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  • - Transfer music, videos, photos, ebooks, etc between iDevice and computer.
  • - Add, delete, make ringtones or playlists, convert and rotate video.
  • - 100% secure and stable. Fast Speed. No data loss at al!.
  • - OS: iOS 7-iOS 15 | macOS Big Sur or lower.

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How to transfer songs from iPhone to Mac without iTunes? Here MacX MediaTrans can help you, letting you transfer music MP3 ringtones, voice memos from iPhone to Mac and manage iPhone music library just a click away.

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Videos: Import/Export iPhone iPad Video

Apple's iPhone is welcomed by cheers for its great recording feature with Camera. It even manages to capture your life highlights with videos in 4K UHD resolution. But these are such as space hog that your iPhone's space be will soon eaten up (generally, a 30-min 4K video takes up 5.1GB iPhone space, even with HEVC codec). But your concern will be addressed and you can find the tutorials to export iPhone videos to computer for backup without deleting your recordings or downloads, and even add non-iTunes movies to iPhone for viewing on the go without format incompatibility problem.

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Books: Transfer Books to/from iPhone iPad

Want to make a safe backup of your iBook library on your computer hard drive or transfer books or PDF files to your iPhone iPad? The following ebook-specific section will dwell on how to easily export Epub, PDF and Audio Books to computer, or transfer books from Mac to iPhone without following the complex iTunes process.

Tutorial to Convert Audiobook DRM-ed M4B to MP3
To convert audiobook M4B to MP3 with VLC or iTunes, you can succeed if it is not protected. For DRM-ed MPB conversion, please download a professional M4B to MP3 converter.

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Tutorial to Transfer/Send/Add PDF to iPhone
Transferring PDF files to iPhone with iTunes can somehow be related to data loss, lengthy syncing, or file size limitation, but you won't get any roblem with MacX MediaTrans.

Apps: Download & Install Apps on iPhone iPad

Quality apps can be easily found and seem to appear early on iOS, such as Pokemon Go, PVZ, and more. You can also keep informed of the best iPhone apps (free or paid), in genres of music, game, movie, etc and keep up with the latest ones to make your iPhone a jack-of-all-trades.

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