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You might need to have a look at this report from market research firm CIRP. It says in the past three quarters before the June 2017 quarter the iPhone buyers is composed of 14%-17% Android owners and nearly 80% iPhone owners who just upgrade from iPhone 5s/6/6s, etc. older models. Well, in the most recent quarter, Apple attracts even more Android switchers, around 20% Android switchers and 75% of iPhone upgrade buyers.

See, iPhone 8 isn't even released yet and the number of Android switchers keeps growing. Can you imagine how many Android switchers will be when iPhone 8 eventually comes to the scene? And of course, don't forget the potential old iPhone owners who wait long time to upgrade to iPhone 8/Plus. Anyway, if you are also one member of the iPhone upgrade club, you need to restore and transfer files from old iPhone or Android to new iPhone esp your unique photos when upgrading to iPhone. Yet how to transfer photos to iPhone from old iPhone/Android? Smart solutions are below:

Smart & Fast to Transfer Photos to iPhone in Seconds!

iCloud backup restore taking 24hrs+ still unfinished? Try MacX MediaTrans to bulk sync photos to iPhone X/8 in full resolution, 4K only seconds (Intel QSV).
Bonus: export iPhone photos to PC; auto convert heic to jpg; delete iPhone photos; remove iTune DRM; Convert M4B to MP3, M4V to MP4; sync music, video, ringtones, eBooks, iTunes purchases, etc. between iPhone and computer.

  • Photo
  • Music
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  • iBook
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  • Flash Drive

# iTunes Backup: Sync Photos from Old iPhone to New iPhone

The most common way to copy and move photos to new iPhone 8 is to use iTunes backup. Yes, you can tap "Restore from iTunes Backup" in the setting step of "Apps & Data" and then proceed to restore and move photos to new iPhone 8/Plus or iPhone X from previous iPhone. The specific steps are:

sync photos to iPhone 8 from iTunes backup

Step 1: Make an iTunes backup of your old iPhone on computer. If you are a diehard fan of Apple and have owned iPhone, there is 80% chance that you have already known the steps on how to backup iPhone files to iTunes. So just omit the detailed words here.

Step 2: Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC that used to backup your old iPhone files. Remember to upgrade your iTunes to the latest version.

Step 3: Connect iPhone to PC via a USB cable and select iPhone 8.

Step 4: Select Restore Backup on "Backups" category. Then choose a backup. Check the files via their dates and sizes.

Step 5: Wait for the iPhone files restore process to finish, then complete the rest of the setup steps on your new iPhone 8/Plus.

Step 6: Still connect your iPhone 8 to Wi-Fi and plug iPhone 8 into power after setup, which will lead photos stored in iCloud automatically download back to your new iPhone 8/Plus or iPhone X. Just wait until the process is done.

During the whole iPhone 8 picture restoring and syncing process, there might be some problems like iTunes invalid response, iTunes backup couldn't be completed, iPhone 8 won't restore from iTunes backup, etc. In such cases, you might need the below solutions to troubleshoot the problems.

If iTunes Not Working Half Way

It stands a good chance that iTunes is not working in the half way, like iTunes freezes or become unresponsive, iTunes Wi-Fi sync stops working, iTunes not downloading purchases any more, etc. Try the following fixes:

Head to Library > Application Support > Sync Services > Trash Sync Services;
Create a new user account on your Mac/PC and reconnect to iTunes again;
Upgrade iTunes to the latest version; Turn off and on the Wi-Fi connection on both iPhone 8 and computer.
Access to iTunes on PC > sign in iTunes Store > click "Account" under "Qick Links" and sign in > find "iTunes in iCloud" and tap "Hidden Purchase".

If iTunes Backup is Corrupt or Unsupported

Anything unexpected might happen now and then, like your iTunes tells you that it can't restore and export photos to iPhone X/8/Plus from a backup because the backup is corrupt or unsupported. What's your plan? Well, you just cannot use that backup any more. All you need to do is to use an iTunes alternative to copy photos to iPhone 8/iPhone X from another backup like PC backup.

MacX MediaTrans can help you import photos to iPhone 8/X from another backup (macOS/Windows backup). To be specific, it can bulk transfer photos to iPhone 8 from Mac/Windows at No.1 fast speed, 8 seconds to transfer 100 4K photos to iPhone 8. What's plus, it can also bulk export/delete iPhone photos, sync iPhone video, manage iPhone music, remove DRM from iTunes purchases, convert M4V to MP4, M4B/M4P to MP3, make any song iPhone ringtone, etc.

Secure Download
Secure Download

If iTunes is Okay, Just No Enough Disk Space

Don't blame it on iTunes if there is nothing to do with iTunes. Sometimes that you could not restore photos to iPhone 8/iPhone X from iTunes backup is just because there is no enough disk space on your Mac/PC. On this occasion, free up some space on Mac or Windows PC. If you still receive the disk-space error alert after space cleaning, contact Apple Support please.

