised
2. Expandable storage on many phones
3. Wider choice of phones
1. Higher chance of malware
2. Interface not the same on all phones
3. Patchy support

iPhone vs Android, Which Is Better? Make Your Own Choice!


iPhone and Android, Who's The Copycat?

Nowadays, we see the smartphones becoming more and more the same, from the design, display, camera, to processor and so on. It's hard to define the belonging of a specific technology, so that both iOS and Android gonna to apply it to their own smartphones. Well, iPhone vs Android, who is a copycat? Apple iPhone has improved greatly these years, not only due to its own developed technologies, but also some Android inspired features. Likewise, Android phones are getting more and more similar to iPhone as well. Now let's check what features iPhone has borrowed from Android, and the technologies Android has ripped off from iPhone.

112 Android-inspired Features in the iPhone

iphone vs android: camera and waterproof

1. Dual cameras

Apple indicates they have focused a lot on camera by including dual cameras since iPhone 7. But it's not a unique feature. HTC launched their smartphone (HTC M8) featuring dual cameras in 2014. And if you are looking at a more premium offering with a dual camera setup, LG G5 is already available at half the price of the iPhone 7 plus and so is the Huawei P9.

2. Waterproof Design

iPhone 7/7 Plus, the following iPhone 8/8 Plus/7S are all IP67 certified for water and dust resistance. But do you know that Sony had it on the first Xperia Z smartphone launched over 5 years ago. Samsung also has the feature available on the S7/8, S7/8 edge, Note 7/8 - the flagship phones that are available at a lower price.

iphone vs android front camera

3. Raise to Wake

Android users have enjoyed the raise to wake feature since 2013. With raise to wake, all you had to do was lift your device to wake it up and view the information on your lock screen. No buttons required. It works like a charm. In Android vs iPhone comparison, Google brought raise to wake to the Nexus and Pixel devices, before Apple rolled this feature into iOS 17.

4. Higher resolution front camera

Since the 5MP sensor was applied in iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Apple has upgraded the front facing camera on the new iPhones to a 7MP sensor, achieving a higher resolution. You can easily get a 8MP front camera in sub Rs 15,000 segment now. If you think that mid-range Android phones will not match the quality of iPhone 7/8 front camera, take a look at the Gionee S6s or the Oppo F1s. Android has leaded a long time on higher resolution front camera in iOS vs Android comparison.

iphone vs android face id

5. Face Recognition

The coming iPhone X is claimed to be featured with Face ID, which means you can accomplish some instructions simply by looking at it, such as unlock your iPhone, comfirm purchases on iTunes and the App Store, autofill for Safari etc. after setting up Face ID on iPhone X. Whereas, the face recognition has been on Samsung devices for years, even though it's queried that Samsung Note 8's facial recognition isn't as powerful as that of iPhone 8 (You can also unblock your Note 8 with your full face photo via facial recognition).

6. Fast & Wireless Charging

Compared to Android, iPhone battery fast drain issue has been complained for years. Though Apple is committed to solve this issue every year, it's not as effective as we expected. But this time, Apple finally improves iPhone 8 battery life through fast and wireless charging. Actually Samsung Galaxy S7/S8 and Note 8 both enable fast charging and wireless charging; Oppo R9/R9S/R11 allow you call for 2 hours with 5 minutes charging.

iphone vs android sterep speakers

7. No 3.5mm jack, headphone

Apple removed the 3.5mm jack in favor of using the lighting port for better audio output. However, we have already seen LeEco offer a similar feature on the LeEco Le2 and LeMax2 using the USB Type-C port a few months earlier than iPhone 7. LeEco also offers a high quality USB Type-C headphones in the box like Apple's AirPods on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

8. Stereo speakers

The iPhone 7 has introduced 2X the number of speakers, and the iPhone 7 is 2X louder than iPhone 6s. That's because of the stereo speakers, which increase the dynamic range of the audio, making it ideal for consuming multimeida content. The HTC 10 already had the stereo speakers before iPhone 7 released. It has a separate tweeter and woofer for each speaker, and the speakers are powered by individual amplifiers.

iphone vs android

9. Split-screen view

When iOS 9 was released, it introduced a feature that was available only for the Apple tablets: split-screen view. But to compare iPhone and Android, LG and Samsung have been offering split screen multitasking on their smartphones and tablets for ages. On certain Samsung devices after Galaxy S6, Note 3, you can open more than one app on the home screen and resize them with a feature called Multi-Window. A similar feature called QSlide on LG enables you to do the same since LG G3.

10. Deca-core processor

Apple applied the Apple A10 Fusion SoC in iPhone 7, which is the first qua-core processor for the iPhone by Apple. This new architecture reduces the energy footprint of the chip, allowing for a longer battery life. And the iPhone 8 will come with the next-gen 10nm A11 clip which is faster and more powerful than A10 comparing iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. But this processor has already been achieved on Android months ago before iPhone 7. The Zopo Speed 8 launched in India in July this year, for Rs 29,999 has a 10 core processor.

iphone vs android siri

11. Familiarity in Maps

Even back in 2016, Google had evolved its Maps app to include a traffic widget, which gave the user a shortcut for quick access to traffic information. It wasn't until iOS 17 (released September 13, 2016) that Apple Maps began to integrate traffic information. Moreover, Apple Maps also now has third-party integration, which is something Google Maps has had for some time.