If an Unknown Error Occurs

Considering your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X is armed with the latest iOS 17 operating system, the potential responsibility of iOS version narrows down to zero. So the possible culprit is the iTunes. Uninstall iTunes and install iTunes with the latest version on your computer. If it's still out of work, restore and transfer photos to iPhone 8 from iCloud backup.

# Set up New iPhone 8 and Restore Photos to iPhone X/8 (Plus) from iCloud Backup

On top of using iTunes backup to restore and copy photos to iPhone X or iPhone 8, you can also restore photos to iPhone 8 from iCloud backup. Prior to applying it to action, you need to know iCloud backup is not actually real-time updated. Cuz if you want to automatically backup iPhone to iCloud everyday, you're required to go to Settings > your name > iCloud > turn on iCloud Backup, along with iPhone connected to power, Wi-Fi, screen locked and enough available iCloud space. Or, the iPhone backup files in iCloud doesn't keep synced with the ones on your iPhone. So before moving pictures to new iPhone from iCloud backup, check if the iCloud backup is up to date. If not, update it and then proceed to sync photos to new iPhone 8 & iPhone X.

copy photos to iPhone 8 from iCloud backup

Step 1: Turn on your new iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone device and make sure you're in an environment with a stable and smooth Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2: Set up your new iPhone until you see the "Apps & Data" screen, from which tap " Restore from iCloud Backup". Then click "Next".

Step 3: Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

Step 4: Choose backup from a list of backups (settings and accounts available) in iCloud.

Step 5: Restart your iPhone and stay connected to Wi-Fi. Later, your iPhone will begin downloading and transferring images from iCloud to iPhone.

To import photos to iPhone 8 using iCloud backup, many a user comes across various problems, among which some are easy to tackle while some are intractable. What are your problem and solution? Any problem still up in the air? Any solution worth a sharing? You might find the answer you need below or just share your solutions on the comment section.

If iCloud Backup Could Not Be Completed on iPhone X/8 (Plus)

If your iPhone 8 iCloud backup restore is timing out, you might later receive a message "Cannot Restore Backup". Or iCloud backup could not be completed on iPhone 8 is just because some photo items couldn't restore. You get the alert message: Some content can't be restored because they were synced from your computer, no longer available in the iTunes or iCloud, bla bla bla...well, just try the below solutions:

Reboot your iOS 17 iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X.
Log out iCloud account and sign in iCloud again.
Delete old iCloud backups to refresh iCloud backup.
Transfer pictures to iPhone 8 from Mac/Windows computer or iTunes if you have photo backups in iTunes or computer.

If iCloud Backup Taking 24hrs+ to Restore Photos to iPhone X/8 (Plus)

Check your Wi-Fi connection and your iPhone X power work or not.
Disable large-sized photo transfer like 4K UHD photos.
Try some other iPhone data recovery software to restore photos to iPhone X or iPhone 8/Plus.
Backup large-sized photos (4K) from old iPhone to computer with a reliable iPhone transfer tool and bulk transfer photos to iPhone X/8 at full speed.

# Import Photos to iPhone 8/8 Plus/X from Android Phones

Generally, when it comes to the tool to copy photos from Android to iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, the first answer in your mind might be the world-renowned Move to iOS app. Yes, it's an amazing software able to easily and fast sync photos from Android to iPhone 8 Plus/8. Yet, it's not the only great app to do this job. Recently, I find an even better application, which can not only import photos to iPhone 8/Plus from Android phones, but also brings you more helpful features.

That is Photo Transfer App. This program not only supports you to import pictures to iPhone X/8/8 Plus from Android, but also sync photos from iPhone to Android, as well. On top of photo syncs, you can also use it to sync videos between iPhone 8 and Android. As for syncing Android video to iPhone, you will need a free video converter to convert Android video to iPhone supported formats if Android video is formatted by .mkv, .avi, 3gp, etc.

Tutorial: How to Copy Photos from Android to iPhone X/8/Plus

transfer photos from Android to iPhone 8

Note: To import photos to iPhone 8/iPhone X from Android device, you need to make sure both of devices have installed this app and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Open this app on iPhone 8 or iPhone X and touch "Receive" button.

Step 2: Tap "Select" > "Other Devices" on the sender Android device.

Step 3: Click "Select" to choose the photos you wanna send.

Step 4: Tap "Refresh Devices" button on the receiver device to find the sender device.

Step 5: Select the sender device if there are more than one sender device.

Step 6: Hit "Get Photos" to start to import photos from Android to iPhone 8/8 Plus.

Note: If you have more effective solutions on how to transfer photos to iPhone 8/Plus faster and easier, you're warmly welcomed to share with us on the comment section.

MacX MediaTrans - Bulk Copy Photos to iPhone 8/Plus in a Flash

Intel QSV accelerated iPhone transfer tool enables you to bulk sync photos to iPhone 8/Plus at world's fastest speed, 8 seconds to copy 100 4K pictures to iPhone 8. Plus, it also works as an iPhone photo organizing software (export/delete photos), music manager, iTunes DRM remover, etc.

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