12. Siri is more like Google Now

One of the biggest improvements coming to iOS 9 is a more contextual version of Siri. Apple's voice assistant will now be able to communicate with the apps on your phone to offer suggestions. This is something Android's Google Now has been doing for a while. Google Now learns more about you the more you use it, and makes suggestions for you based on your habits.

Click to see iPhone vs Android Assistant: Siri Speaker vs Amazon Echo

2What Techs Android Has Ripped Off iPhone

Feel annoyed on what iPhone has copy from Android? Come on, actually Android has ripped off iPhone as well, even more badly. Steve Jobs famously claimed that Android was a stolen product in comments published in his official biography by Walter Isaacson. " I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong," Jobs said. "I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this." Anyway, check what Android had copied from iPhone now.

iphone vs android design

1. Design and Display

Indeed, the original Android devices didn't resemble today's Android smartphones at all. In fact, Android was originally designed without any sort of touchscreen in mind. But you see, the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Oppo R sieres etc. become increasingly like iPhones. The OnePlus 5 looks like a complete iPhone 7 Plus clone. And back in 2015, HTC announced the One A9 which looked identical to the iPhone 6 except that its camera bump was placed in the middle of the phone instead of on the side. Furthermore, it's now been more than five years since Apple first slapped Samsung with a series of patent infringement lawsuits for copying the overall look and feel of the iPhone.

2. Firmware - MIUI 6 and iOS 7

Apart from the appearance, you can also find some similarities between iPhone and Android when you actually using Android phones. Xiao mi Redmi 2 and iPhone 4 were much similar in this aspect because of the resemblance Xiaomi's MIUI 6 firmware and that of iOS 7. So the two phones looks almost the same on home screen, compass, Settings menu, and camera.

Top iOS & Android Flagship Smartphones Comparison 2017

You may have a rough intention for iPhone or Android phones, but do you know what's the best smartphone among a myriad of brands and series? Throughout the best selling smartphones brands, each one has something to brag about, for example, iPhone X vs iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X is known for the Face ID, upgraded A11 processor and camera, wireless charging; iPhone 8/8 Plus is featured with smooth operating and closed ecosystems; Samsung Galaxy series embrace the big screen, persistent battery, and large RAM. Furthermore, it is a year of full screen samrtphones. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix2, Huawei Mate 10, LG V30 are all full screened, which gives you a better experience of using phones, watching videos etc. So after the puzzle of iPhone or Android, there comes new troubles: which phone should you choose? A full screen phone or not? I hope the side-by-side iOS & Android flagship smartphones comparison will help you to make a decision.

iPhone and Android Flagship Smartphones Specs Comparison


iPhone X

iPhone 8

Galaxy Note 8

Huawei Mate 10

Xiaomi's Mi Mix 2

LG V30


September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017

August 23, 2017

Octomber 2017

September 2017

August 2017


5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display; 2436x1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi

4.7-inch widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display; 750x1334 pixels at 458 ppi

6.3-inch display, 1440x2960 pixels

6.0 inches LCD display, 1080 x 2160 pixels at 402 ppi

5.99 inches IPS LCD display, 1080 x 2160 pixels at 403 ppi

6-inch touchscreen, 1440x2880 pixels


A11 Bionic chip

A11 Bionic chip

1.6GHz octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

HiSilicon Kirin 970, Octa-core, 2800 MHz

octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835


iOS 17

iOS 17

Android 7.1.1

Android 7.1.1

Android 7.1

Android 7.1.2


Dual-lens camera
Front Camera: 7MP, face ID camera
Rear Camera: 12MP, ƒ/2.4 aperture

Single-len 12 MP camera,

  • ƒ/1.8 aperture
    Front Camera: 7MP

Dual-lens camera
Front Camera: 8MP
Rear Camera: 12MP

Dual-camera (12-megapixel), Autofocus

Dual-lens camera
Front Camera: 5MP
Rear Camera: 12MP, autofocus

Dual-lens camera
Front Camera: 5MP
Rear Camera: 16MP


64GB, 256 GB,

64GB, 256GB

64GB, 256GB,

128GB, 256GB,

64/128/256 GB, 6 GB RAM or 128 GB, 8 GB RAM

64GB, 200GB,


2716 mAh

1821 mAh

3300 mAh

4000 mAh

3400 mAh

3300 mAh

Battery Fast Charge Speed Comparison

Fast charging with USB-C has been an noticeable feature both for iPhone and Android. And iPhone X and iPhone 8 are Apple's first smartphone to officially support fast charging. However, according to our test and a study from Tom's Guide, iPhone X and iPhone both lag behind competing flagship Android devices in terms of charging capabilities. The fast charging test was done using iPhone X, iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, Huawei Mate 10, LG V30, and XiaoMi's Mi Mix 2.

iphone vs android fast charging

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